Thursday, November 21, 2019

In which dashing Donners teases the pond by asking how good is democratic socialism ...

The pond didn't know where to turn, or what to say, or even how to say it … what with the news still streaming in even as the pond typed ... but it had to break its silence this day, because along came an heroic crusader, straight out of medieval times, with an Orwellian here and an Orwellian there, offering the pond panaceas, hopes, and a cure, up there with the laying on of hands, or perhaps a bloody cannibalistic bout with a wafer of flesh and a sip of human blood …

Yes, it was dashing Donners, endorsing correct socialist thinking, and he offered a path of salvation for the pond, and yet, if the pond waited until the weekend, Donners' deepest, most dashing thoughts, and most wise advice might be lost in the detritus of reptile weekend blather …

The pond was deeply moved, and not by the cartoon, which, as is expected these days in the reptile rag - the reptiles having carelessly misplaced their only genuine cartoonist -was deeply pathetic …

But Donners had shown the pond the light and the path. There is far too much political correctness in speech these days.

Why can't Prince Andrew simply say that he hung around with a fucker of underage girls because he didn't mind the odd fuck with an underage girl himself?

Why can't the Donald simply say that he tried to fuck the Ukraine in order to fuck Joe Biden, and he would have been able to do it, too, if some treacherous, traitor fuckers hadn't dobbed him in?

Why can't the reptiles simply say they love coal because they don't mind fucking the planet, so long as they can get their share before the planet is fucked?

No wonder SloMo is haunted by dreams and wants to stay in bed a little longer for a snooze …

Well there's more Rowe here - but please note the ghost in the room before we move on - because naturally there's more politically incorrect Donners …how fucking good is that?

Odd, really, given that Donners himself just then invoked the name of a die-hard socialist …

Dear sweet long absent lord, could Donners himself be a democratic socialist? 

What a mind fuck that would be, if you'll please excuse the politically incorrect language the pond is deploying at dashing Donners suggestion …the pond understands this is not the time for politeness or civility. 

If Royalty doesn't give a flying fuck, and if Donald wants to fuck all those around him, and if the reptiles want to fuck the planet, we must call a shovel a spade, and not give a fucking toss for those we might carelessly offend. Strong, sound words from a silly man who has an invisible friend given to delusions about working miracles ...

Meanwhile, not understanding Donners' wise advice, people on another planet are in a state of agony …

Well no link to an infallible Pope paywall, but at least there's a final gobbet from dashing Donners …

Christianity is the answer to political correctness? The IPA is the flame of liberty, rather than the flame of Gina?

What a goose, and yet it seems the goose is going to squawk with Peta, perhaps even explaining his deep attachment to democratic socialism, but sadly the pond is going to miss this cross-over promotion, though it might help explain why the reptile business model is in the deep doo-dah, and each branch needs to help all the branches in trying to attract some attention in a world where Royalty and the Donald are there for all to see, and for free…

Sorry, the pond should have said the business model is in deep shit. 

Politeness and civility go hang. Please excuse the pond, it will take the pond some time to get the hang of this political incorrectness, and so inevitably the first steps will be like a toddler stumbling towards the light … though soon enough the pond might reach Stephen Miller's exalted white nationalist thinking … though on reflection, given that a shovel is now a spade, shouldn't the pond just call him a neo-Nazi … a white supremacist lodged in the White House?

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the pond realises it's chewing through some cartoons it would normally reserve for the weekend, but what the heck, if things are fucked, it seems the only thing to do is to say that things are truly, ruly fucked …thanks Donners, and now the pond will breathe into the bag, but just who or what is that ghostly figure lurking in the back?


  1. Thanks for the midweek pickup, DP.
    In the first paragraph of Orwell's Wikipedia entry there is
    "His work is characterised by lucid prose, awareness of social injustice, opposition to totalitarianism, and outspoken support of democratic socialism".
    But for Donnelly, Orwell is on his side.

    1. And not only Donners, Joe. Orwell is also unconditionally on the side of Dame Slap - indeed on the side of the entire reptile herpetarium from Murdoch on down.

      It's fascinating what a limited ability to read combined with a total lack of comprehension will lead a wingnut to passionately espouse.

  2. Donnelly really does write the same column over and over again.

    1. I think that's called 'industrial efficiency through reuse of materials', Anony.

      All of the reptiles have mastered that one.

  3. Dimbulb Donners: "Political correctness is an insidious and poisonous form of groupthink and language control dedicated to forcing a radical cultural-left ideology on schools, universities, media, church and families."

    Wau, you just can't beat them wingnut reptiles can you - that's just a fabulously accurate description of the "political correctness" that churches and other rulers - including so-called "democratic parliaments" - have thrust upon we "cultural-lefties" for at least two millenia. No wonder that the Dimbulb Donners of this world know it so very well.

    We all know very well the times when one could be burned at the stake for saying anything but the "politically correct" formulae of the times about religion. We all remember William Tyndale too, don't we. But I reckon Donners has never heard of him.

    Then we have Donners passing on the thoughts of some unknown "cultural-wingut" called Pierre Ryckmans: "universities had long since abandoned any commitment to a liberal education and what TS Eliot [yes, that right-wing religious nutter rides again] describes as "the preservation of learning, for the pursuit of truth, and in so far as men are capable of it, the attainment of wisdom"."

    Yeah, now European Unis began with Bologna in 1088 and moved on to Paris at the Sorbonne (1150) and Oxford (1167). And you know for just a scant few years the "universities" might have aspired to Eliot's paen ... but then the Church (yes, that 'Roman' one) took over and imposed totally rigid "political correctness" for nearly a millenium. But again, Donners has never, ever heard of that, has he.

    " Dear sweet long absent lord, could Donners himself be a democratic socialist?"

    Dunno, DP, but he might be. He doesn't know anything much about either his own thoughts and prayers or about the world he so casually inhabits.

  4. Ooops. Where is Nick (Goosebumps) Cater going to find $900,000 to pay off the Wagners ?


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