Thursday, November 20, 2014

In which the pond proudly presents the ongoing adventures of an internet loon...

First the double down.

Yes, the genuine, certifiable loon broke his twitter silence this morning to gloat at the success of his poll:

Thumbs up?

On which planet in the universe?

Oh wait, the pond gets it. Tremendous. An infinite capacity, a total willingness to ignore the reality of the train wreck that's unfolding at the poll. This man should surely become a Minister in an Abbott Government.

Now to count the quality of the latest voting:

And they keep flooding in here.

Are the Bee Gees in the house?


  1. I like Pyne. Actually, I like anyone with a sense of humor.
    Could someone interpret what Mr Turnbull was saying when tried to defend Abbotts lies/broken promises. That wasn't funny, or I just missed the punch line.

  2. Jeez Louise, let's tick them off. Abbott, Hockey, Morrison, Pyne, Cormann, etc, etc - all gawn. Who's left, DP? Julie Bishop, that's who. But, even the immaculate and supremely talented Ms Bishop has met her match. Have a squiz at the credentials and CV of Peng Liyuan, China's "First Lady". Wouldn't Julie, too, look fabulous in a military uniform?

  3. Look, the answer is simple: transfer the production of Q&A to Adelaide and close down all other ABC SA production.

    Might even improve the quality of Q&A into the bargain.

  4. Out of the mouth of Turnbull ...
    The cuts to the ABC are NOT cuts, they are savings.

    We should not have taken Abbott at his word when he said there would be NO cuts to the ABC and SBS.

    Cuts (savings in Turnbullspeak) should be seen as an opportunity to innovate.

    Politicians are NOT antagonistic to the ABC but public servants are.

    I am so cross with myself that I did not see Turnbull coming. I was seduced by his ability to string more than three words together. In my opinion he is has the extreme right-wing faith in The Market. In simple terms he knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.


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