Tuesday, March 03, 2015

In which the pond joins Chairman Rupert in wondering about the fate of the new enlightenment ...

(Above: David Rowe with a loving portrait of a self-obsessed bunch of rogues and thieves and more Rowe here).

It's a busy and exciting time for the reptiles.

And the mood is "relief".

That veteran knob polisher, hagiographer, and forelock tugger, Denns 'the bouffant one' Shanahan sums up the mood:

What a relief!

Better still, the reptile editorialist at the lizard Oz has an explanation for all the recent problems.

It's all the fault of Fairfax.

Oh sure, you already knew this, if you read the paranoid, navel-gazing ranting of the rabid ratbag reptiles, but as the pond is a bear of little brain, and just loves repetitive games, this morning's editorial is simply entrancing.

Of course the pond never pays any attention to the polls, polls come and go, there's only one poll and that's at the ballot box, until you need to use a poll to bash Fairfax for doing a poll:

Indeed. It's true Abbott is a disappointment, but then if you're a self-harming reptile, you just love disappointment.

But now the disappointment is all done and dusted and the ship of state sails on to the next iceberg, and don't you worry about the way all you have left is a short term memory that runs for a day or two.

There's simply no point in having long term memory or a dim awareness that after next week, there'll be next month and a budget.

Now's the time to hate on progressives, and enthusiastically endorse bully boy wedge politics.

Yes because being an attack dog bully boy wedger is the way to conduct politics, run the country and save the economy.

But after the fun, let's get down to some serious analysis.

Did we mention Fairfax?

Uh huh. Wicked Fairfaxians, as the reptiles keep pounding on the old terror drum again.

As "khaki" Abbott goes about the business of withholding a pay rise while sending soldiers into peril:

Yes, that couldn't be announced last week because of all the brain spasms by the unilateral warrior sending troops off to the world's hot spots to sort them out ...

But what's this? The Daily Terror has already had an attack of the nervous nellies and the collywobbles and the vapours?


We need senior intelligence operatives to warn the Terror about that risk?

Stay stout-hearted reptiles, the armchair general will work his magic and all will be well ...

Meanwhile, as the reptiles berate Fairfax, the government prepares to institute a regime which will see metadata used to browbeat journalists and whistleblowers.

Talk about the dumb frogs keeping company with scorpions, but then, if the pond can be forgiven a tasteless lapse regarding Godwin's Law, that's the way it worked for the media in Germany in the 1930s too ... (and let's not forget it's both sides of the aisle that loves to persecute whistleblowers and journalists who run their stories).

Phew, just time for a refreshing Pope (and more Pope here):

Oh it's a full and busy day, thanks to everything being back to normal.

Why there's one of the world's greatest climate scientists dropping his scientific endeavours to brief the world on how the economy is in spiffing shape:

Yes, the budget's in tremendous shape, and there's absolutely no budget crisis or emergency, and there's no need for any cutting of any kind, maybe just a little trimming here and there, and the reptiles are just so excited at all the good news they've put it at the top of the digital page:

Yes, the deficit might be blossoming, but we all love flowers ... so just enjoy the bloom.

What's that you say? The contradictions and hypocrisy are staggering? Oh steady on, there's nothing wrong with a decent deficit ... and please, no talk of black holes, unless it's in relation to the majesty of the universe ...

What's that you say Moorice?

Oh dear, we'll all be rooned, and all it seems, thanks to Tony Abbott's desire to cling on to power ...

Today of course is also the day that the Caterists are out and about in force:

Actually there should be more to reading newspapers than reading the offal offered by bears of little brain, unproductively slouching in research centres and think tanks.

The Caterists are now in a terminal condition of profound stupidity, repeating the same mantra - government bad, private sector good - copiously borrowed from American sources, while blathering on about the need to get people back to work.

There's not a word, not a hint of awareness in the Caterist ramble, of what was exposed and what was revealed in the Four Corners' report on the jobs racket in Australia.

The Jobs Game disappeared without a trace into the ether, but so long as fatuous geese like the Caterists keep squawking, the pond will keep linking to it, and wondering when some attention might be paid.

And so to some more excellent news:

Yes, she's coming baaack, and the story is at the NYT here.

It reminded the pond of just how loyal the Chairman is to his faithful tribe. Doesn't matter what you say or do, or how wrong it might be, once you're in the kingdom and you keep on fawning, the despot will show a way to care ...

It also reminded the pond of what an expert climate scientist the Chairman is.

But after his most recent foray into climate science, a plaintive tweet followed:

Indeed, indeed. After the profound stupidity cultivated by Fox Noise and Murdochian newspapers around the world, what did happen to the new enlightenment?

Totally fucked, it would seem ...

But wait, thanks to the chairman and his newspapers, the pond has also been trying its hand at climate science.

How about this?

And what about the news from sweet little Boulia?

Here's the charts from News Corp's Endless Summer which removed the need for the pond to do any field work:

Using the patented Chairman Rupert understanding of science, the pond twittered a thesis from this data.

Just flying over sweet little Boulia, Queensland. A month of above average temperatures. Global warming! Ok, call it it climate change. Can we have honest debate, and if true how bad and how much fault of humans?

Oh okay, the pond knows that's sounding just as stupid, inane and senile as the chairman. But isn't senility an amazing thing?

The pond knows it shows an understanding of science down there with the medievalism that claimed the earth couldn't be round because look, there's the horizon and it's level ...

But at least the pond can answer the question as to what happened to the new enlightenment.

It disappeared down the alimentary canal of Tony Abbott, Rupert Murdoch, Graham Lloyd and the reptiles of Oz.

Kudos for Media Watch holding its ground against the luddites here.

The attached documents make for remarkable fun:

  • The Acoustic Group and Pacific Hydro agree that the study was not a scientific study. 
  • The Acoustic Group and Pacific Hydro agree that the report does not recommend or justify a change in regulations.
  • The Acoustic Group and Pacific Hydro agree this was not a health study and did not seek or request any particulars as to health impacts. Therefore, we cannot enter into a debate about health issues or health impacts that have been raised in the media and the written questions.

And so on.

There's where your new enlightenment went.

Down the sewer that the reptiles have reserved for the dumping of decent reporting on science ....

Now we return to the impending fascist state, thanks to First Dog on the Moon, and more First Dog here.

Take that enlightenment, and remember, we've got your metadata (click to enlarge, or see it large at the Graudian)...


  1. But at least Boil-lia is tidy Dot.
    Oh sweet Lord non thing chills my heart more than that boast: Tidy Town.
    Immediately my mind turns to impeccable spears of buffalo grass, nasty magenta petunias and orange marigolds packed into whitewashed tyres twisted into swans, cutesy-pie wheelbarrows filled with blooms, Home Sweet Home burnt into timber signs, novelty door mats, door bells chiming a tinkling Fur Elise, bakeries selling door stopper wedges of cheesecake, quiche Lorraine which adheres to the palate with the grip of blutak, scratchy lace on all products sold at the Ye Olde Collectable Shoppee and synthetic teddy bears dressed in tutus.

    Is the Tidy Town an Australian invention. Do they such villes en France?

    Why on earth would Boiling want to be tidy when it is located in such a dramatic location?

    I am going now to mess up the house.

    1. You forget the old tyres buried in the dirt with half sticking out to form a fence.

    2. Yes I did forget the tyre fence and the one formed of loops of white painted chain.

      Always tidily done though.

      Miss pp

  2. Onset of Early Grumpiness.

    I got a letter from the NSW Government (thanks) telling me I had to apply for something called an Opal card to get cheap train tickets as a discarded old non-pensioner living on super. You used to be able to go to the train station and buy a ticket, but not anymore. Now I have to go to a newsagent half a kilometre away and "top up": my card (which hasn't yet arrived) just to go on a train.

    Fuck you Gladys Berejiklian. Guess who I'll be voting for.

  3. Why do you think the reptiles have such good memories when it comes to the ALP, DP? For example, that "lie" about no carbon tax. Or was that just another slogan, this time a negative one?

    Comparing Triggs with J. d'Arc is pathetic; if 'Labor has by far the most to lose' from the report into children in detention, then how can the report have been so partisan? The only reason the coalition lowered the numbers in detention so effectively was that it panicked after the report was sent to them. This, along with criticism from the UNHCR, spurred them into action in just the last few months before the report's release.

    And they have the gall to talk about 'a spectacle for a minority!'

  4. A bumper edition of Reptile idiocy from you today, DP. Well gathered. I'm posting this prior to returning to my beloved Portland from my temporary abode at copper-addled Dandenong.

    The Oz editorialist was well worth quoting and seems to have overdosed on the Kool-aid to the point of masturbating tendencies. The roll-call of their deluded columnists seems to be expanding and you were wise to mostly limit it and spare us Sheridan. Cater brings out the worst in me, which is arguably what he is hired for.

    He exercises that smug delusion of superiority over those teee-hugging inner-suburban elitists who aim for a more caring society. He's on a nice little earner publishing this muck. So it's up to him and his conscience if he has one. But just a few words from him is enough to have me shouting, "Piss off, you Pommy Bastard!" And that is disturbing because it displays base emotions that i'd long thought I'd overcome with rational thought.

    I am so glad that it inspired you to refer again to the excellent 4 Corners program The Jobs Game . I am not interested in whatever Cater's rant may be about, but the program needs discussion. And related to the issue, I am going to link to one of my memoirs stories.

    The youtube links in the story might have expired by now but can be reached by clicking on the youtube.
    I hope you enjoy as a sample of what government can do.

    1. Like you, GD, I am an ex-CESer, and the 4 Corners report comes as no surprise. But as for its stupidity, we must remember the ALP was responsible for the privatisation of employment services, not the Coalition.

    2. "But as for its stupidity, we must remember the ALP was responsible for the privatisation of employment services," not the Coalition.

      Are you sure about that Anon.?

      Not according to Wiki.

      "With the successful election of the Liberal government of John Howard in 1996, the agency was on short time. Liberal Government policy stated that all Employment services were to be opened up to privatisation. In 1996 the department became known as the Department of Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs (DEETYA).

      Within 2 years, all federal government interests and claims to run employment services directly had been relinquished by April 1998.....
      Staff were advised in March 1997 that as of 30 March 1998 the Department would cease to operate, and all employment service functions were to be split between Department of Social Security and the soon-to-be-named Job Network"


    3. Fred is right, anon 1, something which I can confirm from my own work history. It started from the election of a Howard government. David Kemp when Opposition Employment spokesman had specifically promised not to slash Labour Market Programs and by inference the CES Network, which delivered these programs. It is probably why Vanstone was the the first Howard Employment Minister. To employ Kemp after that assurance would have tested even Howard's credibility.

      According to contacts I had, the dismantling of DEET and the CES was discussed at either the very first cabinet meeting or at least in the first week. Vanstone took on the task of destroying it, and to give her her due, she did not shrink from wearing the blame or implementing, albeit it did have to be slowed down on their original aim. There was a transition period and it was finally wound up by 30 April 1998.

      See also my piece on this very issue
      Kemp did not take over as Minister until the dirty work had been done.

      Labor did fail to restore it in the 6 years in government, for which Rudd can take a fair bit of blame. During his rule it was likely not discussed, nor a priority. Some have suggested that might have been due to Therese Rein's commercial success in the Job Network, but I think it is more likely to have been his dithering and usual playing to the media and opinion polls. His campaign leaks left Gillard without a majority to consider such a course

  5. …. and Onanism is the perfect description of the lizards' activities, GD.

  6. Those slavish reptiles know they have a job for life,a never ending propaganda crusade.Really sad,sad people.
    A good short read,by Glenn Greenwald, on the eternal malaise that is modern media/bias/propaganda.
    Boy,Pope is just on fire!

  7. Will the reptiles storm the meta-bollards?

  8. Hell's Pells. The czar finanziario is now the Peccati Cardinali and I Lussi del Moralizzatore who paid $6,650 for a kitchen sink.

    Bolts boys just keep on giving.

  9. From the late great George Carlin:

    “I don't like ass kissers, flag wavers or team players. I like people who buck the system. Individualists. I often warn people: "Somewhere along the way, someone is going to tell you, 'There is no "I" in team.' What you should tell them is, 'Maybe not. But there is an "I" in independence, individuality and integrity.'" Avoid teams at all cost. Keep your circle small. Never join a group that has a name. If they say, "We're the So-and-Sos," take a walk. And if, somehow, you must join, if it's unavoidable, such as a union or a trade association, go ahead and join. But don't participate; it will be your death. And if they tell you you're not a team player, congratulate them on being observant.”

    Tony Abbott:
    Arse kisser? Yes siree
    Flag waver? Yes siree. http://bit.ly/18hOqbp
    Team Player? Oh, Yes siree, Captain of Team Australia.

  10. Knox Grammer has a Sharp Organ - one of the best in the world. But I'm not going to go there


    1. OK I will. It's a tracker action classical style organ, with 3 manuals, 31 speaking stops, 1 coupler, opened in 1965. It's a beauty. My friend and I used go on organ crawls in Sydney. We learned to be careful.

  11. (Reuters) - Australia will send an additional 300 soldiers to help train Iraqi forces fighting Islamic State militants, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Tuesday, following a request from the United States to contribute to an international training coalition.

    So the US said “jump” to Abbott. No mention of the US’s request by Abbott, just more scaremongering: “death cult” & “apocalyptic millenarian death cult”

    "It is critical for Australia just as it is critical for the wider world that this death cult, this apocalyptic millenarian death cult be disrupted, degraded and ultimately destroyed,"

    "It is a mission which is necessary, because obviously in the face of the initial death cult onslaught, the Iraqi regular army melted like snow in summer."


  12. For you night owls "The Bridge" is on SBS, Brilliant.

    It was Englished as "The Tunnel", but the original Danish/Swedish version is the best.

    1. That said, the pond didn't mind the leads in the Anglo French version ...


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