Monday, September 07, 2015

In which the pond seeks safe haven in the bubble with bubble boy, aka the dog botherer ...

(Above: and more Rowe).

Amongst the more tragic reptile headlines this day, this one stuck out like a sore thumb:

Positively and generously? It's not in their nature, and sending Dutton to Geneva to help is a bit like sending the Keystone Kops to put out a fire.

How remote and other-worldly are they?

... Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop gave no commitment to increasing the refugee intake, and said an alternative option would be the creation of so-called safe havens within Syria and along its border. 
"There should be consideration to whether we can set up safe havens inside Syria, inside Iraq, so that people who don't want to leave can remain in their home country but safe from the terrorist attacks," she said.

Naturally at that moment the pond resorted to twitter - oh how it irritates the reptiles - for a considered response:

So what's really motivating the Abbott government?

Yep, despite the very best endeavours of the Abbott government to ignore the situation it helped create - let's remember many in this government were around to cheer on the illegal war in Iraq in 2003, and are, in the pond's eyes at least, war criminals - reluctantly the Abbott government has, in its usual knee-jerk way, decided it must be seen to be doing something.

You know, as well as help bomb the shit out of Syria, seen to be doing bits and pieces which might be called humanitarian.

So what's the conservative idea of a generous response?

And why is the Abbott government feeling the heat?

Not just lower, Mr Hudson, but down in the tar pits.

Small wonder. What a disgraceful, negative, ungenerous government it is, and how typical that it should be caught short by the disaster unfolding elsewhere in the world ... a disaster, which in their own small ignoble ways, many members of this current government did their bit to create ...

But it's a Monday, and so it's important not to brood too much.

Luckily, for a little light relief, Chris Kenny is to hand:

Yep, that's how seriously delusional things are amongst the reptiles. The dog botherer thinks he's identified with the political centre-right as opposed to the howling at the moon, barking mad fundamentalist reptilian right.

This was just the tonic the pond needed on a troublesome day. 

A decent dose of self-pity and moaning and sighing and Kenny making the story all about Kenny, because we can never have enough examples of self-pitying, self-centred, self-regard:

Tragic isn't it? An alienated dams hater, alone, overwhelmed, by a hate media, a self-referentially smug landscape dominated by cardigan wearers.

Why you'd swear Chairman Rupert didn't control well over half the print media in the country, and has a significant presence online (or at least they boast they do while skewing the numbers), and has his paws all over Foxtel, and hasn't that worked out well?

The funnies thing is to see a bubble boy dog botherer proposing that others live in a bubble.

It's impossible to imagine a bigger bubble than the paywall-enclosed, fortified world of the reptiles. Unless you like sitcoms:

Sorry, the pond must really update its portrait of Kenny. That one's a little out of date, even if it does capture the Kenny debating style.

Really, where would we be without another bit of fluff-gathering, anal retentive naval-gazing activity from a reptile slagging off the aBC, SBS, twitter, Fairfax and all the usual suspects in a way that's not only tedious, it's all about the cleverness and inventiveness of the dog botherer:

Preach hate against conservatives?  We should be endorsing stupid references to Nazis and frown on Tony Windsor for pointing out the bleeding obvious?

Talk about an epic dummy spit.

Talk about a really stupid dog botherer. He manages, in a way that challenges papal infallibility, to show that Kenny's infallible capacity to sound silly is endless, boundless, infinite ...

By golly, it put the pond in the good humour needed to go about the day's work ...

Meanwhile, what's out there on the echo chamber, apart from Chairman Rupert's east coast twitterati efforts?

Well there's an old Wilcox, and more Wilcox here:

And a tidy Moir, and more Moir here:

And an old but still timely First Dog, and more First Dog here:

Sorry, we should have set up a safe haven for Christians for that last one. Feeling gloomy again? Just join Chris Kenny in his bubble for awhile, and the gloom will go away ...


  1. Well, no ... not Xians necessarily. We prefer the term "persecuted minorities". Well, no .... yes ... but .... OK, they will resemble Xians in every detail, but that's not the point. We have sniffer dogs at the ready, in case some of the "Syrians" just say they are Xians. Our loyal cadres in Canning want us to be very particular.

    1. Unfortunately most of them will still be brown, UC.

  2. Sheehan says: "Would it be in breach of our discrimination laws to prioritise Christians as refugees? No. I've checked."

    Well that's a relief.

    1. No discrimination there, nothin' personal..., you understand, it's purely business.

      Gotta get the numbers up for re-jigging the next census form back to the way it ought to be. Imagine the loss of government revenue flow to follow from "no religion" ranking above all the "one true". A very taxing thought, I'm sure.

  3. Regarding Woolfy's argument that conservative voices are absent from the FDI, didn't the right wing media create a moral panic about the appearance of someone promoting fundamentalist Muslim ideas a couple of years back? Surely that was an opportunity lost for a 'conservative' opinion being presented there?

  4. Which part of Tony Windsor's qualification "in my view" is beyond Kenny's understanding?

    1. Everything is beyond Kenny's understanding ...


  6. Let's see the reptiles spin Moir's no hands/8 hands economic rally crash.

    Hockey makes Arthur Daley look like an honest,respectable second hand car dealer.

    1. In fact the pond is tempted to take legal action on behalf of Arfer if you make such defamatory comparisons between jolly Joe and a decent man like Arfer ...

  7. Media bubbles - Be alarmed but not alert. Australia needs larms.

    "Perceptions are not reality: Things the world gets wrong" - Ipsos poll, published October 2014.

    A world map graphic (distortion warning) here points to West Australia ranking 9th for how wrong the public across 14 developed countries are about the basic make-up of their populations and the scale of key social issues!


      July 2015 -

      "Our global study highlights that people are often wrong about the make-up of their population and the scale of key social issues. We consider possible explanations for the gap between perceptions and reality, alongside perspectives from Ipsos colleagues in Italy and Sweden – the two countries that came top and bottom of our "Index of Ignorance" respectively."



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