Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Say what?

Say what?

"I'm going to smack u! Arhhhhhh"
"Lenny used to call me the lovable cunt at Gowinta cause I knew how to play the game"
"You're cruising for a bruising"
"Cool. Let's fuck them up the arse instead"

Text messages allegedly sent by Mr. James Ashby to Mr. Peter Slipper on December 27th 2011, with asterisks deleted, and real words used because we're all adults here, and this matter is allegedly about sexual harassment, as reported in 'We will get him!": journalist's texts to Slipper accuser:

Steve Lewis, News Limited journalist, allegedly to Mr Ashby, as also reported in 'We will get him!": journalist's texts to Slipper accuser:

The News Limited journalist who worked with James Ashby and Malcolm Brough to expose allegations of sexual harrassment against the Speaker, Peter Slipper, allegedly told Mr Ashby by text, "We will get him!"
Steve Lewis also told Mr Ashby, "I will sort out payment" and "Just tell hotel to book u in again and News will sort".

Say what?

The sexual harassment case against Peter Slipper has been dealt a blow, with two key witnesses for senior adviser James Ashby refusing to co-operate in his lawsuit against the stood-aside Speaker.

The two former Slipper advisers - Megan Hobson, who was named in Mr Ashby's original application to the Federal Court, and Richard Bruinsma - are refusing to give statements and will have to be subpoenaed if their evidence is deemed critical to either side of the case. (here, inside the paywall).

Say what?

Meanwhile, over at The Punch, the risible Kevin Andrews delivers a homily about leadership under the header True leaders don't fear failure.

Indeed. Apparently true leaders don't fear the odd drowning if it allows them to grasp the throne, at least if true leader Tony "let them drown" Abbott is a guide.

And it seems true leaders leave the dirty business of 'we will get him' to News Limited.

The prescient Laura Tingle got it right back in April under the header No one stays clean in a mud fight:

Forty years ago this July, Steve Lewis, News Ltd’s national political correspondent, and I shared the stage of the Sydney Town Hall.

It’s a long story but some people might find it appropriate that Lewis appeared as a caveman, complete with a spear made out of foil, while I was part of a rumbling brown paper volcano that spat out fire and brimstone, courtesy of some red and yellow crepe paper stuck to my fingers.


The Slipper story means the door has been opened for all sorts of personal mud to be thrown. Like the Godwin Grech affair, we don’t know where it will end, or whether someone will find themselves on the wrong end of a foil spear.

Indeed. The pond is looking forward to future coverage of the case, anxious to discover who will find themselves at the wrong end of a foil spear.

Thankfully today we've learned courtesy of Gerard Henderson that the media has little impact on politics, and isn't really responsible for anything.

Go get 'em Nancy. Sic 'em and maybe they'll offer you a bone ...


thanks to the ABC, by visiting Journalist told Slipper staff 'we will get him', you can access a link to a 23 page pdf of Peter Slippers points of claim. As well as some of the text noted above, it thoughtfully provides, without redaction, email and mobile phone numbers, and some most intriguing information in relation to Mr. Mal Brough's participation in the affair.

Here's a sample:

Doane: I hear ya... I encourage you to contact Murray ( Marie ....). You need to keep everyone onside and have options. Not sure if State will be your future, or that you'll want it to be, so the more options the better. I really want the Sports portfolios that is my passion and I know it on many levels so I would be perfect ( even if I do say so myself) when you get to it, please send thru Jackie's email info. cc you into anything. Chat soon .... ;
Doane: Howdy, you awake? Just got a text that state staffing isn't the decision of the minister_ Do you think Jackie has influence? I would think yes?!?....
Ashby: Hmmm interesting. I had no idea of that rule... I bet the likes of Jacki and Bruce McIver have some influence. Jacki is definitely a key player in the party these days. To arrange a lawyer for $1 of that caliber is a big thing in my mind.
Doane: Agreed. It is also due to the barrister's ties to the LNP and the way this will tip the govt to Mal's and the LNP's advantage. Definitely a good move for us to meet with him so he gets to know us other than w the black mark from being w Peter!!
Doane: Hope I've said thank you enough???!! I am really appreciative James ...

And there's much more.

Strange, not a single mention of the Slipper affair on the front digital page of the Daily Terror, except for a link to The Australian story about former Slipper staffers not testifying.

And yet they were the ones who cried havoc and let slip the dogs of war. Surely with the story all over the place there's still time for their hounds to get right on it, and put up the pdf released by the Federal Court ...

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  1. Why, DP, this is just an aberration as a mountain of evidence will prove. Roop's tools & shills occupy the moral high ground, after all. That's why they are, as with one voice, slagging The Greens for being unable to solve the Pacific crisis. It is crowded at the summit. Roop's instruments have proven their high moral worth. Why, haven't you heard how they volunteer to take refugees into their own homes?
    Anyway, Juan Cole has provided this mash-up http://www.juancole.com/2012/06/bully-worship-has-become-a-universal-religion-george-orwell-poster.html that seems to hit the right note for the times.


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