Monday, November 24, 2014

Do poodles lack brains? Perhaps only the human variety ...

Is it possible to do irony in this post-modernist, post-ironic hipster world?

Good on fake Christopher Pyne for trying here.

But how can he match the original?

The long absent lord knows, it's just not possible.

I mean, of all the fuckwitted fatuous fops ...

Heading off to the fake poodle is actually more like watching a gripping documentary about an idiot unfold:

The pond heard the first cut go down while listening to Bush Telegraph on RN. Sorry to hear about that, the pond likes to listen to tales of the bush, and its old alma mater town of Armidale ... they were talking about the importance of high speed broadband the benefits of the NBN for the bush ...

Now there's a fucking irony.

Hopefully, there's going to be a long hard rain fall in due course ... and with a bit of luck, it will fall just before Christmas on poodles too dumb to realise how stupid they are ...


  1. If there are any sentient members of the LNP who wonder when they are looking over the entrails following their eviction next election precisely where they lost Australia altogether, today might be worth looking at for a start. Yes, I'm in the latte belt, but so bloody many Australian like their ABC, and do not like liars. It's a bridge too far Tones. Over to Nick Feik:

  2. Don't they have FTTP in Armidale? I thought it was one of the early rollout sites. I thought it would serve as a useful comparison with the FTTN we've been getting since.

  3. Sorry DP, off topic, but Janet Albrechtsen has just confirmed she'll never, never, ever appear on that ghastly Q&A again.

    Even if she's invited, she still won't do it.


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