Friday, November 07, 2014

In which, courtesy of global geopolitical imperatives a bully takes a powder and Maurice Newman uses an ABC radio poll to demolish climate science ...

(Above: an old David Pope, lathering up the pond for the footbrawl to come, and more Pope here).

The pond has been waiting weeks for this, the grudge match from hell.

Two would step into the cage, but only one would emerge. There would be blood, eye-gouging, stiff arms, coathangers, whatever you like, a free for all, a barney of the kind you used to get out the back of Maguire's hotel in Tamworth ...

Now the pond deplores violence, but hey, what's the harm in looking?

Say what?

Two went into the cage, and one bully came out sounding as meek and as mild as prime Tamworth lamb?

He's going to speak to him? Dear sweet absent lord, the pond routinely speaks to lots of people. Ask the pond a question, and it's likely the pond will speak, unless it's an all-day sulk day.

Yep, that's what it says: Tony Abbott will speak to Vladimir Putin about MH17 'one way or another' ...

Uh huh. One way or another ... will he throw in a bonus foot-stamp? And a patented surly Abbott stare?

Surely the reptiles at the Oz would be urging their hero on. Surely it's not too late for the valiant crusader to spike the Ruskie's guns, deliver that broadside, shirtfront that fiend ...

Oh no. He's fallen into line, he's been overtaken by global geopolitical imperatives. So that's what takes a powder means ...

Truth to tell, the pond always thought the bully's comfort level was slamming a couple of fists into the wall alongside the head of a woman in a university corridor ...

Put a bully up against a real bully, and soon enough the second rate bully is going to be sending out missives about global geopolitical imperatives.

Sorry Campbell, looks like rioting in the streets is the only way to protest the Russian presence ... please, make sure no innocent cane toads are trampled by the crowd.

But enough of that comedy, let's turn to some real comedy, because one of the world's leading climate scientists has spoken yet again ... thanks to the eternal support of science emanating from the reptiles at the lizard Oz.

Yes, Moorice has overtaken the Pellists and the Bolter as the guardian of the flame.

There's a basic cognitive dissonance at work here.

While Greg 'walri' Hunt goes about, assuring anyone who will listen, that the government accepts the science, and that the government's direct action  plan is a dead cert  to work as the policy designed to tackle the serious business of climate change, Tony Abbott's business advisor is wandering around saying that climate science is fraudulent...

Ipso facto, to admire Latin like a Gough, either Greg 'wiki it here' is a cheat and a liar, or deeply cynical, or deeply misguided, and in any case, is currently perpetrating a massive fraud on the Australian taxpayer.

That's if Newman is right. Well Tony Abbott seems to take him seriously as an advisor ...

Does Hunt realise he's being routinely defamed by Newman? Or is he too dumb to even understand that simple outcome?

Now the pond isn't going to carry on about the impeccable primary research conducted by Newman.

Truth to tell, the pond has exactly the same level of skill, respect and experience as a world-leading climate scientist as Moorice Newman, which is to say three fifths of fuck all, and a geography assignment in third year ...

Oh sure, it could be fun. But it's just more of the Moorice's same, and the only reason to pay any attention is that this is the the pond's turf.

Interminable crap regurgitated by the preposterous kool aid slurping commentariat trotted out at regular intervals by the reptiles at the lizard Oz. Like this:

The Golden State's in trouble? Talk about ignoring an inconvenient truth.

Yes, right at this minute, the golden state is in deep shit, but it has something to do with one of the worst droughts on records, and at the moment, the gloom is almost impenetrable, as it's speculated that Snow retreat will worsen California droughts.

By golly that water bill looks serious. Is that why the Californians are listening to climate scientists?

A couple of days ago, the pond was out and about listening to a visiting US expert explain to Bush Telegraph just what deep doo dah the state was in, and you can still listen to that story at Farming land going to waste as United States drought takes hold.

The expert was blathering about exceptional droughts and deep purple droughts, and there are some great graphs out there. This one was put together in July, here:

And despite a bit of recent rain, it hasn't got much better since.

Now Morrice, like Abbott, is a coal lover. But if coal is the solution, and there is no problem, what is the deluded Greg 'Walri' Hunt doing, and why - in this time of budget emergency, of stringent budget criss - is Abbott the shirtfronter allowing his government and Hunt to piss a substantial sum of money against the wall?

Now all the pond can do is commend the impeccable science on display in Maurice's work:

Yes, enough said, because the pond can't think of a single more scientific experiment or exercise, or more damning scientific proof, than an ABC radio poll!

That's the sort of science that has frequently seen the pond captivated, speechless, full of wonder and awe and admiration ...

Oh reptiles you've done it again, what a great lizard rag you run ...

But before we go, let's consider the quality of the feedback that Moorice and his wonderful science produces for the reptiles:


Sometimes the pond reckons the pond can judge a piece by the emotions it arouses, and surely Moorice has managed to arouse the BARKING MAD from the DEAD ... and what's worse, THEY TURNED OFF THE fucking SPELL CHECKER ... but it seems the CAPS LOCK was WORKIGN when the deviant, perverted AGENDA was exposed to the world ...

Well that's the comedy gold for the day. No doubt it will get better and better as the day progresses ... so that soon enough, thanks to the reptiles, and Moorice, every day will be better coal-blessed day in every coal-blessed way ...

(Below: and more Cathy Wilcox here)

UPDATE: thanks to a kindly correspondent, the pond has been made aware that Moorice has attracted the attention of the unkindly twitterati. A sampling:

Dunning-Kruger? You can Greg Hunt the Dunning-Kruger effect here, but take care, there might be walri about and their bite at this time of the year is something shocking ...


  1. Not one to wish ill on others, but the sooner these fossils of influence shuffle off this mortal coil, the better the chances are that we might be able to save our children's future.

  2. Hi Dorothy,

    Whilst Maurice “the combover” Newman is doing a creditable job in making the current Australian government look like a bunch of coal loving, climate change deniers he really doesn’t cut the mustard on the international stage.

    Now that the Republicans have gained control of the US Senate, it is almost certain that the Oklahoman Senator James Mountain Inhofe will be the next chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee.

    Previously Senator Inhofe compared the scientific consensus on Global Warming to the propaganda of the Third Reich and the Big Lie.

    Inhofe has also refuted Climate Change science by citing the Bible (what else);

    “The Genesis 8:22 that I use in there is that ‘as long as the earth remains there will be seed time and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, day and night.’ The arrogance of people to think that we, human beings, would be able touching what He is doing in the climate is to me outrageous.”

    In 2012 he laid out his beliefs in a book; The Greatest Hoax: How Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future.

    He won’t be alone in the Senate either;

    It seems that the Fossil Fuel Lobby is getting its money’s worth with years more inaction and denial to come.


    1. Yes DW, all that and more, and it almost makes the pond think we're in the end times, except if Inhofe is the rapture, what a bummer the end times are going to be ...

  3. Cognitive dissonance, DP? On a day when Barnaby is pleading for billions of foreign investment dollars to develop the Great Northern Co-Prosperity Food-Bowl, the Govt is handing out millions to farmers copping another 'hundred-year drought' and the fire threat in SA is rated as diabolical? No problem, Our Leader is itching to bitch-slap Putin.

  4. One positive thing is that if the government continues with its 'dams dams dams' approach to water management, at least it might tilt the huge uplift of artesian water back in the earth's favour.

    There's only a slim hope, however.

    1. By golly Anon the pond likes the cut of your jib. Always the eternal optimist. The next time we find a dinosaur, we'll be in need of your slim hope that they're easy to train ... :)

  5. One clear, unassailable fact that seems to escape notice is how damned happy Maurice is delivering the news. What a cheeky chappy he is! I've really grown to like the lizard images attached to writers. the medicine goe sdown so much easier while looking at happy, urbane personages!

  6. I'm looking forward to Newman revealing the truth about the Masons next


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