Saturday, August 01, 2015

Yee hah ...

Okay, too many people have been pestering and badgering the pond about this "alleged" "scandal".

There's more here at the Northern Daily Laggard, but see if you can spot the grotesque scandal at the heart of this report, which makes it extremely dubious:

Hands up those who were shocked that Abbott was in to rorting! As if you didn't know ...

Hands up those who thought his canoodling with that Tamworth girl a tad too fresh! Why he's got the swagger of a Nashville star ...

Sorry, you may all don a dunce cap and go to the corner at the back of the classroom.

The outrageous, shocking remark was "I really don't know how you could spend $10,000 in one day in Tamworth" ... as if you couldn't get through 10k in a day, and not need to stay the night, in a town known for its bright lights as the Vegas of the north west slopes and plains.

What a lack of imagination Rob Taber shows!

Why not book out the Hog's Breath and bung on a meal for the locals? Oh okay, you could do the Cattleman Steakhouse if you want to help out a newly married couple with a touch of class ...

How about putting on an open tab at Joe Maguire's Pub? With free punch up in the alley ...

Thought about spending a couple of hours running hard earned cash through the pokies at Westies?

Why not make a decent offer on that famous guitar and take it home with you?

Talk about excitement city and Trip Advisor's Top Things to Do in Tamworth!

Why the pond could run through $20k in a day, easy peasy.

The reason why Tony Abbott didn't do that is he's a humble, discreet, rorter. Why he catches economy class to Europe just like your average Joe Blow.

And what does your average Joe Blow say about that sort of stupidity? Sheesh mate, everyone who can afford it wants to fly business to get away from all the useless fucking politicians filling up the seats in economy ...

Now could we package that guitar with a harbour bridge and sell it off? 10k the lot and you can fly to Europe for free ...


  1. Excellent and deserving addition to the pantheon in the banner, Dot.

  2. Highly recommended (and recently discovered in the local Salvos for $1), 'Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable' c. 1870 in which we find the inestimable terms "Daughter of the horseleech" (One very exigent : One forever sponging on another). And "Masher" (A dude; an exquisite; a lardy-dardy swell...behaves killingly and thinks himself a Romeo; a crusher, a lady killer), and "Raree Show" (a parade of obscure novelties).

    Heaven for scriptwriters and Parliamentary chroniclers!

    1. Sniff? Sniff!! Ah, those pheromones, enough to drive a red-blooded Aussie male to distraction.

  3. Abbott, experienced in appearing in front of signs for best misogynist camera effect, to hell with plausible denial, hasn't allowed for the sign shifting and camera angle here. On display is practised technique in personally glad handing punters. While bodily blocking the view of onlookers the dodger distracts his mark with those artful tongue tricks and a wary shirtfont pressing. He is caught picking this woman's pocket.

    Stop free hugs!

    1. "Yet he felt strangely cool as he pressed his hard, masculine body against hers. A smile flashed across his face as his hips thrust forwards"

      I think there will be no more free hugs.

  4. That could be a saying for the times, Dot: "I reckon it's bloody awful, and if Abbott gets away with this, all hell will break loose."

    Mark my words.


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