Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The pond treasures its heritage and aims high, or at least, thanks be unto Barners, aims to distort the data for Woop Woop ...

Good old Barners eyeing off the trussed chook is a photo by Alex Ellinghausen which you can find here (with forced video) ...

The noble Barners represents Tamworth - oh industria, oh aim high ...

This can be a sunburnt country
Or a green paradise in the spring
From the deep purple hills
'cross the wide spreading plain
To the Pell (sorry, Peel) and the school of which we sing.
"Tamworth Public, Tamworth!"
Let that be our cry.
We'll treasure our proud heritage
And Aim, Aim, High! 
We follow our banner proudly,
We work and play with a will.
And when school days are over
Tamworth Public we'll honour still.
Not an ugly swear word will cross our lips
And doors for ladies we'll open first
Tamworth women are fragile flowers
Tamworth women, fragile Tamworth women
Let that be our cry.
We'll treasure our proud heritage
And stick them on a pedestal high 
With just an "oh sugar" as our sigh
We'll treasure our proud heritage
And Aim, Aim High! ...
(Repeat until sick and tired of life in Tamworth) ... ( mangled words and music not by Mr. G. Falkenmire)

Apologies, thanks to Barners, the pond was swept on a wave of nostalgia back to the 1950s:

"Ultimately it's a cultural change and we've all got to be a part of that. This may seem a bit quaint ... but I think we've got to start changing our attitude all the time in how we deal with women. Like, don't swear in front of them. It's not politically incorrect to open a door. All these things so we can change the attitude so we can show that we respect people. Because if you don't respect from a younger age then how are you going to develop it later on." 
"You see David, if you get to the point where you just ridicule everything ... we are trying as much as possible to create an area where you build back into society that sense of respect ... it's highly less likely that someone is going to belt someone in the face if they've been brought up in an environment where you've got to respect women." 
Marr: "I absolutely agree with you but I really do not think the slippery slope starts by standing back and allowing a woman through the door first. I really do not." 
Joyce: "Well, you do it in your way and we'll do it in ours." (transcript and gloss here, with forced video).

Fuck it Barners, the pond was going to address high matters of climate science, and there you go, always clever with the perfect distraction, recalling the hypocrisy of gents ever so courtly in public and giving the women a good whacking behind closed doors, the only clue the bruises they sported the next day in silence and in suffering.

Why thank you Sir Barners, so very kind, the pond don't mind if it do, such an elegant lad, such a kindly ponce, and we shall now move on in a most regal and Tamworthian way to some ancient rules of protocol and courtliness ...

Indeed, indeed, and you can imagine how startled the pond was to discover that the Bolter had moved along in these assorted stages ...

Chances are that that some modest warming will resume at some stage, but what is unquestionable is that what we’ve seen is way less than the models predicted. But so much pride and money is now at stake that few warmists dare admit it. (here)

Roll that one around on your tongue:

Chances are that that some modest warming will resume at some stage

Of course the Bolter is still clinging to the 18 year pause,  but what's fascinating is the cause of the Bolter's trauma, the slippage from outright denialism into acceptance of minor irritating warming of absolutely no consequence ...

It was the fiendishly clever and diabolical Chinese suddenly and unexpectedly endorsing the notion of a national emissions trading scheme, despite the presence of a number of regional schemes.

One of the problems for denialists is the way that assorted conspiracies must be shown to be vast and encompassing - it's not just enough for the local BoM to fiddle with the figures, they must be part of a gigantic international conspiracy, because that's the only way to explain how the Chinese Communists have also fallen for the faux warmist science ...

This requires boldness and imagination. With Moorice now fallen and departed from his perch as grand pooh bah advisor to the exalted grand pool bah himself, who will carry the banner of climate denialism for the reptiles of Oz? Who will step forward?

The pond is so glad you asked in such a rhetorical and leading way.

Oh dear, still thinking that Tony Abbott is in power and ready to listen, and with that wonderful notion of ideology heating up the climate debate, with the apparent implication that Jennifer Marohasy is no ideologue ...

Well the Greg Hunters amongst us will at once head off to wiki in search of walri and Jennifer Morahasy and her exemplary career with the Institute of Public Affairs ...

And how wonderful in her discussion of climate science to lead off with a reference to "true believers" because science is all about true beliefs ...

Oh dear, that wicked, naughty walri wiki man, Greg Hunt himself, intervened to suppress details of a truly alarming conspiracy.

Why everybody knows the BoM can't get the weather right from day to day ...

Indeed, indeed. But as night follows day, as noted by the pond, it isn't enough for the BoM to be fiddling the figures in Woop Woop.

It can only do this and get away with it if it's part of a gigantic, vast, ginormous international conspiracy, quite possibly involving black helicopters, the UN, world government, or at least emails in England ...

Why it seems even the reptiles can't get their stories straight ...

Indeed, indeed, and as a result of Climategate and other clever conspiracies, including the manipulation of Woop Woop data, the Chinese Communists have been led astray, and foolishly beguiled into their ETS, and the entire folly is all the fault of the ideological BoM insisting that thongs must be worn when doing the readings at Woop Woop.

Now the pond knows this sounds absurd. It is absurd, but it is undoubtedly true, and the pond refers you to its paper, published as an addendum to the Mad Hatter's tea party scene in the Annotated Alice ...

And now with his successor safely in place, and beavering away on behalf of the resolutely un-ideological IPA, what better time to say farewell to Moorice with some greatest hits and memories?


  1. Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose, non ?

    Well, Doctor Marohasy is a biologist by original trade, so she'd be a leading expert in climate science and statistical extrapolation, of course. Maybe even more so than Moorice, the Bolter and Pell mell.

    But I'm sure a real trooper such as Moorice won't be lost to us: he'll turn up somewhere ready to regale us with facts about how the UN is imposing a New World Order on us all.

  2. Rush Limbaugh:
    “OK so there's flowing water on Mars. Yip yip yip yahoo. Hey, you know me, I'm science 101, big time guy, tech advance it, you know it, I'm all in. But, NASA has been corrupted by the current regime. Don't know how long it's going to take, but this news that there is flowing water on Mars is somehow going to find its way into a technique to advance the leftist agenda”


    Echoes of Moorice.

  3. Yes, Barners is a horribly distracting annoying presence and a good argument against watching shows like Q & A that insist on having him and his ilk on. If only he had a modicum of sense, or a hint of humanity, and if only they would stop inviting him to express his opinion on matters - what people are like, for instance, what it is to be human- he's the last person to know anything about relationships and how to solve the problem of domestic violence. Can't somebody do a job on him and send him off into the wilderness with Tone?

  4. But Jennifer doesn't tell us by HOW MUCH the figures have raised the globe's apparent temperature. Wasn't that the hallmark of the Bolter's arguments? You know, HOW MUCH temperature abatement is this or that method of carbon emission reduction going to cause?


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