Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The ghost in the Caterist machine ...

As the country heads into high farce, and the country experiences what might be called an O. J. Simpson moment, the pond felt an incredible and disturbing sense of nostalgia.

How well does the comparison between Abbott and Julia Gillard now stand?

In the meantime, the pond's bereavement extended to all the faithful reptiles, long serving members of the pack, not least the Caterists, handsomely subsidised by the Australian taxpayers.

What would happen to them in these new and exciting times, this chance at a gentler, kinder polity?

Where would the old rhetoric go?

While others looked forward, the pond looked back into the past, even if the past happened to be today's lizard Oz:

Ah, still with the old rhetoric. But where does it lead?

Ah, old copy, and how strange to hear talk of that old PM. Why he's long gone, vanished into the ether, and they sent out search parties to find out where he are ...

But do go on, faithful reptile. Townsville is not so far from Tamworth ... in a spiritual way ... and it's important to contrast kindly country folk with the wicked fiends who dwell in RN, and in the inner city, those wretched 'leets ...

Ah, the language police, and the easy target of Bono. Because inner city 'leets just love the sounds of Bono, and the pond writhing in nausea is easily mistaken for a bout of ecstasy.

But do go on with the stereotypes. The pond just loves the smell of a cliche in the morning:

Ah the Abbott government.

How strange, how weird to see it in print this fine fresh morning ... along with talk of cant and posturing ...

All gone now. Swept away, lost, vanished into the strange lost domain of the past. The past is a foreign country, and they do things differently there ...

 And now, it's time to hear from our very own O. J., the ghost in the Caterist machine ...


  1. High farce, DP? Well, I am so looking forward to the return of powdered wigs, led by the Regent of Rose Bay.

  2. Well the Monk has arisen from his Canberra rabbit burrow at last DP, full of puffery, as always,with added scriptural advice.
    I noted in his statement,with added just one more time,we stopped the boats....and "febrile media landscape"..etc.etc.you guys have been picking on me. Is Abbott channeling the reptile editorial scribbler or ...The Pond.
    Facts are simple and facts are straight
    Facts are lazy and facts are late
    Facts all come with points of view
    Facts don't do what I want them to..........but the reptiles will scribble on regardless.
    I wonder it Tony will be holding a wake at Kirribilli for all those scribblers who came to the great celebration of his victory LESS than two years ago.I hear there is no Prime Ministerial pension payment if term is less than two years. Is this true?

    1. Well, he's magnanimously saving the taxpayer money.

      Why didn't you think of that? Poor, misunderstood Tony.

  3. And what did Gillard think of all this ...


  4. "How could an adverb like compassionate be part of a far north Queenslander's vocabulary?"

    I suspect far north Queenslanders lack the adverb "compassionate" because, like everyone who isn't Nick Cater, they correctly identify it as an adjective...


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