Friday, February 27, 2015

Time to go ... before the EOG hits ...

The news you won't read in the Murdochian la la reptile land of the lizard Oz.

This in the emerald city:

And this from the socialists by the muddy Yarra:
Let's not forget the fun of the video death stare:

Well you know how to google all those stories.

Meanwhile, back at the Death Star, where the death stare is highly fashionable, it's the same old same old:

Well there's one way to end speculation and end the self-interest of the jackals gathering around the lonely man limping and bleeding in the unloved desert.

Bring it on.

But you'll notice this Friday Abbott didn't have the courage to bring it on. Maybe he's counted the numbers ...

Strange, you'd think the bully had it in him to take on the world, strutting about like some cowpoke from the old west. So that's what riding horses or bikes can do to you.

The pond is indebted to a reader drawing attention to this excellent sequence of photos by Alex Hellinghausen:

And here's Alex himself, in front of a portrait of macho man - he also won a Yooralla Media award for his photos of Australia's paralympians but looking at these, he takes the pond's prize for Abbott snapping.

And finally, the pond is indebted to a commenter for this wondrous set of remarks by Margo Kingston in relation to the dog man canine consorter:

By golly, and some claim the pond says what it thinks.

And guess what, the frenzy is going to keep on getting better by the day.

That's what you cop when a strident belligerent bully throws the kitchen sink at anyone standing in the way of his survival ... and the apparatchiks in Murdoch la la land keep on facilitating him ...

Now let's see how the dog man canine consorter and the other Murdochians answer that headline:

Ludicrous? Well dog man canine consorter? Where are your sources now? Where's the fierce rebuttal? When will you call Triggs a liar in print?

Come on, the lawyers need the work.

Ah well, the pond is standing for good government to finally get going next Monday ... without all this sublime hoo hah and comical fuss.

Don't hold your breath ... it could be fatal ... almost as bad as that death stare ...

Now for all those who enjoyed the concept of EOG, aka early onset grumpiness, here's a clip from Portlandia explaining it.

The pond suspects that Tony Abbott is going to be gripped by the disease shortly:


  1. Hi Dorothy,

    Lets see what the bookmakers have to say;

    Tony Abbott facing another leadership ballot is now priced as a $1.15 chance.
    A spill motion could happen sooner rather than later, with $2.10 priced for it to take place in March. Surviving until the election is next in the market at $4.50.
    Malcolm Turnbull continues to be the one punters think will lead the Liberals – $1.25 to be the man in change by the next Federal Election. Tony Abbott is priced at $4.50.
    Julie Bishop isn’t out of the question to be the next Liberal Leader after Abbott, priced at $4.00 behind Turnbull at $1.20.
    “The chances of another spill have firmed this morning as has Turnbull’s chances of being the next Liberal Leader. He is a $1.25 chance to be in charge by the next Federal Election,” said’s Shaun Anderson.

    Abbott on $4.50, I think there might be a trip to the glue factory coming up.


    1. Well Diddy the punters may be backing Turnbull but I still think Malcolm has no hope.

      If he had the numbers he would be PM already.

      I think it we will end up with Morrison or Julie B with Morrison in sidecar - for a while.

      Miss pp

  2. Chris Kenny's only friend must be his dog. He must be so dogtired after reading all the twitter love letters. Here is another from Hanson-Young

    1. If I was Kenny's dog I'd be making sure my arse was pointing away from him. He's a nasty piece of work and should be neutered forthwith.

  3. Alex Hellinghausen's shots of Abbott 'shirtfronting Shorty are gold.

    I bet Bill was happy to help Simple Tone's mood, being a caring, sharing socialist "Anything to help you feel better Tone".

    Seemed to work, too.

  4. I'm certain others here do not miss the irony in the situation where we come to a place that self-depricates as "The Loon Pond" to get our daily dose of sanity! Rather than frequent those locations in the MSM. that clamor and shrill their claims of "legitimate, insider, most informed" news outlets...I do notice none of the above MSM. now ever refer to themselves as "honest deliverer of" could they, even amongst thieves there is an acknowledgement of "honesty" as to what they really are!
    Rail on ; Pond...rail on...

  5. Ah, remember those halcyon days when Tone promised us a double dissolution if he didn't get his own way?
    BTW, it's interesting how it took about five years and two elections of hard work for News Ltd to get rid of the Labor government, yet it only has taken less than two for their boy to basically collapse in to chaos?

    1. Yes, all that endless blather by the pundits about a DD, GlenH. What a hoot. How they live with themselves and their punditry must be the ultimate mystery in life ...

  6. Nice to see the line through "dog man", but canine consorter is a bit too polite.

    He is, and always will be a dog fucker.


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