Sunday, February 22, 2015

A tweet and a leak too far ...

The pond was in a state of wild excitement.

Would the rest of the pack of hounds pick up on the story of Abbott the war monger this tabloid Sunday, or would they go to water?

Was it just one rabid dog in the pack, frothing and foaming at the mouth?

Would the pond have to settle for the tweets too far, the link to Abbott's war movie hashtag, thoughtfully provided by a reader and available here.

That one's not far off the mark. The warrior has regularly shown his military style:

Careful, it's gone off like a bomb:

Sadly, it seems that the rest of the pack have left it to the rabid dog to do the work, but that dog still has a bit of bite, a canny capacity to nip at the heels of the user of weasel words like "formal" and "fanciful":

Uh huh. Where does that leave the Bolter calling foul?

Well actually it leaves the Bolter in a state of despair, but that despair's all about another leak.

Look, there on the top right of the page,  you can just see the yarn:

Oh no, not the HUN, not the home of the Bolter.

Let's zoom in a little. ECU please, DOP:

Now you can easily find Samantha Maiden's EXCLUSIVE story  - it's spread right across the Sunday Murdoch tabloids and it's in the Sunday Terror as PM scuttled secret plan to kick millionaires off the aged pension.

The story itself is pretty much what might be expected from Mr. Fairness and his crew - a concern about their own necks, and avoiding looking like they'd broken yet another election promise, compounded with a desire to protect the wealthy, and instead inflict the maximum amount of pain on everyone:

Yes, jolly Joe was in on the caper too.

But the real point of the yarn comes in the third par.

"In another stunning leak from the nation's most powerful cabinet committee ..."

The rats are now working with a giant sieve, and however you look at it, Abbott is toast, dead meat walking ...

Which brings the pond back to the Bolter, now in a deep funk.

Oh it's vicious sabotage alright, betrayers, smearers, exaggerators, traitors, treacherous back stabbers and rat finks.

And worst of all, it's being done by and with the Murdoch rags ... and if big Malaise gets the gig, the fight back from the far right ratbags will be something to behold ...

This is, to borrow a phrase, the best of times, and the best of times ...

Raptors feuding over turf, and the black knight mortally wounded ...

It means today will be a day of relaxation and merriment at the pond, as we now wait on Monday, and that promised trip into the bunker ...

Yes, the pond will be taking the tour inside the bunker, just before the fearless leader seizes the moment to pound the drums of paranoia and xenophobia, whipping up fear, anger and hatred by blathering on about national security...

... though if you pause a moment to reflect, it hardly seems necessary.

He's already achieved his goal:

That story, with links, is at the Graudian here.

Naturally the likes of the Bolter are wildly indignant.

The Islamic barbarian hordes are gathering at the gates, and we're all doomed, doomed I tells ya ...

Luckily, there's a simple answer.

We need to put the country on a war footing.

Thank the long absent lord there's a natural leader to hand, a genuine Churchillian, robust and willing to do the hard yards, with a solid team behind him.

Don't worry about munitions and ordnance and kit. That's all in hand:

Now let's get on with the party:


  1. What I'm finding disconcerting is Kevin Andrews is starting to come across as Mr Nice 'n Sensible!

  2. Gosh! awful lot of "John Wayne" where it may be much more appropriate to feature "Walter Mitty" !

  3. "Outsiders' this morning on RN with Roger Franklin who says he didn't understand why people would choose to take Abbott's 'threat' to withdraw aid to the Indonesians as a threat. Roger didn't think Tony was at all threatening or problematic and despite the assertion of another panellist that 'this would make me feel as if I was being threatened' is the first thing that she thought of when she heard Tony's response.

    So shut up you foolish women and lefties, if a great white man like Roger who edits Quadrant thinks something is so, then it must be so. No argument, no evidence; he just knows the truth and how to interpret Tony Abbott because .......?

    1. .....he is another crank detached from reality, like our universally beloved Great Leader?

    2. I snapped off the Outsiders this morn because I thought the discussion was useless. I don't think the 'guests' cast any light on the leadership turmoil in Canberra. I can't even recall what they said. Nothing stood out.
      Miss pp

  4. "Work in any other field than politics."

    It has to be said, there's a rugged simplicity in advice like that from one leader to another.

    Would I be worth raising it at next cabinet meeting? Not the one to declare war, perhaps the one following that.

  5. No "shit happens" today. Nope. From early today the great warrior has been out on the attack launching reports of Australia under seige stretched into delusional gobbeldygook of Tolkein proportion about the paranoia and security blathering gibberish to come. The usual Black Speech:

    Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatulûk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul

    one nutter to rule them them all / one nutter to find them / one nutter to bring them all / and in the darkness bind them / In the PMO where the Shadows lie


    Big twit warrior meme:

  6. Mark Colvin comments “Love a finely-worded denial “on Twitter re Abbott’s denial as reported in today’s Oz, behind the paywall but given here:

    “TONY Abbott has denied “formally” proposing that Australia should unilaterally invade Iraq to take on Islamic State.

    Responding to revelations in The Weekend Australian today that he had suggested sending 3500 ground troops into Iraq, the Prime Minister said the report was “false” and “fanciful”.

    Mr Abbott conceded that he had “lots of discussions” about the security situation in Iraq but that he had never formally proposed invading.

    “The idea there was a meeting in late November where I formally asked for advice and formally suggested that a large Australian force should go unilaterally to Iraq is just wrong,” he said.”

    Delete the word “formally” and “just wrong” is “just right”.

  7. On the strength of Top-secret military warning on Ebola biological weapon terror threat I'd like to propose a new verb, to 'abbottise', meaning 'to grasp a potential hazard with a vanishingly small risk of harm and blow it out of all proportion for the sake of looking tough while raving about a crackdown'. For example, "The PM today abbottised the Ebola virus, to great effect. The entire Parliament rose as one, in rapturous acclaim."

  8. Did anyone else hear the guffaws elicited by Hendo this morning. Apparently the old boys been off in the States United and was amazed to see with how little respect Tony was regarded in the Australia of his return. Because, dontcha know, he's highly regarded on those United States, important, unamed people have told our grey eminence that it is so.

    1. And News 24 had Anne Henderson on display this Monday morning. Talk about a comedy duo, talk about the complete irrelevance of the ABC. Bubble headed booby Virginia Trioli bowled them down, and Hendo did her solo comedy routine, and the pond swears it lost ten IQ points in five minutes ...


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