Friday, September 04, 2015

In which the pond is forced to break Godwin's Law yet again, no thanks to the child being distracted from his video gaming ...

(Above: and more excellent Pope here).

The Bolter was on a real roll yesterday, and it didn't take long for the inverted commas to disappear:

Soon "jihadists" was flowing like wine at an intemperate biblical orgy.

Where does the Bolter get his style from? Who sets the tone and the level of public discourse in the country?

Sigh. It's not just the mutton Dutton that manages to reduce the tone of debate to the level of loon pond on every possible occasion ...

Now there's only one thing to note here, and that's in relation to the notion of shame that Abbott trotted out, seemingly completely oblivious to the attitude of senior Nazis, on display as late as the Nuremberg trials:

"Acts of terrorism are necessarily done in the full glare of publicity for their propaganda effect. In contrast, those responsible for ordering and implementing systematic state-sponsored genocide are high government officials who often operate in secret not out of any sense of shame, but to avoid being held criminally responsible for their actions."  (And a lot more here, with forced video).

Indeed. And yet stupid people - including the astonishingly stupid Rebecca Weisser on The Drum - lined up to defend the historically indefensible set of comparisons Abbott made.

As if trotting out the Nazis, in defiance of Godwin's Law and historical accuracy, was now such an unremarkable commonplace, that it was good that the country was being run at the level of a feral blogger ...

And the reptiles have the cheek to complain about the twitterati.

Truly we are in the days of Götterdämmerung, except that of course is wrong too, because it implies that there were gods heading off to a twilight, when in fact we have the most base forms of villainy at work ...

Naturally the Bolter was there, marching along at the front:

And so an American comedian is elevated to the highest level of public and policy discourse in the land ...

Because a comedian doing it makes Abbott doing it perfectly all right.

Okay then, John Oliver for PM for Australia ...

What's interesting however is the way that the reptiles of Oz have run dead on the whole damn thing.

Looking today at the digital edition, the pond had to scroll down to the very bottom of the page to discover a serious and sombre discussion of Nazis.

Let's face it, if even the reptiles know it's off and indefensible, it must be mega off and uber indefensible:

Well played, Rowan Callick. The pond just loves that header, which suggests odd bedfellows, but also manages to discover a shared love of violence. What we need at this moment is a well reasoned, well seasoned debate about the Nazis ...

But if a shared love of violence is the key to being Nazi bedfellows, there's plenty that have climbed into bed with Daesh. Sssh, don't mention the adventurist invasion of Iraq or deputy sheriff Howard.

But do go on, let's see how many weasel words we can score that do a dance around Prime Ministerial follies:

Oh dear, so it's all the fault of septic post-Christian secularism ... and Netanyahu is somehow dragged into the discussion ...

Actually it's the fault of the dumbest Prime Minister in living memory that's to blame for this latest eruption of irrelevance, at least in terms of a unique capacity for sticking foot in mouth, and using silly ahistorical analogies ...

Once upon a time, the silliness, the sheer preposterousness of what Abbott said, would have produced a photoshop tabloid orgy, up there with the orgies that so provoked Moses. You know the sort of thing:

But not this day. Instead the Daily Terrorists were lathering up the fear with a parade of Nazis:

And the Currish Snail was still taking aim at the state government, while ignoring the woolly mammoth in the room:

And that's how the pond was distracted from the serious issues of the day.

Like the one identified by David Rowe in his excellent cartoon.

Rowe, it seems, understands - as the Currish Snail doesn't - that there's an economic paralysis in the land, and not just Queensland, as if it's the only backward, remote and isolated economy, located as it is somewhere in the deep north ...

Rowe is bold enough to identify the real problem, though strangely there seems to be a Nazi goose stepping away in the background ...

More always trending Rowe here, but sadly Mr Rowe, won't someone tell the Currish Snail that goose stepper in the distance is too busy off sieg heiling and being dumb about history to shear the very woolly and daggy sheep that's in front of him ...


  1. "Nazism had no formal religious source..", haha, only in bible-bashing Queensland, professor. For one, Hitler always carried his small heavily annotated bible in his pocket...

  2. Rd Alert! Red,Red Alert!. Unleash the hounds!
    And just for comic relief;

    Christ,the way this earth-joke is going Trump will win in a landslide. Uuuurrgh!

  3. "... but they had sufficient sense of shame to try to hide it"' - Is that Abbott?

    Sure it is - "...a political religion ideological way to justify its savagery .... a division between the saved and the damned shame ...idea of maintaining your authority by being the biggest beast in the jungle is central to any such tyranny ... undoubtedly and unapologetically, cruel"

    The New York Times, ranking 3rd most popular item today:

    Australia’s Brutal Treatment of Migrants

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott has overseen a ruthlessly effective effort to stop boats packed with migrants, many of them refugees, from reaching Australia’s shores. His policies have been inhumane, of dubious legality and strikingly at odds with the country’s tradition of welcoming people fleeing persecution and war.

    ...Instead of stopping the abuses, the Australian government has sought to hide them from the world.

    - A version of this editorial appears in print on September 3, 2015, on page A30 of the New York edition with the headline: Australia’s Brutal Treatment of Migrants.

  4. "Framing one genocide by means of another only reduces our understanding of each"

    Once again, the pillock in chief leads our nervous young country in a reverse direction. Reading forums on-line yesterday indicates the LNP plan to un-teach and un-learn history, and context, and perspective is steaming ahead at a fabulous pace.

    Looks like they will achieve something after all.


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