Saturday, November 08, 2014

In which the pond prefers a walk amongst the Murdoch la la land tabloids to a walk amongst the daffodils ...

It's always seemed to the pond that the average fascist mind loves a fascist image.

It was, if the pond may set aside Godwin's Law for just a second, Laura Norder that justified Hitler's determination to have the finest black leather coats and nifty costumes in all the world ...

Of course, Hitler was also fond of the skull as a symbol, and the pond commends to the Cavalier Fail the notion that somehow a skull could have been worked into the imagery ...

It seems that the citizenry of the deep north are in a state of high anxiety, and hence the deluge of reassuringly fascist imagery that has littered the Currish Snail these past few weeks.

Now there are all sorts of images out there, from the storm troopers in Star Wars to the Starship Troopers, and some of it is inclined to the comical, as when the Chinese prepared for the Olympics:

Of course some images are deadly serious, and not comical at all, and immensely suitable for deep northerners:

It would be going too far to suggest that the Currish Snail actually wants a showdown on the streets, but pause for a second and think of the newspapers that might sell!

The digital edition is just as feral and hysterical:

Yes, the devious plans of Anon have police and Muslims concerned ...

And just to make sure you know about the devious plan and how to enact it, the Currish Wail has just the recipe for you:

They could be protesting in the city as early as tomorrow!

You can almost feel the puppy slavering and slobbering with the excitement of it all.

And you can almost feel the heat and the fear as millions of outraged citizens take to the streets... (no video, screen cap only)

Say what? 150 turned out for the million mask march? 150?

Is that the best they could do?

Ah well, there can be only two outcomes here:

(a) millions will turn out in protest at Putin and Obama when they rock in to town, there will be riots in the streets, the police will crack down hard, there will be many deaths and injuries, and massive property damage, and the Currish Snail will have to churn out special tree-killer editions on a daily basis, and everybody will be pleased:


(b) it won't be quite like that, and all the Currish Snail's efforts to have whipped up a feverish hysteria will be something of a disappointment, if only to the rag and Campbell Newman, the strutting bantam, who would love a chance to show he's as good as Joh when it comes to those rats protesting against apartheid.

Is there a moral here?

Well yes no one else is paying much attention at all. There'll need to be a riot in the streets before the rest of Murdoch la la land focus, and listen to the hysterical fear mongering of the Wail.

Down in the south, the HUN is setting the tone.

It's BBQ season - an early start, but hey, look the benefits of climate change squarely in the face - and it's roads, roads, roads for Melbourne.

Yes, it's all go, go, go in the deep south, and a bloody huge EXCLUSIVE with an amazing promise by the Napper to decrease travel times to the airport by twenty minutes ...

Which makes the pond wonder what this story was doing in The Age back in April ...

There you go. The pond can EXCLUSIVELY report that $600 million has been saved, and that the modest $250 million seems to be funding an additional four minute saving in travel time, from 16 to 20 minutes, and it will be paid for by the deep south punters, who after a temporary freeze, will pay more and for longer ...

Oh you have to read the pond for that sort of EXCLUSIVE.

Why is it that after a few minutes glancing at the tabloids in Murdoch la la land, the pond feels like a feral angry mutant?

No, not that one, this one:

Which brings the pond to its current Bolter watch.

Thus far, there doesn't seem to have been a peep or a murmur out of the Bolter regarding Mark 'taxi cab' Latham's scurrilous suggestion that the Bolter's wife yelled at him for his coverage of Gough Whitlam's passing ...

Now it might be suggested that it's beneath the Bolter's dignity to comment or rebut, but this is to assume that the feral, routinely in the gutter Bolter retains a shred of dignity.

Nope, the pond, in best Mythbusters mode, has to assume that the story hasn't been busted, that it might be plausible, but that it hasn't yet been confirmed ...


  1. Well Dot we Southerners can rest assured that the same things will be exclusively announced over and over again.

    It is a fair bet that the Tullamarine Freeway upgrade will share the top drawer with regularly announced plans to build over the Jolimont railway yards, restore the Flinders St ballroom and extend rail to the outer suburbs. When it was announced recently that Doncaster (I think) was to be blessed with a train stop, elderly callers rang a radio station laughing that they had been told that would happen when they were nippers. One caller said the first proposal dates back to the 1880s.

    And what would Melbourne papers do without regular weekend spreads about the city's faded beauties with the ballroom at Flinders St taking top spot. There are always plans to restore its magnificence. Plans. Always plans.

    As for freeways! I hope plans for those stay rolled up and fastened with a a strong rubber band. There are an awful lot of us down south who would like a whizzer public transport system. This city is still benefitting from the fabulous rail systems, train and tram, laid out in the 19th century.

  2. Can you ask the Snail what a hactivist movement is for me please? Is it one where people are sometimes kissed?

  3. Bill Bixby!!! Why I remember him in 'My Favourite Martian!'

  4. Funny how Kenny's denial: pausing .. natural phenomenon... blah blah.. ends with a recommendation for a "better" solution. To problem he claims doesn't exist?


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