Saturday, September 05, 2015

Reptiles revivant revanche ...

Wilcox sets the tone for this glorious Saturday, because Saturday is the day when all the very best reptiles come out to saunter about, parade and pimp and pomp in all their reptilian finery ... (oh and there's more Wilcox here).

Just look at some of the splendid feast the reptiles have prepared. Lo, there's the usual concern for the relentless stupidity of the east coast twitterer:

Who is Peter Fray to enter the fray? Never mind, he drinks well and deeply of the kool aid. No doubt he gives that east coast twitterati a jolly good serve. Take that Chairman Rupert, and that, and that ...

And then there were the uplifting reptiles, in what the pond likes to think of as the coaching mode:

Indeed, indeed, the little Abbott that could.

Well it was the bromancer himself who compared Abbott to a two year old child routinely indulging in the tantrums that afflict the terrible twos, so it seemed only fair on the pond's part to suggest suitable reading matter.

And then there were the other current bête noires agitating the reptiles, with the stenographer recording the latest atrocity, while the reptiles clapped hands with glee at the news that the bombing was about to begin:

Now the pond might return to some of these after a decent ingestion of grass allows for a Tamworth canine purging, but who could resist, who could go past, prattling Polonius, returned to a prominent place on the page?

The sneering secularist! But why, oh why, should anyone sneer at Christians who know that there's a better life ahead?

Never mind, let's plunge into the maelstrom, the sea of stinking resentment, bile and bitterness that marks out Polonius as a champion reptile:

Of course it's not fashionable to sneer at Buddhists, Hindus or Muslims, even though so many of them infest both the Liberal and the Labor parties in this country.

Who would sneer at the Hindus that form major factional rumps in the Labor party, and as for the dominance of hardline Muslims amongst the dries in the Liberal party, it would be unseemly and take an immoderate amount of gall to point out that Cory Bernardi and the Taliban have much in common, especially when it comes to women and gays.

But never mind, it was the poignant observation that there was nothing wrong with hanging out with a creationist dad that particularly moved the pond.

Sure, he might believe in Adam and Eve, and a 6,000 year old earth, and so be completely barking mad, but a dad's a dad after all, and they all come barking mad in one way or another, so why not the barking mad Xian version?

And then there came that most unusual line: Nor is there anything unusual about being honest about your beliefs ...

You know, like this ...

Because where's the harm in a little creationism, provided it's kept behind closed doors, and a Christian might dogwhistle to voters in private, but certainly not in public:

Yes, there's being honest in your beliefs, laying them out on the line, parading them for all to see ...

But as usual, the pond got distracted. Let's get back to prattling Polonius. What's the bet he'll be offended by the mortal sin of mentioning the Tykes?

Without evidence? What, these fine politicians, honest in their beliefs, keep their beliefs and their sordid Sunday rituals hidden?

And there's absolutely no evidence that Kevin Andrews is a tad weird, let alone rampantly extreme, and ready to set in motion a decent crusade, having already done the noble job of pissing money against the wall on counselling services nobody much wanted?

Never mind, please, do go on:

Yep, honest and hardworking are now code words for decent, upstanding homophobia ... and if you mention de Bruyn or De Bruyn - two spellings in two sentences - and his extremely conservative, fundamentalist Catholic positions on any number of issues which have nothing to do with his membership, it can be dismissed as mere anti-Catholic sectarianism. Because some unions do good work ... like keeping down teh uppity, difficult gays ...

Enough already. Time to finish with the gobbets ...

Fancy that indeed. And how wonderful that both sides of the political divide should believe in cannibalism and on a Sunday set down to a nice meal of human flesh and blood, though in the paradoxical form of wafers and wine.

So there's your choice: creationism or transubstantiation, and where's the harm in that? After all, it seems that for generations Christians have been offering compassion ...

So, as per Wilcox at the start of this piece, let's see how that compassion is playing out ...

Oh dear, not another general mentioning illegality and disaster ... just as the ... how did a correspondent put it ... yellow bellied sea eagles are on the move once more ...

Time then for a Pope cartoon, and more Pope here, but is it time for secularists to stop sneering at the hypocrisy and faux piety of alleged Christians who studiously ignore the callous indifference of the federal government they so avidly support?

No wonder they talk of the terrible mindset of the terrible twos ...


  1. You don't suppose, DP, that Abbott giving a nod to those of the Broederbond ilk, or subtexting the necessity of harsh treatment for untermensch goes rather well in the Weiß enclaves of WA?
    Personally, I'd be wary of invoking the Hand of God as motif and rationale.
    A couple of aggravated home invasions would kick the campaign along a treat.

    1. Wow, UC, complete with scharfes Esse!

  2. "Some news rooms are lazily allowing social media to dictate what constitutes a news story"
    Some 'news' rooms are so putridly corrupt and/or moronically incompetent (looking at you, Da'strayan) that they cut and paste their headlines from lies printed in the UK Daily Mail ('IPCC admits "we got it wrong").

    To me, plagiarising the fabrications of foreign tabloids and offering them up as fact is a far worse violation of basic journalistic principles than reporting on twitter trends.

  3. Andrews: "Counselling services nobody much wanted?" Nobody much except him and his wife, that is.

    1. And Howard, a "christian of the non-pious (or opportunistic) kind"

  4. That pic of Hastie with the lying rodent reminds one of the old jibe..: "...yeah..I see Andrew (Dave) , but who's the old bastard next to him?"

  5. "Some news rooms are lazily allowing social media to dictate what constitutes a news story"
    After all the angst about Zaky Mallah's tweets and the "AbbottLovesA---l" hashtag and the latest facebook posts from the death cult (the one we don't like, I mean, not the good one) one has to wonder whether the reptiles have access to mirrors at all.

  6. Peter Fray was the founder of the now-defunct PolitiFact Australia website which was in action for about six months around the time of the 2013 election. (It now resides at the NLA's Pandora Archive, apparently.)

    It seems that fact-checking was a lot of effort without much financial return for him. Which might explain why he now works at the Reptile Display...


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