Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I've still got something to contribute to public life ...

Coulda shoulda woulda ...

(slowly, with vehemence and stretching force, as if reaching for the preciousss):

Can't ... let .... it .... go ... Must ... do ... a ... Chairman ... Rudd ...

On and on the mourning and the regrets go ...

Along with the sniping and the white-anting and the bitterness ...

And the Bolter's there to maintain the rage ...

And so on and on - you can look the stories up if you like, but perhaps you should just keep hitting yourself with that baseball bat ...

... While some get to make immortal remarks that will live long in the Hall of Silliness Fame:

Hmm, a turkey who managed to make it to a couple of years. Some turkey, some legacy:

Say what? Did the pond see reference to Ming the Merciless and John Howard in that headline?

We did, we did ... why he's up there with Cazaly ...

Cut him a bit of slack?

Why not cut him a coulda been shoulda been woulda been chat with boofhead Hadley?

Not a clue, and long may the clueless get behind a microphone ... and so the pond welcomes to its ranks the newest version of Chairman Rudd, likely to be up there with Windows 8 ...


  1. Can't Do is trying to sell a book. Abbott is trying it on. Hadley, Abbott, Can't Do, Malware, Barnett, Dudd, Dolt, Day, ... all so very trying.

  2. Oh, no, looks like Turdbull has ScoMo's measure.

    Maybe ScoMo should think about writing a book too.

  3. I'd like to know who's the guy socking our Tones in that picture. There's Tony, all macho, no head gear, lashing out with his eyes closed while his opponent is almost casually picking him off with a surgical left to the scone. Beautiful. And so predictive of his future. Such a charming, gentleman idiot.

    I'd buy the guy behind the straight left a beer if I could. Maybe even a pint.

  4. "Decent man?" Just look at the slimeball!!

  5. Julie Oberin ‏@Julie_Oberin Sep 27
    I'm one of those #UnsuitableWomen too @mirandadevine

    Miranda Devine ‏@mirandadevine Sep 27
    @Julie_Oberin you're on welfare? Babies to a string of feckless men? Neglect/abuse your kids or allow them to be abused? DOCS is on the way
    12:38 AM - 27 Sep 2015 • Details

    Jess Hill ‏@jessradio Sep 27
    @mirandadevine @Julie_Oberin No Miranda, Julie is a DV survivor who now runs the Annie North refuge, and is a leading expert on stalking

    Miranda Devine with foot in mouth again.


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