Saturday, September 05, 2015

Wagging the tails of the twitterati and the reptiles of Oz ...

Oh indeed, indeed, and who could forget that great movie?

But enough of wagging the dog, because it's time to revile the east coast twitterati.

Indeed, indeed. Who would waste time or news room space on the senile ramblings of a silly old goat, or the many trollings that said ramblings provoked?

How sordid and wretched are the Twitterati?

No doubt if you looked up a million tweets, you might find a more sickening spectacle than Mark Kenny defending Tony Abbott and his treatment of asylum seekers, against the wicked east coast liberati of the NYT, but please allow the pond to doubt it.

Time then for a studious dissertation on the threat that twitter poses to serious humbugs of the Fray-ing kind:

Because, because it goes without saying, dear gentle reader, that the reptiles of Oz are the home of sober tones, full of fact-checking and empirical evidence - why to see them discuss climate science is enough to bring tears to dry, hardened eyes - and plainly riddled with objectivity and plain common sense, not to mention Chris Kenny, Greg Sheridan, Paul Kelly, Janet Albrechtsen, Gerard Henderson, Peter Craven and dozens of others who are so objective no one on the planet would guess that they disapprove of Genghis Khan for his left wing or anti-Catholic views ...

Oops, must have got that story from the twitterati.

But let us return to the Fray, because his next gobbet is a thing of wondrous beauty, involving as it does the deep research of "leading media 'engagement analysts' Significance Systems" ... yes, they have money to piss against the wall on nonsense, so the business plan must be working.

Now the pond has only one response to that! Thought leadership!

Oh indeed, indeed, it warrants further study, and much more fear and loathing, because nobody, including Mr Jones and all the reptiles, knows what's going on here.

It really is a cautionary tale and truly this is an admirable Fray who is way above the twittering fray ... because he doesn't seem to have a clue how the reptiles, and their east coast twitterati master, these days mainly exist so they can supply a source of rich comedy for the twitterati ...

You know how it goes ...

Beware the claw, or perhaps it's the thumb of the master ...

Never mind, hand on heart, henceforth the pond promises to ignore the ramblings of the silly old goat and the trolling it produces ...

Well at least until the next time the silly old goat twitters off into the valley beyond the bizarre and the pond can go in search of a plot ...

And now, speaking of wagging the tail of the dog and plots, a special shout out to all those Australian film producers who feel lost and forsaken, unrecognised and abandoned by all the youffs who have disrespected your noble service.

Laugh at Rupert? That's nothing. Not when you have a room full of wittering reptiles to laugh out.

So this one's for you ... yes, they were wagging the dog, and long before twitter ...


  1. I don't know about blind spots, DP, but this piece in Rolling Stone by Matt Taibbi has a stack of useful campaign nuggets for Abbott.
    All you have to do to secure a Republican vote is show lots of pictures of gay people kissing or black kids with their pants pulled down or Mexican babies at an emergency room.
    Just swap in LNP for Republican, etc, and there are some beaut vote-catchers in a corner where Hungarian nationalists of the Arrow Cross persuasion would feel right at home.

  2. Aah, the reliability of 'cold print!'

  3. Interesting that Rupes calls for a Government(sic) of all the Talents. It would seem he's unaware that the original Ministry of all the Talents lasted less that 12 months achieving nothing of substance before being reshuffled out of existence.

    I guess he and Andrew Hastie's dad are getting their knowledge of history from the same fundamental source.


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