Monday, December 08, 2014

Is the Bolter bolting?

Just another day in Sharri la la land:

Uh huh. Mainstream appeal and charm on camera?

Sheesh, so that's what turns Sharri on.

Thank the long absent lord the pond is more inclined to be attracted to the Wolf Man ...

So what's the real story?

It might be an old jibe, and a bit out of date, what with the News becoming a Corpse, but still:

On the upside:

The Bolter goes off to destroy pay television ...
Loons have to pay for their Bolter fix ...
Gina mourns her champion ...
Ten runs wild and free ...

It's hard to think of a downside ...


  1. Been trying to think of a joke-line featuring Sharri, Bolt and a travelling salesman all going into the front bar of a country pub and asking the barman... ....nah!...can't get one going..

  2. Is it just me or are the pond's entries contracting, shrinking and suffering cutback? Is there change on the wind? It's a dead media-state partnership, Normals.
    The poor thing. Oh, it smells too...

  3. With that lot at Xmas lunch I can see the brandy sauce curdling pretty quickly.

  4. I could only imagine the Blooter's response: "Christmas lunch? It was a lunch in December, not a Christmas lunch. What is it with the Left and lunch nomenclature?

  5. Interesting to note the presense, at Anders Blots' sausage sizzle, of rorting fugitive bankruptee and bullshit blogger Andrew Landeryou, and his wife, Kimberley Kitching, manager of the Victorian HSU, which, despite allegations and investigation of widespread and serious criminal misconduct at the TURC, was exempted from the joint fed-vic police taskforce.


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