Monday, February 23, 2015

The reptiles of Oz, spreading the fog down under ...

This just in.

The pond is pleased to announce an Andrew Bolt exclusive, as the Bolter dishes out the dirt to proponents of an even more stringent 18C

Golly, that means Cardinal Pell might not be allowed back into the country. As for those mad angry Sydney Anglicans and the Hillsong crowd ...

(That in a story here at Fairfax, with bonus forced video).

The Bolter's outraged response follows forthwith:

In other news today, the reptiles at the lizard Oz maintained the war on science, and Media Watch, and were so desperate that the world be allowed to see them in action, that they put the story outside the paywall, under the header Legal move threatened over Media Watch report, prepared by a young puppy, Simon King, who claims to be a senior reporter.

You know young Simon's really working the beat with his opening remark Acoustic expert Steven Cooper is considering launching legal action ...

Indeed, and the pond is considering whether to have a cup of tea, or perhaps a coffee, or perhaps a biscuit, or perhaps going for a walk, but things get even more curious when the talk turns to a pending legal action, as pending simply doesn't have the same meaning as considering.

Thereafter, the very long and wonderfully defensive piece is just another stroll down the usual anti-science corridors wherein many reptiles can be found clustered, diligently beavering away, this time with young Simon dragged in to defend the indefensible Graham Lloyd.

Naturally the man at the centre of the storm believes Lloyd is the best journalist writing about wind turbines in Australia.

Other journalists, it seems, have cultivated a sense of shame.

And this yet again:

Media Watch’s blatant misrepresentation of Mr Cooper is one of the key reasons for his letter ­demanding a retraction and ­pending legal action.

So is it pending, young Simon, with the lawyers right now heading across town to file, or is he simply considering?

And how about this?

Media Watch’s first “expert” was the head of medicine at Adelaide University, Professor Gary Wittert, who said: “The way The Australian reported this study was really the antithesis of good science reporting. I think a newspaper like The Australian should know better.”

Yes, what would the head of medicine at a leading Australian university know about science? How dare he call himself an "expert".

In fact, the pond is so outraged, it wonders why the reptiles didn't emphasise it a little more - bloody "" expert"", lah di dah, fancy pants doctor. What do you know about anything up against the astonishing power of reptile insight?

Why the outrageous so called ""expert"" has dared to contradict the reptile's preferred expert in actual court cases.

Naturally young Simon - who has astonishing qualifications in acoustic and medical training - is ready to point out the many errors of those who lack these basic, but essential skills.

And then there's that bloody ""expert"" Simon Chapman, who keeps on yabbering on about public health as if he's had something to do with public health ...

On and on young Simon rambles, smoting enemies, citing enthusiastic supporters, and at the end of it all, the pond came away thinking, now there's a young whip snorter who's doing his level best. Let's hope he gets a leg up into the reptile pantheon, or at least a statue in the hall of scientific fame ...

By coincidence, a reader drew attention to the March edition of the National Geographic:

You can read Why Do Many Reasonable People Doubt Science here (with pop up encouraging registration).

It starts off with the fluoridation mob and General Ripper - how the pond loves that scene - and then goes on to explore all kinds of saucy doubts and fears.

The pond particularly liked these two pars:

Lancet published a study in 1998 linking a common vaccine to autism. The journal later retracted the study, which was thoroughly discredited. But the notion of a vaccine-autism connection has been endorsed by celebrities and reinforced through the usual Internet filters. (Anti-vaccine activist and actress Jenny McCarthy famously said on the Oprah Winfrey Show, “The University of Google is where I got my degree from.”) 
In the climate debate the consequences of doubt are likely global and enduring. In the U.S., climate change skeptics have achieved their fundamental goal of halting legislative action to combat global warming. They haven’t had to win the debate on the merits; they’ve merely had to fog the room enough to keep laws governing greenhouse gas emissions from being enacted.

The reptiles of Oz, Spreading the fog down under ...

And sorry, it seems that earlier there was a glitch in the pond's report on the Bolter's firm stand against Tony Abbott.

So the pond is proud to present the Bolter standing firm, standing tall:

Oh okay, it's a little old, but let's see how he wriggles on this hook ... so far, not a bite ... but what's the bet a clamp down on some people daring to exercise free speech - the vile Islamic hordes - will seem like a jolly good idea. Every day, a new siren song to do the dance with Godwin's Law ...


  1. Saints preserve us, this is an 18 candle gift from the gods, it really is. Just one of the side affects of the reptiles throwing damp lettuce around is that one of their targets has hit back quite wonderfully well. And in doing so, opens up a brief glimpse of life at the Sydney Institute. I fear a direct quote might burn the eyes of the younger reader, so I shall link it up, and let you determine how best it is handled DP.

    It begins, encouragingly enough, like so: "Chapman: sorry, Gerard, I actually am an authority on health"

    And the pay-off is hereabouts:

    Consider it an amuse bouche while we wait on the latest Newspoll numbers.

    1. What a hoot VC, award yourself a Matehood, with bar Sir Duke for that link

  2. Oh dear. Jacquie Lambie and Pastor Danny will in trouble.

    And why does George want hi exorbitant metadata scheme when the spooks have already busted SIM card security?

    "Telstra, Optus and Vodafone may be forced to order the recall of potentially millions of mobile phone SIM cards after it was revealed that US and British spy agencies stole encryption keys that secured personal information, including calls and texts, on the chips."


    Koch Brothers and big oil funded anti-climate change scientist $1.2 million.

  4. It was Abbott and Brandis who proposed changes to 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act that would have removed protections against offending, insulting or humiliating someone. Now in his national security speech at the AFP headquarters Abbott said he would be “taking action against hate preachers” with “stronger prohibitions on vilifying, intimidating or inciting hatred”.

    Abbott is running to and fro, looking high and low, not knowing if he’s coming or going.

    1. Well he does have his pants on fire ...

  5. Re vaccination and its causative link to autism if you do a google search you will find many heart-breaking stories of young children who were previously healthy being turned into autistic wrecks and much more immediately after having been vaccinated.
    Which is to say that the situation is much more complex than the black and white propaganda promoted by the usual "authorities" and the talking head anchors of the daily TV "news".
    And why isnt it completely obvious that GM "foods" will sooner or later turn out to be a disaster for humankind. As though a mere decade or so is enough time for the inevitable negative consequences to manifest.
    Indeed there is already substantial evidence that such is already the case - and will be increasingly so. Check out Seeds of Deception by Jeffrey Smith
    And look who is promoting it. Monsanto which is arguably the most devious and corrupt company on the planet.
    Once the destructive genie is out of the bottle there will be no way to put its ever multiplying toxic offspring back in to the bottle.

    1. You really are a fool. The evidence of vaccination having a causative link to autism was long ago disproven. If you do a google search of the kind you propose, you will end up being even more stupid than Greg Hunt.

      But the pond will leave your post up as clear evidence that we have a soft spot here for medievalism.


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