Saturday, February 21, 2015

Life involves such cruel choices for reptiles ...

The story so far ...

Forget fairness!

Sure thing, the pond has completely forgotten the concept ...

Defiantly the swag of stories covered by the pond still stayed, this very day, at the top of the digital page at 6 pm.

Never wavering, just cruel choices and patriotism:

Oh sure, as a pond correspondent kindly pointed out, John Lyons ostensibly signs himself as the reptile middle east reporter.

Perhaps not close to Canberra, but at the heart of Abbott's grand post-colonial militarist adventurism, reading Winston Churchill, perhaps dreaming that some day the world will call him Tony of Arabia (not so sure about the whipping but hey ...)

Or so they say ...

Oh wait, as another pond correspondent noted, this just in.

The Australian denounced as a publisher of bullshit stories ...

The reptiles are in meltdown.

Beast against beast, raptor against raptor ... who will walk away from the cage alive?

Huge factual mistakes. Grotesque, epic failures in journalistic standards ... a rag you wouldn't even use to mop up cow pats in the top paddock ...

And reptile lovers everywhere are equally confused.

It seems The Australian is part of a gigantic leftist media complex run by an aberrant Marxist called Rupert ...

Some reader comments on News sites revealing the hideous conspiracy:

Character assassination by the left supporting media.

The sun is going out, the world is collapsing into a black hole of leftie funk:

Oh dear, the pond hasn't had this much fun since sliced bread (not that there was anything wrong with a traditional loaf).

Roll on lefty Marxist Rupert media ... it's cruel, but choices must be made ...


  1. Civil war has erupted.

  2. Mal Brough is said to be deeply disturbed by the leaks. Just "deeply", DP? There's your rat, right there. The official parlance, according to CoS instructions, is "deeply .... deeply".
    Ah, here's Abbott's words from his mouth. "The idea there was a meeting ... asking formally for unilateral deployment ..". Lots of get-out in that. Not a "Meeting", just an informal chat about whether a Meeting could held. So easy to slip & slither with that casuistic tongue.

  3. I think this will go straight to DVD. Cinemas recognise a loser.

  4. Now we have a #abbottwarmovies - I have no sympathy for him, absolutely none, loving it all, cock-a-hoop

  5. SMH:

    "Prime Minister Tony Abbott is facing an Indonesian social media backlash over his linking of $1 billion in tsunami aid to the mercy campaign for Bali Nine death-row inmates Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, with a campaign urging people to collect coins to return to Australia.

    It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

  6. Abbott said he spoke to the CDF to ascertain whether this story was factual.

    Surely he can remember if he did or did not suggest sending 3,500 troops to Iraq without having to ask one of his subordinates.

    I have a not too distant memory of Abbott sitting with a group of world leaders somewhere in Europe, and making a half witted remark to one of them, and watching scapegoat Credlin, who was sitting slightly behind and to one side, look to be shitting her pants at his stupidity.

    Can we please do a swap with Goodluck Jonathon for leader?

  7. Mark Scott Verified account ‏@mscott

    Paul Kelly writes a new column each week - but sometimes it seems he just changes the names. The Australian 19/2/00

  8. I have a vivid image I'm my mind of one of those American-style toilets, the ones that swirl and swirl, collecting the contents and eventually everything disappearing down the hole with a loud gurgling noise. Abbott, Credlin, the LNP, the IPA and Murdoch and his stable are the turds.

  9. Could it be true about The Oz and Rupe being part of a left wing conspiracy? I mean who better to overthrow conservativism and capitalism from within, by bringing it into disrepute and making it an object of mockery?
    After all, considering all the self declared "reformed" Marxists and Maoist like Christopher Pearson and assorted former student coke heads the company has employed over the years, it starts looking quite plausible.
    We're through the looking glass now, Poondies....


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