Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Please join the Poodle Pyne army in a valiant social media democratic action to defeat the sociopathic dictators big Mal and the Rabbitt ...

The pond has no idea who runs the spoof site that sends up the Poodle Pyne, but they've done a brilliant job.

They've hit on the ripping idea of running a spoof poll, of a pathetic NIMBY kind, pretending that the poodle Pyne is a dangerous radical tackling the runaway truck known as the Abbott government.

It's here if you care to visit.

It's wonderful the way they've carefully lathered up the community vote:

Now because the pond is doing screen caps, we feel compelled to provide a link to the petition, which has a splendid letter and provides an impassioned plea to the ABC. Here you go.

Now settle back and read the many impassioned ABC supporters who've joined in cheering on the poodle. Why the pond couldn't help but notice Gerard Henderson at the top of one page:

On and on the ceaseless wave of tireless humanity surged. Again, being screen caps, there's no links or functionality, just pure golden support for the impassioned Poodle:

And so on. Sadly the pond got tired of the cutting and pasting. But isn't this the best, most wonderful use of social media yet devised?

Look, there's many, many more, with the army of passionate Poodle Pyne supporters growing by the minute. Why not join them?

Let's make this the best spoof ever devised ....


  1. Comedy Gold Dorothy. I do hope Christopher takes the opportunity to feel all the love emanating from his petition.


  2. Thanks, DP, but after my little visit there I now feel ... soiled.
    Turnbull did a wonderful job of defending Abbott's "No Cuts" lies for 730. How he kept a straight face is beyond me. I've got no idea what he was trying to say.

  3. Gotta hand it to the ' Liar at the Lodge ' , when he handed Malcolm the job , he also handed him a couple of hand grenades that he knew would blow up in Malcolm's face.
    Trash the NBN and the ABC and then lie to cover up the lies to cover up the lies to cover up the lies ............
    Credibility out the door for Malcolm , goodbye to leadership aspirations .


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