Thursday, August 13, 2015

Yes, Mr Bumble ...

It didn't take long for the pond to be besieged with links and data:

The apprehended bias test!

That came from a learned judgement in which the learned judges French CJ, Gummow, Heydon, Kiefel and Bell JJ sat to consider the weighty matter of British American Tobacco Australia Services Limited v Laurie, and thanks to the wonders of Austlii, you may read more of the learned judges and their learned opinions and what they thought of bias, apprehended and otherwise, by heading off here.

Of course the pond is more inclined to the learned opinions of the learned Bumble in the matter of Victorian sexism of a Dickensian kind:
Indeed, Mr Bumble, the law is an ass, and some judges are much more ass-like than your average ass.

And now to a quick pivot, because it has come to the pond's attention that there have been some alarums today about intertubes' security.

The pond has to hand a most reliable remedy:

Please, please, the pond is only too pleased to help.

But apologies for the quality of the reproduction. It's up there with the quality of the advice... and with the intelligence of certain learned judges ...


  1. Malachite would keep us safe from Dyson Heydon, is that what you're saying?

    1. Feel free to try it. Remember, the pond doesn't offer any form of warranty.

  2. No, safe from IS is what.

  3. Hmm. Malachite almost reads to be a worthy addition to any cutting-edge, par-decaying multi-technology mix.

  4. Oh yes!

    He's backing Heydon!

    "Laydeez and gennelmen, tonight, the man who backed Bronnie for 3 weeks has another target for backing - please welcome Dyson Heydon!! A big round please, dinner will be served at 9.00pm, and may we recommend the lamb!!"

  5. Freedom Boy is fundraising tonight. Free speech @ only $40! Hear about his thoughts on his role and... "Cheques payable to Liberal Party of Australia..."

    1. Ah Freedom Boy, free to make a motza ...

  6. Introducing the Dyson Transformer! With patented Ball and Root techology, and it's hygienic and quick to empty.
    Minimizes risk of contact with dirt.


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