Sunday, February 22, 2015

Egging on the Bolter ...

Framed, a classic set up, unsourced rumours, gutless, unnamed Liberal heroes, and where are the leftist feminists defending Peta Credlin?

The lefties, they fight for a side, not for a principle.

You know, the principle of unprincipled abuse - or was it just complete blindness?

When it gets to that level, feel free to give the pond a call. We'll do our feminist best ...

Sorry, you might have already guessed, the pond broke a golden rule, and watched a few minutes of the Bolter in a furious condition of indignation, consternation, shock, outrage and horror at the way the Abbott is being set up for a fall.

Anyway, what's wrong with throwing up a few good ideas for discussion - like suggesting that dinkum Aussies organise a unilateral invasion of Iraq ...

You know, just floating a thought bubble, just putting a wacky zany idea out there, just running the idea up a flag pole and seeing if anyone salutes, just seeing if some of the chewing gum sticks to the wall, just throwing it into the cloud so everyone can see it and run it past the taste buds to see if it's got enough bite.You know, barn and brain storming ...

Sorry, don't worry if it's actually a dumb as stick idea.

I mean, if you're afraid of socking the world with your best ideas, why that's how so many great, inventive ideas get lost.

Naturally the Bolter,saw signs of hope and change in his man, before moving on to denounce click bait stories and the shocking behaviour of Murdochians, who'd troll their mother for a dollar ...

Everybody on the panel seemed to agree the reptiles of Oz were the lowest of the low, regularly abusing government and running nonsensical, devious, gutter snipe stories, full of innuendo and rumour and rarely a grain of truth.

Sheesh, they even bagged the Howard government over the wheat scandal ... what an appalling thing to do. Everyone knows that was one of the Howard government's finest hours ... just ask Michael Kroger ...

What a disgusting paper the lizard Oz is!

And the buggers are still at it, unrepentant.

Coming at Abbott in wave after wave, like hordes of Japanese soldiers in the second world war, armed with weapons provided by pig iron Bob:

Yes, just when did he stop beating his wife ...

He's refused to answer questions about "informal ideas". As if having a great informal idea was some sort of crime ...

And that's why this country is bereft of bright ideas. Bright generals like Abbott are now too frightened to lead with their very best thinking ...

And look, the bloody shameless reptiles have even used footage of the Bolter's report to illustrate their story.

Have they no shame?

What's that you say? News Corp produces the Bolter's report? It's the only way he can get on the box?

So when the Bolter blathers on about merging the ABC and SBS, and slashing their budgets, he's actually just another conflicted, self-interested leech or tick on chairman Rupert's purse?

Well fancy that, lordy lordy, lah di dah ...

Time for the pond to deliver its usual sophisticated, elegant insight into the world of the commentariat.

Take it away Bald Archies, and more baldness here and there.


  1. Quick change the subject! Moorice the adviser has advised the National Geographic is now on the list of banned books.

    1. What an alarming cover. The world's greatest climate scientist - Moorice and the Bolter share the title on even and odd days - will have things to say about this scientism superstition ...

  2. Bolt is but a "skid-mark" on the toilet bowl of the commentariat executive wash-room.

  3. Another example of how a situation may be abbottised to great effect - the cases of Chan & Sukumaran. If it turns out that Abbott's crude comment re aid for Aceh tips the balance toward the firing squad, then the Indonesians will be (a) barbaric (b) overly sensitive and (c) unable to handle the truth; a bonus will be that Justice is served through the Rule of Law.

  4. you got to luv the mad monk ..

  5. Here's my theory: Murdoch wants to get rid of Abbott but doesn't trust Turnbull. He would love Bishop to do a Gillard on Abbott but knows the electorate might react badly. So the strategy is to attack Credlin. Abbott needs her for survival, so if the pressure is kept up he will be forced to retire. Then Bishop can take over in a bloodless coup.

    She's had the visit to the Manhattan Oracle hasn't she?

    1. The pond suspects that's more than a theory Mercurial, more like a set of facts, though the pond does prefer to call the Manhattan Oracle the twittering American twit.


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