Thursday, March 12, 2015

When reptiles fight tooth and claw, there will be verbal blood ...

Let the reptiles enter the ring, and let the fun begin.

Let mockery be the game, and throw down plenty of sawdust in the ring, because there will be blood:

Oh don't stop there, do go on:

Oh not that the Hilaire Belloc ploy. Not that one, why it's more dangerous than the hopping crane move in The Karate Kid.

Now is there a second round?

 Ah, and with bonus comedy about Tony Abbott.

Look, the Bolter is limping, but he's adopting that brave hopping crane stance.

Can a reptile be a crane? You'd better believe it:

Oh dear, not the Stalinist ploy.

Could that really be a Murdochian calling out the reptiles as Stalinist, albeit called foul for the breach of Godwin's Law?

Low behaviour? Disturbing? Murdochian power?

How soon before a principled man resigns from this gutter-seeking gang of Stalinist reptiles?

Yes, of course ...

Talk's cheap, but once an attention-seeking reptile, always a paranoid attention-seeking reptile ...

So all we get is mock turtle indignation.

And a hearty pond thanks to the correspondent who noted the fun.

May there be many other feuds in the dank swamp known as Murdoch reptile la la land ...


  1. Indigenous WA lifestyle choices? Right now the ‘Home Burglary Bill’ is being debated in Western Australia’s Parliament, despite overwhelming evidence that it won’t actually reduce burglaries. What it definitely will do is send more young people to prison, thanks to expanded mandatory sentencing laws for 16 and 17-year-olds.

  2. COALition numbskulls backflip, and are then flipped by what they flipped on and keep on flopping

  3. Vale Terry Pratchett. A wacky and wonderful voice in this sad world.

  4. Bolt is turning into Gerard Henderson.


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