Thursday, September 17, 2015

Exploring the pleasure of big Mal learning the art of herding barking mad conservative cats ...

The Bolter's on the march ...

Of course following his prescription might be harder than herding cats ..


And then there were the other cats, still roaming around in the wild, still feral, as a correspondent kindly pointed out ... Liberal senator Ian Macdonald says children 'brainwashed' on climate change:

... Macdonald said he did not deny the climate was changing. “As I repeatedly say, Australia was once covered in ice,” he said. “Of course the climate changes.” 
But he challenged the theory that humans were contributing to this. “This new theory, I refer to it often as a fad or a farce or a hoax, that suddenly since man started the industrial age, a change of climate has happened is just farcical and fanciful.”

Indeed, you can take the party's chief scientist away from the leadership, but you can't winkle the luddites out of their corners ...

But back to the Bolter and the pond was shattered, absolutely shattered by the Daily Terrorists bringing down the shutters ...

And by golly, is there any journalist anyone would rather know and trust?

Luckily the Bolter has gone upmarket, and found a broadsheet home, more suited to his taste for opera and a decent red and a damn good Tim Storrier on the wall.

And besides he has a woman to blame for all the recent pesky troubles.

Damned women, always interfering and ruining things, and so lo, the lizards of Oz hosted the Bolter:

Oh that disgusting woman. Really she makes the Bolter's skin crawl, why, she sickens him, what an immoral gerbil she is, how treacherous, how duplicitous, how scheming ...

Talk about that devious duplicitous Scott Morrison. And now look what he's done, let a damned leftie and gay-marriage crusader run wild, and who knows how many days it will be before we're all speaking in tongues and the rapture sweeps the chosen few up into the heavens ... and leaves the Bolter brooding down below over a decent, if tear-stained, red...

Now let's pause for a comical photo of that wretched hussy ...

Red-hot with anger, which is little short of white-hot when you think about it.

Out of 23 million plus people, more than a 1000 sent the Bolter angry emails and messages, and possibly faxes, since thanks to the chief scientist's method of resignation, those noble machines are now back in fashion, and sit graciously alongside the pond's radiogram and 8 track, and let's not forget the reel to reel ...

Spitting chips! And all the fault of that clap happy and that wretched woman, and look Ian Macdonald now you've got a warming alarmist at the helm, certain to be carried away by his own brilliance ... and that's why Tony Abbott had to have a fit of the sulks and hide away.

Why if he hadn't, the entire coalition and the government might have collapsed.

And so Tony Abbott once more saved the party, and now Malware must placate the Bolter or suffer the lash of a thousand conservative cuts ...

Good luck with that, big Mal. The pond will be immensely titillated to see how good you are at herding barking mad cats ... assuming cats can bark and Ian Macdonald is a jolly good climate scientist, just like the Bolter.

Oh and now there's just time for a couple of memes, because it irritates the reptiles so, and lordy lordy, do they need a stick jabbing them in the soft underbelly, now they've taken to running the Bolter under their banner ...


  1. Red hot anger indeed.

    1. Anyone but Abbott, even Bernardi, would have polled better than that other bloke, what'shisname.

      A leading (twice over) question? This donkey voter poll:

      Electors were asked (after self-selecting to give Morgan the time of day): “Thinking of Mr. Malcolm Turnbull and Mr. Bill Shorten. In your opinion, who would make the better Prime Minister – Mr. Turnbull or Mr. Shorten?”

  2. I long for a return to the days of Rudd's whiteanting. Please, oh please, make it so!

  3. Here's a pretty good speech, by DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson: "Achieving our Homeland Security While Preserving our Values and our Liberty".
    All of us in public office, those who aspire to public office, and who command a microphone, owe the public calm, responsible dialogue and decision-making; not over-heated, over-simplistic rhetoric and proposals of superficial appeal. In a democracy, the former leads to smart and sustainable policy, the latter can lead to fear, hate, suspicion, prejudice, and government over-reach.

    And this by Matt Yglesias Why a resurgent, unapologetic left is on the rise globally
    And while left-of-center parties were chastened by the economic failures of the 1970s, there is no sign that right-of-center parties have had their faith in the power of tax cuts and deregulation shaken by anything they've seen in the 21st century. Instead, when Anglophone conservative parties have repositioned toward the center — whether under David Cameron a few years ago in the UK or under Malcolm Turnbull in Australia this week — they've done so on cultural issues rather than on the fundamental underpinnings of the economy.

  4. Since Reptiles large and small have been reminding us of what a perfectly lovely fellow Tones was / is (helps little old ladies cross streets, rescues cats from trees, buys a $5 Legacy pin every year - that sort of thing) it's increasingly obvious why he was knifed. It's another instance of that old cliche being true - "Nice guys finish last".

    If only Tony could have been different - tougher, nastier, vicious. The sort of politician who would relentlessly attack opponents at every opportunity while offering no useful alternatives, resort to simplistic slogans, make contradictory and impossible promises, destroy former friends and allies for the sake of short term political gain, even make political capital from the suffering and deaths of innocents. You know,, whatshisname......

  5. Here's something to keep one entertained. Read the Bolters rant out loud with a James T Kirk cadence. Hilarious.


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