Thursday, March 12, 2015

In which She tells certain people to hate ...

This just in from the further shores of senility and stupidity.

It was in the Daily Terror but damned if the pond is going to give them a hit for their troubles by offering them a link.

Yes, the SBS fuss about that ad has brought all sorts of worms out of the woodwork, along with Fred Nile:

Forget the blather.

It's a measure that the latest movie Fred seems capable of referencing is Logan's Run, a particularly silly dystopian drama from 1976 featuring the wonderfully sexually ambivalent Peter Ustinov.

Instead look at that face, surely a sign that She knows how to punish the twisted ...

Oh and you'll note that break out splash just above the horrendous face.

Could anyone, in this day and date, lead with such a pathetic line?

Trust Fred:

Well played Fred.

Nice to know you still believe in fairy stories, and no doubt the world beginning in 4004BC, thanks be unto Ussher and his silly chronology, and Russell Crowe's ark, and the rest of the nonsense embedded in the old testament.

And now it seems, senility comes with bonus incipient signs of fear, loathing and paranoia.

Attacking our genders? Is that code for a fear of castration?

What does Fred think of those Scots racing about in their skirts?

Kilt up man and toss a caber, if you don't find the Freudian symbolism.

And while we're at it Fred, you do understand that a man and a woman never become one either ...

Oh sure they might couple, but She was really perverse when she designed things, and made sure that women would have a mind of their own.

And thank the long absent lord for that, because the thought of becoming one with Fred Nile boggles the imagination ...

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