Thursday, December 04, 2014

Yes, we have some bananas ...


Plenty of those on hand:

Yes, it's on:

The first sign of serious tensions between Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop has emerged, with reports the deputy Liberal leader "went bananas" at the Prime Minister after Fairfax Media reported she would be chaperoned on a key overseas mission. 

Oh sure, there's been an immediate cover-up:

But Ms Bishop has publicly denied the report saying: "Why would I be angry at being accompanied by a minister to a very important climate change conference?" (here)

Why? Because you're a bloody pathetic greenie, that's why. Blue on the outside maybe, but so green on the inside, you can't be allowed out on your own. Get your own bunch of bananas!

Oh yes, it's on:

Deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop has remonstrated with Prime Minister Tony Abbott after reading in the media that she was to be chaperoned by Trade Minister Andrew Robb at an international climate change summit next week. 
Sources told The Australian Financial Review that Ms Bishop demanded a “please explain” from Mr Abbott this week after reading in Fairfax Media’s Sun-Herald that Mr Robb would be shadowing her at the United Nations climate change conference in Lima, Peru. 
 “Julie went bananas at the PM,” said one source. 

Bananas? Haven't we got enough bananas?

The story is doing the rounds at senior levels of the government and fuelling growing discontent among cabinet ministers at Mr Abbott’s office, specifically his chief of staff, Peta Credlin. Mr Robb is junior to Ms Bishop insofar as she is the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade. 
She was not consulted about the “chaperoning” and it has been suggested Mr Robb, a hardliner on climate change policy, was to be sent by Mr Abbott’s office to ensure she did not over-commit Australia on climate change policy. 
It is understood Ms Bishop also confronted Mr Robb over the matter.

There's more here at the AFR including links, outside the paywall, and the only reason that the pond draws attention to it is that when Julie Bishop decides to tear down the confused, chaotic, luddite Abbott government, the pond wants full credit.

Oops, watch out for the bananas ...

What happens when Julie Bishop takes charge, you ask? Partly, you might assert, due to the pond's unremitting campaign to elevate Jules to top banana?

Hey, you're on your own, nothing to do with the pond, here no responsibility, no responsibility here ...

Oh yes, things seem tense in the capsules:

Oh dear, well if bananas don't keep the tension under control, how about a pineapple?


  1. Dear, dear, those pineapples (rough end) are not meant for J Bishop are they?

    Are we seeing the beginning of a Tutti Frutti war?

    Miss Pitty Pat

  2. As you mentioned on the earlier thread, we may be headed over the cliff, but why not lie back and enjoy the journey?

    There seems little doubt, the way she's feeding the ever unquestioning Latika, that Jules is positioning herself for a run at the top. Within their limited circles she may even be a chance, despite being a woman but "not a feminist". The competition is that threadbare.

    Mal sold his soul by rejoining the frontbench and trashing the NBN. And defending Abbott's lies about no ABC/ SBS cuts has compounded it. As a political judge, he's again shown a tin ear as he did with Godwin Grech and earlier with Howard's trashing of the Republic referendum. Think, if he'd stayed on the backbench they'd all be begging him to take over and bring in some sanity. Gone down the gurgler just like Walrus Hunt or the earlier "Dorian Gray" Ruddock.

    There's nobody else. Even Julie Bishop is a mirage. She looks OK only because she hasn't managed to make a complete berk of herself in the way Pyne, Hockey, Abetz, Andrews, Dutton and Johnston have. But she has been mediocre at best, stepping up a little from having offended China and Indonesia in the early days. She has shown no vision for governing. It's doubtful if she has any depth, judging by what she's shown so far. Her idea so far is that they should get back to blaming Labor for everything. That's really worked a treat for Hockey and Cormann, hasn't it?

    Trouble is, you cannot run the nation by media release, even with Murdoch and the other owners in the bag. You have to make decisions, some of which are unpopular. You have to deal with people, even those you don't agree with.

    The bananas incident and Latika thing suggest that Peta and Abbott are getting a bit paranoid. Understandable when your support has gone so far south. It might explain the need for Jules to get a chaperone. The biggest laugh is apparently they're scared she might go a bit Green at the Climate Change conference. She has shown just as much denialism as the rest of that sorry lot. There's not a chance of her deviating from the chosen path to madness. Nor is Robb the most likely one to stop her anyway. It's more likely he'll be asleep the whole time and she can do whatever she wants. But she's just a chameleon and Abbott ought to rest easy.

    Fun times indeed!

  3. DP
    Is this a new word? Torytariat (from here:

    I like it.



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