Thursday, August 20, 2015

Yes, the reptiles of Oz are dangerously self-radicalising, and the pond blames it on the double serves of the kool-aid ...

Does David Pope realise he's just described in alarming detail the self-radicalising behaviour of the reptiles that each day put out the lizard Oz?

No doubt he does, part of what we know as post-modernist irony, and as always, more splendid Papal insights here, and more of post-irony later.

Meanwhile, everyone's doing it... trawling through the archives for another taste of that delicious post-modernist irony.

And so on. You could waste hours googling merrily away and discover the poodle hailing her as a revolutionary, a lion of the union movement... (AFR it by checking out Kathy Jackson played the nation's conservative politicians and her one-time allies in the labour movement for fools).

Well everyone's doing it, save senior Liberal party figures and Murdochian hacks.

They were all in it, Abbott, the poodle, Miranda the Devine, and dozens of others.

Now the pond has little to offer on the matter of Jackson. Why she did what she allegedly did is completely mystifying and befuddling, a matter for a shrink rather than a blogger.

That said, in the pond's eyes, the real criminality involved in the matter were the criminals who politicised matters best left to the police and the slowly grinding wheels of justice. As always, these criminals hope to get off scot-free, their crimes forgotten, their ideological zealotry swept under the rug.

The pond has been on both sides of the fence, employee and employer, union member and a scallywag deemed a scab and black banned, a minor fiddler with expenses at one time appointed gamekeeper, as poachers make the best gamekeepers ... (and as that great Ken Loach movie The Gamekeeper proved, all you're likely to get out of gamekeeper service is a pie for someone else).

Well that's the movie reference for the day, but you won't find examples of the pond celebrating Peter Slipper or Craig Thomson.

Here's the thing ... the warning signs were in long ago in the matter of Jackson, well before the poodle and Abbott jumped on the bandwagon, and yet the ideological zealots routinely got their hands dirty. And now they live in the hope of escaping any consequences.

This should be an enormous discredit to Abbott, the poodle and all the others who hoed in on one side, while hacking away at others perceived to be on the wrong side of the game. And that's because at the end of it all, Abbott's only skill is political thuggery.

These same criminals carried on about the defrauding of expenses, where, but for the politicisation of the federal police and the craven consorting of bureaucrats, their behaviour would have been deemed to be equally criminal.

In the scheme of things, what's been revealed about various union matters thus far is small beer up against the massive malfeasance that's been exposed in the financial services sector. But you won't find a royal commission examining the big end of town ...

The same scenario, the rampant hypocrisy and the double standards, is now being played out in the Heydon matter, the defence of the indefensible ...

Sure, and the pond can make a reliably unbiased and impartial ruling on itself. Just ask the pond, and we'll give you an exemplary response ...

The humbug of the lawyers' union, as lawyers somehow imagine they're above the fray and the personal considerations that motivate all humanity.

Cowdery and others don't have the first clue. Heydon can only be seen to make an unbiased ruling, if he rules himself out. If he stays, it will be seen to be self-serving, partial and biased. That's what happens when you wade in so deep that it's as tedious to go o'er as it is to return ...

But enough of matters of rank hypocrisy and outrageous double standards, because it is the pond's duty to check daily the dangerous self-radicalising behaviour of the reptiles, and what an astonishing paranoid hoo hah they've launched on the world this day:

Can someone hand Troy Bramston a massive eggbeater?

A secret ACTU army, a grassroots army? Union automatons on the march in unison?

Where do they get this sort of nonsense from?

Now there's an army we don't hear much about any more, though at one time that army was going to save the wooorrrld ...

But what's even more astonishing this day is the way the reptiles faithfully reproduce the meaningless rhetoric, the gibberish of Abbott and Co.

And for a prime example we must turn to the reptile editorialist, who shows all the dangers of a self-radicalising addiction to kool-aid, with alarming consequences for the English language:

It's all there, political activists, radical greens, activist lawfare, vigilante litigation, ideological crusade, blah blah, yadda yadda ...

But here's the one the pond especially loved ...

Privileged post-materialists.

Hmm, are we talking about ontological post-materialists, or existentialistic, or ethical, or political-sociological postmodern post-materialism? (You can do a Greg Hunt here).

And as usual, with the reptiles, once the kool aid has left the system - they must spend all their spare time pissing on the office pot plants, they have so much to expunge - comes the note about the actual 0.5 per cent reality and the watering down of legitimate safeguards, as shown in sundry corrupt matters in relation to the coal mines of NSW, and what's more, that on the Labor side of politics.

It's all beyond the valley of the pathetic, and you only have to turn to a cartoonist for the humbug to be exposed for the rhetorical nonsense, the nattering negative rhetoric and warfare du jour that it is.

Yes, as in the good old days of Jon Stewart, these days you're better off checking out the cartoonists for real insights, instead of jibber jabber about privileged post-materialists.

Note the similarity of the rhetoric, albeit exaggerated just a mite for the pleasure of the satire:

And so to the punchline, and here the cartoonist follows exactly the same story arc as the hapless reptile editorialist:

How do the reptiles live with themselves? No doubt the pay check and the kool aid help ...

You can see First Dog's cartoon in one piece at the Graudian here, and now let's head over to the ABC to see how that war on science is coming along ...

Now they've taken to selling the farm to pay for the shortfall ... yep, it's coming along nicely ...


  1. "Victorian Liberal Party investigating $2 million missing after election campaign"

    Oh NO!! Not another royal commission.

  2. Mike Carlton is enjoying sticking it up the reptiles over Jackson hypocrisy. (They don't like it up 'em!)

  3. Tess Lawrence hangs, draws and quarters Pell over at I.A.



    This Inquiry publicly eviscerated from dank cloisters the extent of industrial-strength child sex abuse perpetrated by the clergy and the squalid depravity of predatory priests, brothers and lay employees.

    The live broadcasts exposed the networks of these career paedophiles, some of whom, despite criminal convictions and known paedophilic proclivities, were harboured and given sanctuary within the bosom of the male-dominated and patriarchal club that hides behind the sly matronly sobriquet of "Mother Church".

    Mother Fuckers indeed, in the literal sense of the rapster's words.

    The revelations shocked the wider community and perhaps for the first time in Australia shone a national spotlight on the semen-soiled collective groin and stained cassocks of these serial abusers.,8076

  4. Nice one, DP.
    I'm enjoying Brandis playing king-maker as competition for the Tease.
    Considering the unfulfilled instruction from El Supremo to get rid of Credlin, it's no wonder the leaks keep dribbling.

  5. Great analysis as always,DP.
    "This should be an enormous discredit to Abbott, the poodle and all the others who hoed in on one side, while hacking away at others perceived to be on the wrong side of the game. And that's because at the end of it all, Abbott's only skill is political thuggery."
    These good ol 'catholic boys where obviously not paying attention during religious instruction and missed the one about throwing stones etc. as it is most likely the other side will usually start throwing them back. Such fun to watch though.

  6. Oh look over there! 7 would be jihadists stopped at airport and told to go home and stop being naughty boys Abbott). Death cults! Border Force! Imminent threat to our freedoms! Surely worth at least 20 flags? Except it was 2 weeks ago.

  7. Sheehan the shit. "The Dyson Heydon saga: innuendo and hypocrisy, blood for the sake of blood...a lascivious pursuit of scalp hunting"

    A what?

    1. Oh Anon, show some empathy. You know that Sheehan has been quite incoherent since being deprived of his Magic Water and Special Sourdough for so long.

    2. "lascivious" He got that word from Shakespeare. Othello, I believe.

  8. Have the Victorian Lib'ruls checked with Kathy Jackson on the missing $2,000,000?

    Leave no carpet corner un-turned boys and girls!

  9. Reptile "Self-radicalising" defined...

    A 'free' radical is an atom, molecule, or ion that has unpaired electrons.

    With some exceptions, these unpaired electrons make free radicals highly chemically reactive towards other substances, or even towards themselves: their molecules will often spontaneously dimerize or polymerize if they come in contact with each other.

    Most radicals are reasonably stable only at very low concentrations in inert media or in a vacuum.

    (I Ghunted it)


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