Monday, February 09, 2015

Oh bliss, oh poop-poop ...

The pond is deeply in the debt of two Anon correspondents who offered up these images.

They were simply too good to leave as links in the comments section:

Oh happy days, oh bliss and poop:

The Toad never answered a word, or budged from his seat in the road; so they went to see what was the matter with him. They found him in a sort of a trance, a happy smile on his face, his eyes still fixed on the dusty wake of their destroyer. At intervals he was still heard to murmur `Poop-poop!' The Rat shook him by the shoulder. 'Are you coming to help us, Toad?' he demanded sternly. 'Glorious, stirring sight!' murmured Toad, never offering to move. 'The poetry of motion! The REAL way to travel! The ONLY way to travel! Here to-day--in next week to-morrow! Villages skipped, towns and cities jumped--always somebody else's horizon! O bliss! O poop-poop! O my! O my!' 
'O STOP being an ass, Toad!' cried the Mole despairingly. 
'And to think I never KNEW!' went on the Toad in a dreamy monotone. 'All those wasted years that lie behind me, I never knew, never even DREAMT! But NOW--but now that I know, now that I fully realise! O what a flowery track lies spread before me, henceforth! What dust-clouds shall spring up behind me as I speed on my reckless way! What carts I shall fling carelessly into the ditch in the wake of my magnificent onset! Horrid little carts--common carts--canary-coloured carts!'

Horrid little back benchers ...


  1. You may well be happy to have the horrid toad to blog about but I would rather that he was behind us both - just a splodge on the highway to hell...


  2. The Cabinet crew are smirking now but this is just the beginning of the end for Abbott - 60% of his backbench don't want him and probably the same percentage of voters.

  3. Abbott: "So all of us are determined to lift our game and the fundamental point I make is that the solution to all of these things is good Government, and good Government starts today.”

    In other words he has only now learnt what is good government. And he has been in Parliament almost 21 years? Imagine if he studied medicine, graduated and after practising for 21 years he then proclaims “I will lift my game and good medicine starts today”.

    1. Imagine how stuffed the country would be if these dickheads were
      the Government when the GFC hit.

      As it is , they've spent every year since then, talking the economy down.
      Now they're in Government they've
      doubled the debt & unemployment is on the up & up & the Dickhead is still on the ' L ' plates , having failed the test for the last 17 months.
      If he was in any other job he would have been sacked long ago.

  4. Hi Dorothy,

    If the vote had been a whitewash to Abbott (less than 20 disgruntled back benchers) he could of walked out of the party room proclaiming he was leading his party (and the country) to the promised land.

    If the vote had been a lot closer nearer 50:50 then Abbott would have had to resign as it was obvious that even without a challenger, nobody wanted him in charge.

    61 votes to 39 is however a result that produces an almost perfect instability in the LNP camp. As a first vote on Abbott's suitability for the top job it is a vastly underwhelming result but not enough to require resignation.

    As a first tentative vote it enforces the belief of all individuals that voted for a spill that they are on the right track and that there is deeper support for their mutiny. For the nervous nellies who had towed the party line and voted for not having a spill because they wanted stability and continuity, it doesn't dispel their fears and most likely increases them.

    There is virtually no chance for stability from now on in. Everything will be viewed through the prism of Abbott's suitability to lead his party and Australia. The media will exacerbate this because that's how they sell newspapers.

    The final result will be Abbott having to resign, the only question will be how long he will hang on believing he can still turn the situation around.

    Abbott will most likely hold on to the bitter end and by doing so will very likely tear his party apart.

    The longer he holds on the more it will poison the water for the Turnbull option which whilst popular with the electorate is an anathema to the hard right section of the LNP.

    Dorothy, I think that you as the foremost twitcher of the loon pond, are soon going to have the most perfect opportunity to watch the MSM commentariat go completely insane in trying to square this ridiculous circle.

    Satire made flesh


    1. DW. You are right on the money for mine,word for word.
      "Foremost twitcher of the loon pond" A lovely and deserving compliment for sure.Cheers.

    2. Oh Diddy you are so correct in - "almost" - every way. A nearly 60/40 split, and those on the 40 side who "toed the line" will be thinking 'if I had voted how I really felt, we might have a new PM'.

      Then "he would have walked out of the party room" for the last time.


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