Sunday, September 30, 2012

Taking a stand against the girlies with all the usual suspects ...

(Above: that's the statistics out of the way for Sunday thanks to xkcd. Have no doubt that the pond is the fastest growing non-religion down under and likely the world and possibly the universe).

As always, it's hard to know where to start when celebrating pond denizens going about their loonish business. Who could forget the exemplary effort by one David Rouzer?

A Republican congressional nominee laid the blame for turmoil in the Middle East on “girly men” in the White House. 
 North Carolina State Sen. David Rouzer (R), the GOP nominee in the state’s 7th congressional district, levied the charge during a speech at a Tea Party Express rally in Wilmington on Sunday. If Romney is elected, Rouzer said, those perpetrating recent violence in the Middle East are going to “cut it out a little bit [...] because now we have real men in the White House.” An audience member shouted “No girly men!” prompting Rouzer’s approval: “That’s right, no girly men.”

No girlie men!

And what about the Catholic bishop who suggested that voting for Obama would jeopardise the voter's eternal soul?

... I am saying that you need to think and pray very carefully about your vote, because a vote for a candidate who promotes actions or behaviors that are intrinsically evil and gravely sinful makes you morally complicit and places the eternal salvation of your own soul in serious jeopardy. (here)

Sheesh, screw up your vote, and the malignant, malevolent god sends you off to hell for all eternity.

Now that's the sort of dire threat we need to sort out and save Australia. A vote for an angry Sydney Anglican sends you direct to hell. The Catholics swear it's true.

And if that's not enough the cartoon issue of The New Yorker - where would the world be without its civilising influence - has starkly illustrated the future we all face as Cory Bernardi's insightful prediction comes to pass (click to enlarge):

My wife! My best friend! Did you vote for Cory Bernardi? Do you realise you placed your soul in serious jeopardy in relation to eternal salvation? Or at least being able to look your gay friend in the eye ...

Which somehow brings us to what the Anglicans have been up to this week. And it really is amazing, as some of the most meaningful, hotly disputed cultural, social and theological issues of the day are canvassed in depth:

Oh you don't really want a link to when and how and why to use name tags, do you? 

Why not head off instead to reliably confused Michael Jensen furiously scribbling Blogmatics 19: Image is everything.

As usual Jensen feigns an awareness of modernity, only so he can plunge back deep into time to goat herder days, with a little Enlightenment bashing, as seems to be the form in luddite circles:

‘Man’ as the Enlightenment thought of him, is hopefully dying. This was a proud, independent being, self-made, self-defining and self-proclaiming. He was made only in his own image. He reflected no-one other than himself.

Yes, he even invented an abundance of gods, and has since spent an eternity arguing about which god is the best. Your god's vanilla, my god's ice cream, you're all wrong the gods are a rainbow of flavours.

More to the point, it's the usual yadda yadda about "man" and "he" and "him", perhaps because any talk of "woman" or "she" would simply be too girlie and see the angry Anglican outposts over run by submissive women, who should be seen but never heard, certainly not in a church or as a teacher.

As for the idle chatter about the Enlightenment - code for science - the pond does wish that angry Anglicans would go Amish. 

Give up your motor cars, give up your TVs, heck give up your radios and mobile phones, and hie thee back to the unenlightened days, carrying your superstitions around your neck and chanting your mantras of clericalism.

Enough already, for at this moment, the pond does its usual segue to meditate with Cardinal George Pell, who reprimands Muslims (and quite possibly angry Sydney Anglicans demanding that women submit:

The Prime Minister's comments on multiculturalism were important. It means respecting Australia's heritage, learning English, and accepting women as equals. These are non-negotiables. (Muslim Protests)

Women as equals? The next Pope is going to be a woman? The next Catholic Archbishop of Sydney a girlie? 

Perhaps, if you drop a little acid and enjoy the dream. What a stupid man, lecturing people about glass houses while residing in a crystal palace of non-negotiable delusions ...

But it does bring us in a circular way to Alan Jones. It will be recalled that Jones this year topped the 2012 Ernies with a Gold Ernie (and Media Silver Ernie) against a hot field of sexist pigs with this impeccable remark:

“Women are destroying the joint, Christine Nixon in Melbourne, Clover Moore here. Honestly. There's no chaff bag big enough for these people.”

Turns out that there's no chaff bag big enough to contain Alan Jones' ongoing shame. Jones is in the middle of an uproar over remarks he made to a packed room of Liberals:

"Every person in the caucus of the Labor Party knows that Julia Gillard is a liar, everybody. I will come to that in a moment. The old man recently died a few weeks ago of shame. To think that he has a daughter who told lies every time she stood for Parliament." 

That's about as dog low as a mongrel cur can get, even if presented in the guise of humour. (yes, the pond knows the import of cur, an inferior dog, a despicable or cowardly person).

Jones went on to claim the media had somehow brainwashed the federal Liberal Party to go easy on the Prime Minister because "she's a woman". 
"No, no look, hang on, this is where we are weak. This is where we are weak," Jones said. "Can you believe that they have gone, the federal party because they've been brainwashed by the media to 'oh back off, she's a woman, go easy'."  (Alan Jones says Julia Gillard's father died of shame)

Yes, what this country needs is tough men, who can be tough on girlies.

And the next day the Sydney University Liberal club had the cheek to tweet this:

 "Brilliant speech by Alan Jones last night. It's no wonder he's the nation's most influential broadcaster!" 

Influential if you happen to be looking for parrot seed for young Liberals.

Nauseating. Well today everyone is in retreat, with Liberals scattering left right and centre like a flock of denialists, doing the "no hear, no see, no speak monkey" routine, amidst calls for boycotts of 2GB and their advertisers.

It's not just Malcolm Turnbull giving the parrot a hard time. Even the Bolter has turned on him (Die of Shame). Even the feral Murdoch pack is astonished:

Happily the pond already boycotts 2GB - and you can too. Why not lean over from the back seat and say to your taxi driver, "I say driver, will you turn down or turn down that shitty squawking parrot" - but now is the time to maintain the rage in relation to the station's advertisers. Let them feel the heat.

They're all up to their necks in it, with the Anglicans' idle chatter about submissive women, and Catholics pretending they run an equal church, and Alan Jones going lower than an American politician sticking it to girlies.

Let them all die of shame, or at least go behind the bushes or into a Catholic confessional or off to a London toilet to do their idle girlie wanking ...

(Below: click to enlarge. It's been doing the rounds for awhile, but the pond is a mortein site, so on a Sunday let's hear it for Norway).


  1. Alas, I fear Cory’s predictions of the bestial consequences of a gay lifestyle have already come to pass. According to an article about vicars coming out on the Angries’ anti-gay website:

    “…I was saddened not long after to learn that a famous British evangelical and theology author, Roy Clements, had abandoned his ministry, wife and children to undertake a ‘plutonic’ gay relationship…”

    1. Dear God! First it was beastiality, now it's with fictional animals! It's a slippery slope I tells ya...

  2. Alan Jones is out of control. His lobbying borders on compulsion. It's all about becoming PM by proxy...through Tony Abbott. It goes to show you just how weak Tony Abbott really is...a face man for the men of power in Australia who don't like having a PM who doesn't pander to their priviledged power dummy spits.

  3. I’ve also been disappointed with Michael Jensen’s feeble offerings of late. But we shouldn’t be too quick to disdain, he has been spending his literary and spiritual powers on a greater and more noble cause.

    At last it seems that one of the top dogs of the family firm have felt some regret and written an apology for the centuries of Ugly Anglicanism inflicted on the hapless folk of Sydney.

    Simply titled ‘Sydney Anglicanism: An Apology’, Jensen’s new book promises to finally repent the gratuitous arrogance , callous bigotry and frantic wowserism synonymous with the brand. (I wonder if he offers to repay the taxes they have so long evaded?)

    The publisher’s review suggests Jensen goes as far as to lift the lid on some sordid criminal goings-on around the Diocese: “Michael Jensen provides a unique insider's view into the convictional world of Sydney Anglicanism.”

    I fear, though, that the other Angries aren’t quite so prepared to seek forgiveness. A look around the various Angries and para-Angries’ websites finds nary a mention – no launch, no review, no outpouring of remorse or shame - not even an update on his publications list at the Moore College site – which is now ominously empty. So lacking has been any recognition of this profound turn in Sydney Angrianism that Jensen has had to revive his old website just to get a mention out there.

    This is not surprising. A few weeks ago Uncle Phillip sent out a thinly veiled warning that he would brook no apology for the work of the Angries. He obviously knew what Michael was planning and tried to pre-empt any groundswell of fellow feeling in the ranks. Here’s a snippet:
    “If we are going to be so bold as to suggest that people should change their religion, shouldn’t we apologise for all the wrong things that our church has done over the centuries? Shouldn’t we assure people that they are every bit as moral as we are and their views have as much, if not more, good points than ours? Isn’t considering Christianity superior pride?

    Can you guess what the correct answers to these questions were?

    The Dean may have succeeded in quashing any publicity for Michael’s book, but I think we owe it to the brave young Jensen to keep the fires burning and support his humble sacrificial willingness to say ‘I’m sorry’ and stand up to the capofamiglia – for which he will, no doubt, be paying eternally.


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