Monday, February 16, 2015

In which the clueless one was allegedly given clues, but remained Alicia Silverstone clueless ...

Oh dear.

This just in:

Of course the pond was startled.

The pond was operating on the basis that Tony Abbott didn't have a clue about anything, and it was all the fault of Philip Ruddock that he was clueless.

But the pond was quickly able to adjust and adapt. It seems that even when Abbott's told time after time that he should pay attention, he still doesn't have a clue about anything.

QED, Abbott is clueless, because Abbott is clueless ...

Now there's more at au here, on that story. That's the section of Murdoch la la land where the naughty reptiles never drink nearly enough of their kool aid allotment, preferring to spin yarns designed to lure in the clickers with a mighty load of click bait.

Naturally the Fairfaxians are envious, so they quickly came up with their own version:

You could read that here, with forced ad, but clearly Latika hadn't been talking to the same grumpy sources.

Nonetheless it was a fun read because this is a story that keeps on giving and the grumps are everywhere:

Former immigration minister Scott Morrison on Monday lauded Mr Ruddock as the "greatest immigration minister we've ever had". 
"I know that he took on that job as chief whip at the request of the PM. I don't think he was hanging around in Parliament for 40 years to become the chief whip," he said. "He's a very loyal, very trusted and very respected colleague," Mr Morrison told the ABC. 
It comes as details emerge about a fiery meeting involving backbench MPs in marginal seats and the federal Liberal party director Brian Loughnane. 
Mr Loughnane regularly catches up with marginal MPs to brief them on how the government is travelling in the electorate and to update them on voters' concerns. The economy and national security were said to be two issues specified. Deputy director Julian Sheezel also attended the meeting. 
One Liberal who attended the meeting says western Sydney MP Craig Laundy began "yelling" urging Mr Loughnane to start asking the backbench about the mood on the ground instead of telling them from up high that the situation is fine. 
Three other MPs: Matt Williams, Fiona Scott and Brett Whiteley were said to have joined in on the heated exchange. Ms Scott is said to have raised the issue of pre-Christmas cuts to community groups that aid the vulnerable. 
Mr Loughnane is said to have remained calm and promised to convey their concerns to the Prime Minister.

Indeed, indeed, but of course the chief whip must have stymied the whole plan.

Anyway, what's the point of warning the emperor about the state of his clothes?

Back to that News Corp EXCLUSIVE:

You didn't have to be Nostradamus!

The multicultural community's upset?

Quick someone tell the emperor so he can reassure them that everything's fine and for the best in the best of all lottery ticket winning worlds, except in the multicultural world, which is the source, as we all know, of fiendish, terrifying Terrorism ...

(Below: Philip Ruddock faithfully helping out Tony Abbott, with the pond anxiously waiting on the cartoon version).


  1. "That statement (from Mr Abbott) doesn't seem at all accurate".

    That back-bencher has reduced the short history of T-Bone's premiership to one pithy sentence that can be used to apply to pretty well everything he puts his foot into - a submarine, a budget, a ppl scheme, a claim he'll find a plane in an ocean - "That statement (from Mr Abbott) doesn't seem at all accurate."

    Yep, works everytime.

  2. Heavens to Betsy. The Australian has had to sack a writer for plagiarism. Who'd have thought it? Will there be anyone left?

  3. I think you'll find he was similarly sacked from Fairfax a couple of years ago, Anon, after being outed on Media Watch.

    Which makes you wonder how - or why - he got the job at the Oz.


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