Friday, November 21, 2014

How dumb does it get in Hadley la la and Daily Terror land ... dumb and dumber ...

It was funny enough when Mark Scott took an easy mark, aimed and scored, tweeting merrily on his account here.

It was funny enough when mUmBRELLA picked up the ball, coathangered the boofhead, and repeated the joke:

The kindly Dr. Mumbo can be found here, and he even ran Mark Scott's clipping separately:

Yes, there he is, the blowhard doofus and the dubious data.

But now it's Friday night, and the pond was reminded of that lovely Robert Frost poem:

The data are lovely, rich and steep
But I have useless data, no need to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
With data to correct before I sleep

They couldn't, could they?

The pond was like a felon in a Dirty Harry movie. It's got to know, so it headed off to the Daily Terror just a little while ago.

And yep, there it was, published at midnight and still standing, defiantly ignorant, proudly dumb, at 8 pm, a full working day after the folly was first published:

What a bunch of slackers.

What a doofus Hadley is ...

Time to work harder for the money? Like have the first clue what you're writing about, while feigning a fit of righteous indignation?

You wouldn't even allow him on the set of mumblecore movie ...

UPDATE: Of course the pond checked in this Saturday a.m, to check on progress, and attempts to connect Ray Hadley to the real world. It's proving to be a struggle.

It's not as if one reader didn't attempt to help:

Note the time stamp - 23 hours ago.

Someone tried a little more recently:

But nary a peep came. Presumably the blowhard was off blowharding elsewhere, and presumably with the same regard for accuracy and truth, and nobody trapped in the Murdoch gulag of despair gave a stuff ...

Time for Hadders to work harder for the money?

Actually, if you're dumb, you can sometimes try to work harder, but all it does is send the wheels spinning, and strip the mental gears ...

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  1. I'm surprised Mark Scott would take any notice of the most unreliable newspaper in the cosmos, no, the universe!
    If East Germany had their Neues Deutschland, Albania had Zeri Popullit, why can't we have some fun with the terror


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