Friday, September 04, 2015

In which the pond joins Andrew "is there a creationist in the house?" Hastie in berating the east coast twitterati ...

Being a slow learner, it took the pond a long time to work out who Andrew "is there a creationist in the house?" Hastie was attacking when he berated the "east coast Twitterati".

Of course:

See how it stacks up. He lives on the east coast. In another country true, an American citizen constantly sticking his nose into other countries' business, but an east coast citizen all the same, and a man inclined to a twittering frenzy. And has he been running hot of late ...

New young able people? After the reptiles of Oz just climbed up their fundaments praising the old wise heads running the lizard Oz?

You can see why the befuddled reptiles of Oz are so schizophrenic and paranoid when they spend each waking moment decrying the twitterati. The poor dears don't know if they're coming and going, as a kindly reader pointed out, living in a kind of Escher twilight zone:

Poor things. It's hard for them to pick one set of east coasters from another. Why, they likely mean to hate this sort of east coaster:

Indeed, indeed.

But then they get confused by discovering that their overlord, their master of the universe, is an inveterate member of the twitterati, a relentless twitter machine up there with Homer Simpson's attachment to eating seafood:

It also mustn't help when he reveals himself to be a senile old goat.

Of all the words to use, "Principled" is probably the most far-fetched and hysterically off the mark any blinkered American might reach for on their way to a senile, doddering tinkle in the bathroom ...

Of course the result, which should be preserved for posterity, is an endless stream of abuse directed back at the silly old fart.

Please allow the pond to present some random samples:

And so, endlessly on and on:

And so on and on and on:

And so on and on and on. 

Now it's all there - don't let the pond stop you from visiting @rupertmurdoch for the never-ending comedy -  displaying the regularly unfolding capacity of an old, tone deaf rich man, so oblivious to reality and the palpable hate fear and loathing, that he keeps trolling the world.

It's like Tony Abbott seizing the moment to briefly skate over the latest tragedy to be noted by the world - against the millions of hidden ones - only so he could deliver yet again his mantra about "stop the boats".

 As clueless, as insensitive, as a member of the Murdochian commentariat, whistling their dog whistles like the old goat himself:

Ah well, at least now the pond knows who Andrew "is there a creationist in the house?" Hastie was talking about, and why the reptiles routinely abuse the Twitterati ...

Some people just need huge buckets of shit and scorn poured on them on a daily basis. How they must hate, fear and loath chairman Rupert, in a perfectly Freudian way ... watch out mothers, take care fathers, News Corp is a Greek tragedy of the oldest kind ...

And so to an ancient cartoon, published back in May 2014, but still doing the rounds of twitter. The pond recycles it as part of its campaign to really piss off the reptiles by showing the power of Twitter to comment on the appalling behaviour of Murdoch's crew of thuggees:


  1. Abbott's ass blew a tune "If you want to stop the deaths, if you want to stop the drownings you have got to stop the boats" perfectly pitched to catch the ears of his dwindling base.

  2. Coasting along back east on decades of reptile social media insight:

    "We did enjoy the Australian’s editorial on Tuesday, lamenting the poor media standards of rivals the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age who allowed “the social media tail to wag their editorial direction”.

    In “Bias aside, we do need to discuss quality of debate”, the Oz complained about the “trashing of media standards” and the “devaluing of journalistic experience” which, of course, Rupert Murdoch’s broadsheet avoided at all times with its “strong and experienced editorial guidance”. “At the Australian we know newspapers and media organisations cannot make perfect calls on each and every issue but the general tone, crucial editorial decisions and quality of coverage and analysis will be greatly enhanced, and protected, by the collective wisdom of journalists and editors who have spent decades amassing knowledge and insight in their chosen fields,” the leader in the august organ said on Tuesday. “Crucial elements such as experience, fairness, good taste and social responsibility should not be sacrificed in the pursuit of Twitter-generated clicks or Facebook shares.”"

  3. Trump said today he'll be hanging with the team, come what may. And, look, he's up hanging out on the the loon banner team.

  4. DP - here's somethging In think you will appreciate. The cover art for Planet Stories, which featured some of the best of Ray Bradbury's SF (the lurid art is a bonus.)

    Yes he was an old-school Republican, but with a sympathy for the downtrodden and he wrote some great science fiction exploring race relations and racial conflict. He wrote hundreds of short stories. I've forgotten the titles but I particularly remember one about poverty and neglect leading to a mass invasion of the US from third world countries, and another about a baseball match on Mars between black and white teams, in which the whites take brutal exception to being beaten by the blacks, leading to war.

    Like Wells and Verne, rather prophetic.

    And of course his longer novels have inspired many movies.

    1. And there are dozens more.

    2. Clearly Anon, you know only too well the way to beguile the pond into wasting time!


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