Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Bolter shows how to house train and herd cats ...

(Above: Moir on the theme of the moment, a transformation apparently wrought by the Bolter, and more Moir here).

The pond, a bit shame-faced, has to confess to have taken to Bolter watching.

There's always the hope that there'll be another opening or a new front in the Murdochian civil war.

And then there's seeing how the Bolter deals with the loss of his beloved PM.

This day the Bolter's blog has seen a steady stream of stories ... but more of those anon.

And in the meantime, the Bolter has also delivered a majestic bout of triumphalism for the HUNsters.

If ever you wanted an example of hubris walking, talking, typing and chattering ...

Oh the humiliation, the chagrin, it would be too much to bear ...

Oh the heartless, cackling, cruel fiends, something out of a Marvel comic, the ruthless villains ...

And there's the poor Bolter feeling like Victor Mature given a haircut by Hedy Lamarr in that epic Cecil B. De Mille masterpiece ... except, oh except, they've herded and house-trained that feral cat Turnbull...

Hooray, hoorah, they've won: "We've house trained Turnbull", as you'd house train that neutered cat you dragged in off the street ... they knocked him into shape. The supposedly powerless, helpless parrot, and the Bolter did it all ...

Turnbull is their neo-con PM. They've turned the corner and it's a love fest with Turnbull. Take that ABC cardigan wearers ...

Where some had feared Goodesteria would be replaced by Turnbullphobia, everything is suddenly sweet. All's right with the world ... or is it?

Uh huh. How long will that warm glow last? How long the basking in success?

Just how good was the house-training?

This very day there are signs the cat doesn't know where the Bolter put the kitty litter.

Item: Green rentseekers get sniff of Turnbull cash. Conclusion? Very bad signs ...

Item: Brazen ABC wants reward for backing Turnbull. Conclusion? Very bad signs. The Liberals under Turnbull will not fight for beliefs counter to the ABC culture.

Item: African and Arab media report Turnbull softer on border policies. Conclusion? Very bad signs ... Malcolm Turnbull with his unguarded words has made his first mistake in playing the uncomfortable role of a conservative.

And stay tuned. More, much more, obsessively, compulsively more to follow ...

And yet?

This is high-fiving?

Nope, this is a man who spends endless hours chasing after his cat with a rolled newspaper trying to herd it towards the kitty litter.

They call the condition ... Turnbullphobia ... and lordy lordy has the Bolter got it bad ...


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  2. I'm sorry Dot but my mind must've been enfeebled by overdosing on Abbott's bilge for the past five years.

    I cannot for the life of me understand what Bolt is on about or where there is even a modicum of logic in his piece.

    Is it just me?.

    1. The pond is mildly disturbed you should look for a modicum of logic in the barking mad. Best just to enjoy the insanity ... After all, Mr Dick in David Copperfield is at his very best when King Charles I keeps getting inside his head.

    2. You have to understand, Anon, that the Bolter has been betrayed, betrayed, by those he trusted. Perhaps not surprisingly, his rant has nothing to do with either Abbott or Turnbull. It's all about the Bolter.

      He's on about himself.

  3. Not just you! I'm not a Turnbull lover, though having a PM who can open his mouth without making an idiot of himself is nice, but claiming the Prime Minister is your tame cat suggests Bolt has finally lost complete control of his ego...

    ...This week, in Markson’s report on Fray’s appointment, she said Fray would overhaul the curriculum and ensure the course was “free from ideological crusades and bias against the Murdoch media”. Markson claimed a win of sorts, saying her crusade against “the left-wing ideology being taught at UTS” had led to the planned overhaul of the curriculum. ...

    We are unsure if it is in the job description to antagonise fellow News Corp journalists as Mitchell has been so keen to do. Like a pair of toddlers throwing each other’s toys out of the cot, Mitchell has been feuding with star Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt again.

  5. Have been waiting all day for a correction from News Ltd along the lines that the Bolt's gardener or butler had gained access to the computer, and today's columns had nothing to do with Andrew.

    But it never came.

    That is some heavy weirdness dude. Seek help.

  6. 800 dead in Hajj Pilgramage. Sort of sum up religion doesn't it?


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