Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Time for some of that essence of the chattering Devine?

Naturally the pond was entranced ...

Oh indeed, indeed.

Step forward sniggering honorary members of the sinister inner city 'leets, you wretched members of the chattering classes, and confess your sins and your crimes:

What's that you say reptiles? Bronnie is a member of the dangerous, deadly inner city Surry Hills hipster 'leets? 

So that explains the taste for chopper rides and champers.

But now let us turn to the Devine, and what a Devine rant it is, as she chatters away, being a paid up member of the professional chattering class:

Oh the dear, sweet kind lad, full of symbolic gestures and big hearted compromises.

How cruel of the Surry Hills hipsters, deep in their bunkers, to cut him down with their deadly febrile leaks.

Searing, gracious, self-effacing and so on and on, yadda yadda, and no doubt history will be as kind as it has been to Billy McMahon. Well at least everybody remembers the skirt with the shocking split in it...

Yep, you've been Devined, and once again the pond must apologise for splashing about the malodorous pong known as ...

But go on, admit you had fun reading it ...

And on and on the memes and the cartoons, which just keep rolling on ...


  1. Sorry DP, I tried to make it all the way through but I couldn't make it past the bit about all the 'leets' imagining themselves being invited to dinner parties at Malcolm's mansion. What an idiot.

  2. Listening to all the analysts of the last 48 hours,all I can assume is that they are all on a strict diet of thesaurus and bile .I wish Devile and Brandis would breed.....their sprog would probably become the best obituary writers in the universe.
    Love that cartoon! The passion of the Billista.


  4. Richard DI Natale wears "Tommy Hilfiger spectacles"? Well, surely for that crime alone he's obviously totally unfit to have breathed the same air as Tony, who doubtless bought only the Specsavers budget specials.

    And "History will be kinder"? Only if they have David Irving lined up to write the Authorised Biography.


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