Monday, September 14, 2015

Through the mist, through the woods ...

Maestro, a tune if you would be so kind:

Through the mist 
Through the woods 
Through the darkness and the shadows 
It's a nightmare, but it's one exciting ride 
Say a prayer 
Then we're there 
At the drawbridge of the party room 
And there's something truly terrible inside 
It's a beast 
He's got fangs 
Razor-sharp ones 
Massive paws 
Killer claws for the feast 
Hear him roar 
See him foam 
But we're not coming home 
Till he's dead 
Good and dead! 
Kill the Beast! 
Raise your torch, mount your horse
Screw your courage to the sticking place 
We're counting on big Mal to lead the way 
Through the mist 
Through the wood 
Where within a haunted castle 
Something's lurking that you don't see every day 

[Mob of raucous hoarse-throated Liberals:]
It's a beast 
One as tall as a mountain 
We won't rest 
Till he's good and deceased 
Sally forth! 
Tally ho! 
Grab your sword! 
Grab your bow! 
Grab your vote!
Praise the Lord and here we go! 
We don't like 
What we don't understand 
In fact it, scares us 
And this monster is mysterious at least 
And possibly dumb as well
Bring your guns! 
Bring your knives! 
Save your children and your wives 
We'll save our village and our lives 
We'll kill the Beast! 

[Big Mal, a pleasant tenor:] 
Lights ablaze Banners high 
We go marching into battle 
Unafraid, although the danger just increased 
[Mob of raucous hoarse-throated Liberals:] 
Raise the flag! 
Sing the song! 
Vote the vote.
Here we come, we're fifty or so strong 
And fifty or so Liberals can't be wrong 
Let's kill the Beast!

Oh and apparently the same studio is mounting another exciting movie ... so hold on to your popcorn, it'll come in handy ...


  1. I guess Turnbull figures he'd rather be prime minster for 9 months or so than not at all. Morrisson mustn't want to be damaged goods if losing an election and a period in the opposition wasteland is on the cards (which it looks like). Or maybe he figures he can do the same to Turnbull if they do pull off a miraculous victory.
    Maybe 1/2-3/4 terms are the new normal for PMs lol.

  2. Turnbull needs to clock up 12 months in the job to get PM gold retirement perks. Tick tock. Fuck clean air, to clean up the Malcontent has to go for the precious now.

  3. Ha ha. Dorothy: Madame always with the meme supreme.

  4. Closing Summary, Morningstar, 14 Sep 2015

    Ten Network Holdings (TEN) Ten Network Holdings announced that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has issued a Statement of Issues on the proposed acquisitions between Foxtel Management (Foxtel) and the Company. The Statement of Issues seeks more information on, and importantly reaction to, the competition issues that have arisen in the ACCC's review to date. The ACCC invites further submissions from interested parties in response to the Statement of Issues by 28 September 2015. The ACCC expects to announce its final decision on 22 October 2015. Foxtel proposes to acquire up to 15% of the Company while it proposes to acquire a 24.99% stake in MCN, a supplier of advertising opportunities on subscription television channels. TEN added 1 cent (6.06%) to $0.175.

    1. CommSec Daily Report

      Shares in the Ten Network (TEN) were more than 6% or 1 cent higher at 17.5 cents on the close , shrugging off news that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has raised concerns that the potential acquisition of the broadcaster by Foxtel could increase the amount of sport shown exclusively on Foxtel. Additionally the watchdog highlighted that the pay-TV giant's financial muscle could give Ten a big advantage over its freeto-air rivals when it comes to sport broadcast rights. Chairman Rod Sims said the proposal which would see Foxtel take up 50 per cent of a $154 capital raising by Ten, could lead to other free-to-air networks being unable to compete for sports broadcast rights in the face of joint bids by Ten and Foxtel. The ACCC has asked for more information on the proposed $77 million deal, setting a September 28 deadline for submissions. It will announce a final decision on October 22.

  5. Every cloud, etc etc. The rolling coverage at ABC TV has kicked off Oz Story. Boo hoo!

  6. I understand Julia Gillard was always a knitter for relaxation from the strains of leadership..

    My political wish is being granted as she does a Madam Defarge on Mr Abbott, while seated comfortably in the front row, as he, knitting with one needle, as Tony Abbott tumbrils later on tonight toward the LNP guillotine ...and the head in a basket.


  7. I would much prefer Abbot's head on a pike as a warning to others of his ilk not to mess with the Australian population at large. If the Molongo River can't flow as a river of blood then Lake Burley Griffin tinged a substantial shade of pink would be nicely decorative. Good Riddance Abbott!

    But who would wish the choice to be between Turnbull & Beige Curtains?

  8. I can't wait to get into the cinema for the seniors' cheap session with a box of popcorn and a big dose of silver screen kool-aid as the house lights dim.

    Lovely post.


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