Thursday, September 03, 2015

In which the pond spends some quality time with the Murdochian tabloids, and develops a hearty fear of bufotenin front pages, sharks and Miranda the Devine ...

The pond confesses to not spending enough time amongst the Murdochian tabloids, what with the reptiles of Oz exercising such a strange, hypnotic fascination.

But lo, look there at the cane toads, providing a reminder that bufotenin, one of the chemicals excreted by the cane toad is up there with heroin and cannabis as a class one drug.

No, it's not the bizarre attempt to blame the state government for the floundering economy, as if Queensland somehow floats on a raft adrift from the rest of Australia's economy, or the way, with the current news, that a proper front page should have looked a little like this:

Yes, there's the man that Queensland's business leaders should have been giving a call, but what enormous chutzpah, how entirely admirable for the cane toaders, deep into their bufotoxin fix - better than kool aid - to address their urgent memo to entirely the wrong person.

But no, it's not that, it's the astonishing revelation at the bottom of the page that the Scouts - oh no, not the Scouts - have turned, or are proposing to turn, on god and queen.

It is, of course a shameless beat-up, and the real problem, always a problem in Murdoch la la land, is that the Scouts, as out of date and as out of touch as a gathering of Rupert's executives discussing the twitterati, are hesitantly and in a faltering way, attempting to drag the organisation into the new millennium and widen its appeal (as you can see by heading off to the Scouting website here).

Now whenever the pond thinks of Scouts, it's refracted through fond memories of Carl Barks and the Junior Woodchucks:

But enough with the toads, the addlepated rumour mongering taletellers, because the Daily Terrorists also had a sparking front page, combining two favourite fears - sharks and greenies!

Because the Surry Hills bunker holds the hive mind, the story also turned up amongst the reptiles of Oz, providing a splendid chance to host a video showing ... sharks ...

Of course there's no actual evidence presented in the story that its eco-warrior vandals, as opposed to common or garden vandals, as opposed to anybody else, but hey, the most important part of the story is the way that the shark has become the new croc for the increasingly desperate, failing and flailing Daily Terrorists ...

Soon enough, like the farmers and the pigs, it will be impossible to tell apart the NT News and the Daily Terrorists...

But again, it wasn't the shark phenomenon, so much as Miranda the Devine at the top of the page that caught the pond's eye.

That story was about another beat-up by the Daily Terrorists and ever since the Terrorists have been running for cover.

And at this point, the pond feels inclined to try to help out the Terrorists and their business model.

You see they persist in putting the Devine behind the paywall - pay or you can't read essence of bitterness and bile - while at the same time running the Devine in blog form (along with Akker Dakker and others in the shark-infested pack of rats lurking in their Surry Hills bunker)... where the Devine's foaming rage-filled rants can be inspected ... for free.

Come on guys, you can't be hookers, and give it away for free at the same time. It's just not a sustainable business model ... can the blogs and let the sharks lurk behind the paywall ...

... though free is about all anyone should pay for insights into the Orwellian use of language, whereby love becomes hate ...

Ah, the old Christian forgiveness we've experienced these past few thousand years...

And then, after a good feast of grass, like a dog returning to its vomit, the Devine returned to have another go:

What to say, except good old Sydney Terrorists, home to bigots and a deep, unholy fear of sharks ...

Oh, and once again the pond must apologise for splashing about that repulsive scent ...

Here, have a couple of cartoons and sundry memes in compensation. The pond is currently in a twitterati love fest because it agitates the reptiles so:


  1. Of 2400 Burwood Girls High School parents, 20 or so, less than 1%, are ratbags demanding total control. More evidence of a universal feature of the one percent.

  2. Why can't those abusive Veronicas who apparently now the voice of the collective left, use more tolerant language such as: "anybody who disagrees with marriage equality should be hung from a lamp post"

  3. Oh wow! She's actually swallowed the Powell kool-aid.

    Someone had to be that stupid, and bless her for heading down that very discomforting rabbit-hole. Oh boy, pass the popcorn please, the loons are out and very much about in the top paddock now.

  4. Greg Jericho's No Laughing Matter says On this measure there is no good news to be found at all. GDP is well below the average growth of 3.1% regardless of whether you use seasonally adjusted or trend figures.
    Well, on last night's Pickering, Josh Frydenberg was up against Tom Gleeson and I've not seen him so cheery. Big broad smiles from Josh, and he didn't whine on about "Labor's debt & deficit disaster". What's going on?

  5. Ah, Miranda - just when we think you can't be any more vile, you surpass yourself....... What a loveless, bitter thing you must be should you actually believe the drivel you write.

    Still, thanks for the welcome reference to the Junior Woodchucks, DP!

  6. Miranda has her own vlog! (Actually rather funny and appropriate).

  7. (AAP, actually)

    "The global media giant, which owns newspapers including The Australian, The Times in Britain and The New York Post, made a $US149 million loss in 2014/15.

    That was due to a big write down on a troubled education business in the US, while revenues from its newspapers continued to slide."

    1. And now the old turd wants an election!

  8. Miranda's upstanding analysis of the yawning gulf between 'formal' and 'no formal' usefully may be reapplied to Dyson Heydon's andor assistant's reflections on the procedural propriet(r)ies of 'no formal discovery process' and any apparent disintegrations or irreproductions of sundry irrelevant communications?


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