Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Featuring much yelling by the Bolter and the reptiles over which set of angry white males has the spunkiest demographic ...

Having predicted more bouts of reptile v. reptile arm wrestling, what joy to see the prediction so quickly and devoutly consummated.

The Bolter is quietly fuming in his usual way ...

... and has resumed his crusade against the lizards of Oz:

It's all to do with the Bolter's deep unhappiness about Malware doing down his hero.

The stenographer in chief was the source of the latest reason for Bolter 'roid rage:

Unity? Now there's a funny concept when it comes to the Bolter and the reptiles:

Which is beyond funny, because truth to tell, whatever the demographics say, there's another reality at work if you happen to read the Bolter or the reptiles for long enough:

Sure enough, scroll down the comments section for the Bolter and there was much yelling at clouds and at the reptiles of Oz:

Oh well played Ned, well played.

Yep, it's shocking. The damned reptiles have lurched that far to the left you could mistake them for the ABC on a bad hair day ...

And so the Bolter provides a haven for all the haters who hate the reptiles of Oz ...

There must be an irony there somewhere if only the pond could work it out ... could it be the sight of the chairman yelling at the reptiles yelling at the readership yelling at the Bolter yelling at the reptiles in an endless bout of yelling?

Was the unfortunate Bill Leak, trying to be kind to the Bolter, actually prescient for once in his life, way back in 2011?


  1. Struth, that was close - I almost sprayed red wine (it's after 5pm...) all over my computer when I read Chris Mitchell's claim that the readership of The Australian is "Younger, rich, better educated.... and working in the legal, political or the business community". I'd love to see the market research to back up that claim. The number of copies given away in airport lounges and on flights and subscriptions by companies and government agencies might give some shred of justification for parts of that claim, but _young_? Only if you're comparing the readership to redwoods or Galapagos turtles. Yeah, that Maurice Newman - he speaks to the young hip dudes in the 'hood......

    I also rather suspect that very few young people, lawyers, professionals or otherwise, read or listen to the Bolter or Steve Price.

    But look at that photo of News Crop Chief Executive Julian Clarke - doesn't he look like the sort of management you need to court the younger demographic? I think I saw him on Sunday's episode of Doctor Who, playing Davros.

  2. Isn't it great watching the reptiles eating their own children?

    I believe the Greeks have been there before.


    (Some of the pics could be useful encouragements for getting the kids to eat their greens)

  3. I had developed quite a good melancholy at the demise of the Abbott - no more barking mad Oz editorials, and toadying reptile columns desperately trying to breathe life into PM-erial corpse.

    But, joy of joy, it isn't over yet! The Bromancer continues to fawn and grovel and The Bolter has gone rabidly insane, deciding to re-ingite the war with the Oz Editor, and is busy whipping up his angry old white male readership into a frenzy of self-hatred.

    How spoiled we are.

  4. Oh dear..doesn't your heart pump piss for them...


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