Sunday, February 22, 2015

Oh Tamworth, Tamworth, what a heartbreak town you are ...

Oh Tamworth, Tamworth, what a heartbreak town you are ...

First you elected Barners, now this ...

And what's the problem?

Well if you read the story here at the Northern Lately Weirder, the nub of the issue is this:

Neck ties are optional for seniors at the school and the Sollarses have offered to get a bow tie made in school colours. 
A fanatical Dr Who fan, Dylan started wearing bow ties as a form of self-expression and to mimic the signature neckwear worn by the TV character. 
“I love bow ties and I own four of them – they make me feel fancy,” Dylan said.

He loves Dr. Who and bow ties?

And there's a problem?

Well there's no accounting for taste, but in the pond's day, bow ties were reckoned to be a classy sign of sophistication.

Sure, that was some time ago, but why else would Dr. Who wear them?

Every now and then somebody asks why the pond left Tamworth. Or whether the pond misses what could have been the centre of the known universe, until Barners began turning it into a black hole ...

Now they have their answer.


  1. The UK Parliament introduce new whistleblower protection laws, noticeably unsupported by those champions of "freedom" the Murdoch group. Their hypocrisy is breathtaking. And we are going in the opposite direction with metadata George.

    Good article by the actor Hugh Grant.

  2. Two names spring to mind at the mention of "Tamworth"...1) The song "Tammy" by Doris Day and 2) "Mrs Trewan's Jams"....a Melbourne institution (once).
    Of more...I have nothing to say !

    1. Watch out, Anon, or they'll send you to the home for bad boys, just around the corner from where the pond once lived.

  3. Wait.... ties are _optional_ for seniors at Oxley High?

    Well, there's your problem right there!

    When I was a lad in Tamworth back in the 1970s attending first Christian Brothers College and then Tamworth High, ties were compulsory in Winter. This built character and initiative - ie, we'd all try to break or bend the rules as much as possible by going without a tie, or at least wearing it at half mast with collar-button undone. What crazed radicals we were!

    So all the school has to do is make the wearing of neckties compulsory, and this kid will ditch the bow immediately. Simple.

    Besides, I know that Tamworth can be a bit backwards, but I assume it still gets "Doctor Who" at the same time as the rest of Australia. Hasn't this kid caught on that its been a year since the character dropped the tie (literally)? The current Doctor, Malcolm Tucker - sorry, Peter Capaldi - is resolutely tieless.

    1. "[Tamworth] still gets "Doctor Who" at the same time as the rest of Australia"

      Naah, mate, the once and future centre of the universe has to wait for the relativistic time contraction before Dr Who can make it into town. Keep up, lad, keep up.


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