Friday, November 27, 2015

In which a chocolate cake turns into a "get thee gone from the reptiles' sight" magic pudding ...

The pond had to marvel at this illustration. The Murdochians just can't get enough of monkeys ...

... though it has to be said that some bend over backwards to be a fitter target than others ...

... which brings us to the coda for this Friday ...

... which happens to feature the way the reptiles' new job description seems to involve faithfully transcribing that which came to pass on the ABC the night before.

Oh bouffant one, has it come to this?

So that's the new business policy. Sack the reptiles and recycle the ABC in their place, with a video excerpt and a faithful reproduction of the contents of an interview anyone else could watch for themselves on iView.

Oh bouffant one, has it come to that?

But what of that illustration that lurked above?

Well it came at the start of a David Crowe rant, and isn't it remarkable how certain reptiles have swung in the breeze.:

Now there's a relief and a comfort. It seems the cabinet is still leaking to the reptiles and what mischief that might produce - of a monkey kind - in the future.

Oh dear, shouldn't that have been "The reptiles learned too late that newspaper readers do not buy newspapers so Chris Mitchell and Boris and Chairman Rupert might wage ideological warfare?"

But it's time to head to the inevitable conclusion, which the pond hastens to add, has nothing to do with the reptiles losing out to Fairfax and Probyn on the matter of the conspiratorial plotters monkey lunch and the landlady's chocolate cake:

So it's come to this. The hounds are now baying for the macho man's departure.

So where's the delusion in all this? Well surely Tony should go, it would be a great relief to all but him.

But there it was in that line "There are conservative MPs whose careers would improve with Abbott gone."

As if Abbott going would turn Dutton from mutton into lamb. As if Cory or gorgeous George or any of the other bunch of eccentric right wing fruit loops would ever come to be regarded as mainstream ...

A more interesting question is why there are so many seeking to snatch away Akker Dakker's title as the new Billy Bunter, fat owl of the remove ...

Look, marvel at the resemblance ...

No wonder the hanging politician has been snatched from the tuck shop and elevated to the pond's hall of fame.

And so to a Rowe cartoon ... because nobody can get enough of that chocolate cake - why it's better than a magic pudding - and remember, correctly framed if a little late-breaking Rowe is available at his Twitter feed here.


  1. Sees no sniping
    Hears no white anting
    Speaks no backgrounding

  2. Lenore Taylor asks

    So why is his party ignoring its own up-to-date modelling with relevant assumptions and continuing with exaggerated cost claims?

    Pretty simple, really. They've been munching into that "chocolate" cake. Full of it, and not just Hunt.

  3. DP - you will be shocked (yes shocked) to learn that in Adelaide cricketers are now allowed to play with their pink balls! The current test is being referred to as "the historic pink ball test". This almost matches that priceless piece of cricket commentary on the BBC in the '70's "The bowlers Holding, the batter's Willie."

    (Not quite sure where that leaves the West Indies team.)

    1. Thank you for this blessing anon ... but what has putting on a dance to do with cricket?

    2. DP - cricket is one of the abiding absurdities that the British Empire has gifted us, which I celebrate. Maybe golf as well - but you can blame the Scots for that.

      And if you want a link with dancing, try this.


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