Sunday, March 22, 2015

It's another meditative Sunday, but is it possible to meditate on anything with a shrieking Miranda the Devine howling with rage at the moon and gay marriage?

(Above: and more on the same topic at The New Yorker on a carousel here, and the pond has sampled more below).

The pond is sometimes afflicted with that nightmarish modernist phenomenon, a stream of consciousness, in which thoughts flow like a dripping tap ...

Yesterday, for example, while out and about on the road, stuck in a congested local road, which somehow Mike Baird thinks he'll fix with a tunnel and a motorway, and listening to zinger Bill pontificate on Afghanistan, the pond concluded that it would have to flee the country if he were ever elected PM.

What a dreary, dull man he is, and what a hopeless speaker. For a politician that would seem something of a weakness.

Never mind, the pond once determined to flee the country if the rabbit ever got to eat lettuce and carrots in the lodge, and yet here we are.

And then thoughts of hapless Cisco came to mind, its products now so tainted by the NSA and likely back doors, that they've resorted to subterfuge and posting kits to empty houses to regain their reputation (yes, it's here at The Register). Officialdom is now so intrusive that we all must live in John le Carré land ... thanks TA and BS, how exciting to live in Stasi land ...

And then came news that having invented a method of editing the human genome, scientists now wanted to ban it, in the NY Times here, scientists clearly never having heard of the concept of letting the cat out of the bag.

And then a kindly reader introduced the pond to an American cousin, the Encyclopedia of American Loons. It's on a break at the moment, but what a grand task, what a huge, inexhaustible endeavour ... the pond sometimes looks at the United States and then gets the frights.

So many loons, so little time, and soon Jon Stewart - oh soon enough - the wretched, needlessly cruel to his viewers, heartless man will be gone, and all we'll have to treasure are the memories:

(Found here at Huff Post)

But enough of this brooding, it's a Sunday meditation, and for that we'll need another cartoon to crank and grind the gears into motion:

You see, on a Sunday, Sydney is blessed by a wondrous collection of loons, enough to fill an encyclopaedia, and most of them belong in a bigoted land, owned and run by a senile old American bigot:

Yes that one.

And what about Antarctica? Why soon enough that's going to be free of ice, and ready for a hundred million or more keen farmers ...

But back to the Terror, which is today offering free Soma:

And along with the soma, you're guaranteed lavish servings of loonacy on a regular basis, as the fat owl of the remove goes about the business of dishing out the bile:

Is that what happens when you give up the drugs?

But resplendent and standing above them all is the barking mad, Miranda "hang a greenie from the nearest lamp post, isn't Lord Monckton devine" Devine ...

Take it away Miranda, hit us with a splash:

Yes, unless you happen to ask how much a koala can bear ...

The important thing to understand about a skilled rantist is that they will summon up all the woes of heaven and let them out in one unremitting howl of pain and rage.

Logic isn't required, and can in fact be counter-productive, even fatal. The important thing is to throw everything - yes, you have to sacrifice the kitchen sink - into the argument.

Thus when considering gay marriage, it's important to have marriage in a state of dire crisis.

Of course, there are a few things that can't be used these days. The notion that gay marriage will inevitably lead to dog fucking has to be scrubbed off the list, unless you happen to be Cory Bernardi. Besides, conservatives - you can call them cons if you like - know this line of thinking might upset Chris Kenny.

So let's see how the Devine starts off:

Now that's class. Middle aged women having affairs, fifty shades, vasectomies, open marriages, boring husbands, cuckoldry, no fault divorce - because it was so much better in the 1950s, what with private dicks, cameras and guilt and in flagrante delicto - and sweet long absent lord, soon enough the skies are falling in, and the fornicating apocalypse of fornicators producing bastards is at hand ...

But soon enough the howl of pain will begin to take on a focus, and to settle on the cause, the source, of all the discontent.

It goes without saying that the welfare state will crop up. Because after all, a state without any welfare would be so much better.

Yes, you're beginning to savour the full, rich ripe of paranoia at work, and a nicely honed deeply Catholic persecution complex in full flower ...

Now you might wonder about the intimidation and silencing of contrary voices, given that somehow the Devine has managed to hoist herself to the steeple and shout at all and sundry in a shrieking voice about the injustice of it all ...

You might even wonder when the last time you saw an advertisement promoting gay dating during a Superbowl? You can catch  that ManCrunch ad here, (likely with forced ad), and of course one of the cleverest ways to get attention is to get yourself banned.

There's nothing to say a network should run an advertisement designed to upset the core demographic on hand when it airs ... but when you're a paranoid hysteric, anything can add fuel to the flames ...

But you know for certain, absolute certain, that when someone talks of rank sophistry, there's more than an even money bet that the writer will be indulging in rank sophistry.

As for David van Gend? Just look at the endless stream of consciousness twitter stream:

Hmm. The pond must really get around to that Encyclopaedia of Australian Loons some time ...

But now let's head back to Miranda for a final rant, the wrap up rant that produces the final flowering of bigotry.

Now anyone who had their money on "militant gay thought police" turning up somewhere ... sorry, the pond deemed it such a certainty that it couldn't offer any odds. Please pick up your refund and remember to gamble responsibly:

And there you go, from affairs and fifty shades, to gay marriage ruining the foundational institution of civil society ...

And without once revealing how gay marriage results inevitably in dog fucking, child molesting, and polygamy ...

And with such marvellous logic on display ... including wonderful lines like "it takes gay people to come out and say what straight people are too intimidated to say" ...

Which might well lead the average absent-minded reader to conclude that Miranda the Devine is herself gay, since she seems able to come out and say what straight people are too intimidated to say ...

And how heartwarming to realise that the Devine has devoted followers:

Yes, there's that logic at work again. The haters and the intolerant shouting down the shouter shouting in the town square about the need to hate gay marriage and be intolerant about gay marriage and tar everyone with an interest in the notion as working for the militant gay thought police ...

And yes, there's the standard blather about the silent majority, as if the very afraid Barbara hasn't seen the recent polling on the matter ... or the way that gay marriage will surely come to pass, as it has in many US states and in other countries, and surprisingly without bringing down the foundations of society - yes, it's not possible to blame the state of Greece on its attitude to gay marriages. Or maybe it is ...

Oh I know what some are thinking.

A stroll through Miranda the Devine's hysterical paranoid mind is a bit like wandering through the grubby, furtive pathetic and sordid Catholicism of the 1950s, and we all know where that ended up ... it's on view right now in the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse ...

So much for the rights of children trumping anything ...

Well that's enough Sunday meditating. Time for a few more cartoons:


  1. Great Mark David cartoon about the TPP and the rabbit's hypocrisy on secrecy.

  2. Bolt on his Zionist high-horse.

    "United Nations becomes the capital of Jew-hatred"

    But the first line is...

    "This vilification of Israel suggests the United Nations has become the centre of world-Semitism:"


    1. It's just too hard to fit 'world-' and 'anti-' into the one word.

    2. Semitic peoples, irrespective of religion or culture, are the majority ethnic group in the Middle East. Semites are found in numbers in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and all the Gulf nations. Middle Eastern Jews, especially those whose families have lived there since time immemorial are also semitic.
      Bolt is unwittingly correct when he says that the UN is concerned with semistism. What he really means is that the UN is quite understandably focused on the bloodbath in the ME where semites are in self-destruct mode, all ostensibly in the name of religion while the reality is what war has always been about: power, wealth, land, resources.
      srael comprises a tiny part of the former Turkish province of Palestine, 90% of which is now Jordan, but is strategically located on the Eastern Mediterranean.
      The endgame is control of the coastline, not the "liberation" of the Palestinians who will not survive as an independent "nation" should Israel be overrun by militants.
      Ironically the future of both the Palestinians and the Lebanese depends on a strong, free, independent Israel.

    3. Mister, would you please help my pony? I think it's his lung.

  3. Me thinks that Miranda and all of the rest of the shrieking moralistic harpies should really do their homework re what the "traditional" family was really like. Although it is about the USA the book by Stephanie Coontz titled Marriage A History would be a good place to start. Two of her other books are quite relevant too, namely The Way We Never Were, and The Way We Really Are.

    1. The Miranda Devines of the the world are precisely the reason gay marriage, no fault divorce etc have gained such popular support, and why the Chuch is in steady decline in the West.
      Throwing in your lot with a bunch of old men who will do anything to hold back women and conceal child abuse, not to mention all the other dodgy stuff, is a pretty good way to drive people into the arms of those you find immoral.

  4. Savva gets stuck into Abbott on this morning's Insiders. She really doesn't like him. Are the reptiles in rejection mode? Not enough kool aid to go around?

    1. Doesn't like? That's mild. It's more like a cultivated contempt, which over the last few months has resulted in more and more public displays of profound exasperation. They'll have to triple the kool aid serves in reptile land soon, but will it be enough to settle Savva, the editorialist and the rest of the gang zooming past the ABC and Fairfax into Tony loathing land?

  5. I think I might start giving this blog a miss if the author is going to resort to implying a contrived connection between Devine and child rape.

    1. Where on do get that from? There is certainly a connection between Catholicism and institutionalised child rape otherwise why are so many priests and lay brothers in gaol or subject to prosecution?, but this is true of most other religions as well, plus State-run orphanages etc. Have you being following the Royal Commission investigations?

    2. Meant 'where on earth"

      Here are some facts from the Royal Commission itself.

      " Nearly 62 percent of the people we have spoken with were sexually abused in a faith-based institution – 25 percent in religious residential and day schools; 20 percent in faith-based welfare institutions and 17 percent in other religious institutions.

      Nearly 35 percent were abused as children in a school setting – 26 percent in day schools, the majority of which were religious schools, and nearly 9 percent in a residential school; and

      Thirty percent of people coming to us were abused in welfare institutions, including orphanages, children’s homes and residential facilities. The majority of these welfare institutions were faith-based institutions.

      Just over 41 percent of the institutions mentioned in private sessions were run either by a Catholic order or diocese;"

      Justice Peter McClellan AM, the Chair of the Commission speaking last year

    3. Feel free to give the blog a miss, but are you sure you're not really at home here? It is after all a blog for loons, and only a genuine loon could contrive a connection between the Devine and child rape, when the connection is clearly between institutional Catholicism and misbehaviour rising from its grotesque and misshapen form.
      That the Devine supports institutional Catholicism and all its balefulness, while insisting that somehow homosexual marriage will undermine other forms of marriage (and through the historical record there have been many forms of marriage) just emphasises the richness of the paranoid stew. Second thought, just bugger off or perhaps hie thee to a monastery ...

  6. I do wonder if the ever micro-managing Rupert has distributed to his scribblers a kind of coded "instruction device", much like one of those circular pivoted at the centre stiff paper recipe instructors, where one 'dials' say; beef stew, and in turning the top circular paper to the printed ; "beef stew" you see there in a cut-out "window" a recipe for how to make such...the same may be done for the Murdoshians to follow an easily constructed op-ed piece for the next day's paper..; Just dial up ;"Gay Marriage" and there, in the instructions window are the "lead headings" and "ingredients" for a consistent "on-policy" piece.
    how else could so many pathetic scriveners write so much garbage over such a long time without going completely bonkers?....oh, wait!

  7. Thanks Dot. Links. That NYT article about crispr, as often happens here by way of your or your comments links steered me off onto what I found to be a revealing interview in more ways than one. Chomsky: just what facts hasn't he got at the ready off the top of his head?

    On another pond observance on this alternate loon sabbath, saying three fail mirandas and a raspberry covered it.

  8. Not sure if this is true, but rumours suggest that the remote community of Yandeyarra is about to be 'closed'. It's up near Marble Bar.

    From a Greens email -

    “I’m emailing you because I’m not sure which avenue to take to ask for assistance with the closure of Indigenous communities in WA.

    There has been an urgent call out for the Yandeyarra community, who have today had all mobiles and recording devices confiscated. The mob behind #sosblakaustralia and Thursdays protest are urgently trying to find bodies and devices to head up and record the possible impending closure of Yandeyarra.

    I’m desperately seeking any one who would be willing to travel tomorrow (Sunday 22nd) up to Yandeyarra, who may have a 4WD or also would be willing to record police and army etc if it came to it.”

    Incidentally there has been some recent intense drilling for mining surveys near this area

    1. There's some discussion of this at the end of a recent Drum article which suggests it may be true.

    2. Looks like it's a hoax.

      from #SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA 1 hr ago.

      "Yandeyarra Community member confirms the shut down rumour as untrue"

  9. That woman in the second last cartoon looks a lot like Margie Abbott.
    Fuck, even the Yanks know what's going on.

  10. Now I know who Bronwyn Bishop is - in drag.

    Hyacinth Bucket.

  11. How the mighty have fallen.

    The original (well close to it)


    What happens when Hollywood and the big studios get to you.


  12. True Christianity.

    "Scott Morrison: no apology over dismissed Nauru Save the Children staff"


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