Sunday, March 29, 2015

In which Fairfax killed quality journalism, and Netflix might well kill big Mal's fraudband ...

Is 2015 the year of the stupid, click-baiting, trolling Fairfax splash?

Yes, see above.

Actual story headline?

See below...

Difference between 'killed' and 'set to change'?

The difference between quality journalism and Fairfax, now so mired in click anxiety that almost every story has some stupid click bait angle attached to it ...

2015: the year Fairfax killed off quality newspapers?

Well it makes as much sense ... and has as much credibility as its report of a conference at which the usual players push their usual bandwagons ...

Damned if the pond will spring for a link to it.

But at least the pond can add the splash to its extensive collection: the cinema killed the theatre, and while it was at it, the novel and poetry, television killed the cinema, and while it was at it the novel and poetry, and television also killed the radio, and comics killed teenage morality, and while they were at it, the novel and poetry, and the internet killed them all, except the intertubes seems to be full to overflowing with novels, and poetry, and films and the odd bit of television ...

Well here's another angle. Netflix might kill big Mal's copper pipe dream.

Now the pond isn't bitter about having to wind back its streaming to the lowest setting available to watch a two minute trailer, as a way of avoiding the whirling, spinning death wheel of buffer doom ... and that's using a HFC connection ...

The pond treasured this advice - more here:

Uh huh, what fun.

But what if Netflix still manages to catch on at SD or lower?

Why we could end up in a North American situation.

How about Netflix takes up 9.5% of upstream traffic on the North American internet ...?

What about Netflix Is Now a Whopping One-Third of Peak Internet Traffic?

Uh huh. And where does Australia sit in terms of the Ookla Speed Index, here?

Behind New Zealand, of course, cruising at 28.09 mbps, but also behind the United States, which manages 34.18, while thanks to big Mal, Australia manages a grand average of 16.87 ...

Not so long ago, Tom Wheeler and the FCC decided to redefine broadband:

....the FCC recently voted to redefine broadband as a minimum of 25Mbps down and 3Mbps upstream—a significant boost from the previous standard of 4Mbps down and 1Mbps up. 
 Because the population is concentrated in metropolitan areas that typically offer better service, 83 percent of Americans already have access to Internet connections that meet the new definition of broadband. Wheeler stressed, however, that one in six Americans does not have access to 25Mbps Internet service, and rural and tribal areas are being disproportionately left in the broadband dust. (Forbes, here, with forced ad).

Meanwhile, on another planet, for the pitiful few that have it, the pitiful NBN is still offering as its first speed tier, 12mbps down and 1mbps up (here).

That's not broadband, that's not even a small pocket knife, that's fraudband ...

But at least, big Mal might say, our average is better than Chile, Madagascar, Belarus, Faroe Islands and Puerto Rica ...

Big deal, eastern suburbs fraudster and ponce ...

Now these figures don't have that much relevance to boots on the ground, or video in the tubes, but if the streaming services do catch on, the splash won't be that the internet killed TV, or even that video killed the radio star, since the last time the pond took any interest, old farts like John Laws and the parrot could still be found burbling away on AM...

No, the splash will be that streaming killed the internet down under, or at least the fraudband being peddled by that merry trickster and prankster, big Mal ...

And so to a cartoon reminder that you can get that old timer, Geoff Pryor at the Saturday paper, here, wherein big Mal is shown taking care of cellulite, and Burke and Wills are preparing the budget:


  1. My daughter uses the US netfix service and all she was asked for was an area code to prove she was in the US.
    The only one she could think of was 90210 and it works fine.
    Why use the Oz version for more money with less content?

  2. I don't think it's enough for Fairfax to work on the assumption, "At least we're not as partisan as News Ltd". They seriously crossed the boundary when they ran front-page editorials demanding that Gillard resign as PM.

    This was based on: poor leadership, impropriety, poor governance, economic bankruptcy? Not at all. Just crap opinion polls showing she cannot win a future election. So we enter the world of manufactured reality TV.

    Fairfax forfeited the right to be taken seriously after that effort. It was as mendacious as anything that the reptiles, Singleton or Stokes had come up with. Their Press Gallery reporters were as bad.


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