Monday, August 31, 2015

So many messes, so little time or kitty litter ...

Indeed, indeed.

As a one-time adept, if short-lived writer of fawning ministerials - dear honourable exalted minister, majestic poobah of humbug, might the pond obsequiously and humbly advise - the pond knew the rule that all bureaucrats knew, and fastidiously observed. 

Keep the minister's office in the loop, or just go somewhere quiet and die. And the office read the notes. That was what they were paid to do, and how they loved to scrutinise ... nothing was considered routine, especially the routine business of berating bureaucrats if an error was spotted.

But we all know Dutton's an incompetent, now currently in the middle of his Cambodian folly - one of the most despicable foreign adventures in recent times for any federal government - so why carry on?

Speaking of incompetence, sundry other matters keep springing up, and the pond was pleased to catch up on a piece which slipped by accident a few days ago into the propaganda machine known as reptile central - you can google the full piece if you like, since the pond doesn't link to the reptiles of Oz. 

It's by Mark Gregory, a senior lecturer in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at RMIT University, and it reads mighty fine to the pond:

The Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has insisted that Labor’s NBN would cost about $30bn more than the Coalition’s NBN and he’s not about to change that line. However, it’s important to note that the issues highlighted by Turnbull and NBN Co boss Bill Morrow on Monday were all flagged by industry and academic experts.

The methodology of the multi-technology NBN meant that the workforce needed to be retrained, new deals with Telstra and Optus had to be struck, and once you take the unknown state of the copper and the HFC networks the cost of building the Coalition’s NBN was always going to nudge close to Labor’s alternative. It will however, be a far inferior network to the one Labor had promised.

There's more, but this will do, flying toasters, this will do:

No one forced the Coalition to adopt a second-rate solution for the NBN that exponentially increased risk. It’s time for Turnbull to take responsibility for the mess that has occurred during his time as the communications minister. Turnbull cannot continue to blame Labor for mistakes that that government has made. Efforts by the telecommunications industry and leading telecommunications academics to convince Turnbull and the government that the multi-technology approach was going to be more difficult to implement than they believed were dismissed out of hand. 

NBN Co has now pushed back projections of any real progress until well after the next election in an effort to ensure that further bad news doesn’t cause a hiccup come polling day. 

By setting the bar so low Turnbull has been assured by Morrow that NBN Co will be able to achieve its projected targets in the lead-up to the 2016 election but the damage has already been done. The attempt to deflect the blame for what is happening onto Labor has run out of steam. It’s time for Turnbull to take responsibility for a mess this government has created.

Indeed, indeed, if only they would, but this is a mob that routinely refuses to take responsibility, so there's no chance Turnbull will admit he's the new Stephen Conroy. So many messes, so little time or kitty litter to soak up the messes.

And now to the ugliness at the heart of the reptile empire, and it doesn't get much uglier than this:

Of course that splash is just a chance for Cuneen to play dress-ups in the style of Peter Slipper, while the Terrorists go down the old tabloid routine of boosting hits with tawdry sensationalism. It reminded the pond that the telemovie that was supposed to have been made about Cuneen's triumph was all about Cuneen, and not so much about the victims, but then it was never made, and a good thing too. Of course back in the day the Terror was outraged at the notion the telemovie might be made - fancy exploiting rape for tawdry purposes! (Do you think this movie should be made?)

Never mind, the real heart of darkness came with the associated puffery:

Put it another way: Look, look it's me, look at me, look at me. I'm a bigot and I'm proud. Look, look at me.

What a wretched, appalling and deeply unhappy, bitter, sour and hate-filled sight Miranda the Devine makes as she goes about the business of stirring up even more hate.

Firstly she drags a very old and smelly set of crimes out of the cupboard and dusts them off for her own deeply unhappy, resolutely ideological purposes, and then she smears an entirety of leftists with a slander of the basest kind.

Why does she do it? Well attention must be paid, and the "look at me, look at me, aren't I vile?" factor should never be overlooked, especially in a tabloid that specialises in matters of rape, and pages of advertisements for escorts and brothels.

How absurd does it get?

... a sinister pall hung over the case. A stifling political correctness sought to suppress the truth of those gang rapes, pretending they were just like any other crime, with no religious or racial motivations, and that racists were lying to create a “moral panic”. 

Yes, it's a nameless slur in the name of stifling political correctness, the usual sort of claptrap.

But here's where the Devine to jump the shark:

It was the beginning of an Orwellian push by the social engineers of the Left to demean and damage anyone who spoke honestly about the cultural and religious faultlines that would soon lead to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and endless social disruption since.

It takes a really stupid, perverse, and deeply sick mind to leap frog from crimes committed by Lebanese Muslims in Sydney to the bringing down of the Twin Towers ...

Actually, it's beyond the deeply sick, it's well into the deeply weird.

Now it just so happens that the pond knows the case well, and was given much information about it, some of it off the record, and is well aware of what happened.

But here's the thing. None of it justified making the leap from hate crimes in Sydney to the bringing down of the Twin Towers.

At that point, you have to reach for another explanation, thoughtfully provided by the Devine herself:

NSW Anti-Discrimination Board president Chris Puplick published a 123-page pamphlet wrongly claiming the media was infected with institutionalised “anti-Arab, anti-Muslim” bigotry which created “moral panic” in the community.

Yep, and speaking of that institutionalised bigotry, the Devine this day has just proven his point, going deep down in the gutter to help keep the moral panic alive and well.

The Devine's concluding par says it all:

To its eternal shame, the leftist establishment has never acknowledged that young Muslim men singled out non-Muslim women to rape on the basis that they were “Aussie pigs” and “sluts” who asked for it. A PC stance on multiculturalism is more important than the safety of women.

Who or what is this leftist establishment?

And whose eternal shame is it that the Devine should so shamelessly disinter this story, and spin it in such a vile way?

Which feminist recently said a PC stance on multiculturalism is more important than the safety of women?

Nameless, stupid generalisations and slurs, trolling of the most wretched kind. If it turned up on Twitter, the reptiles would be howling with indignation.

Naturally the stupid responded to the trolling in the way expected:

For the "progressive" lefties only white Anglo Saxons are racist, so accusing anyone else of committing racial crimes apart from Anglo Saxons does not fit in their narrative.

Yep, it was fuckwits on parade, and there was lots of name-calling and abuse, and a few objections:

To link anyone to this abhorrent crime is a line that should (and I would never ) NEVER be crossed .... Pity Miranda doesn't agree .... The politicisation of these crimes is unforgivable

... which led to more abuse, and so it became just another in the daily Terror's regular fuckwits on parade show.

For anyone interested in an alternative perspective on the original crime, they might care to look at Sarah Crichton's and Andrew Stevenson's When race and rape collide, published back in September 2002 in Fairfax ...

Not every journalist has to be a cretin of the Devine kind, but she certainly wins the pond's gutter grub of the month award ...

The pond apologises to anyone who feels soiled by having this eau d'cologne splashed on them, we should have read the label:


  1. The pond has no need to apologise for exposing reptile filth to the light of day - daylight is a great antiseptic.

  2. How about this:
    "To its eternal shame, the rightist establishment has never acknowledged that young white men single out women of any race to rape on the basis that they were “pigs” and “sluts” who asked for it. A PC stance is more important than the safety of women."

    1. Is it possible to blame Muslims without blaming Islam ?

      I must admit that my depth of understanding was vastly improved by a little news item today that a local court in Utar Pradesh in India had sentenced two Dalit (ie untouchable) sisters aged 23 and 15 respectively to be raped as punishment for their brother eloping with a woman of higher caste.

      As an active multiculturalist, I wanted to know how the rapist or rapists were selected. Did the court appoint an official rapist(s) or did it call for volunteers ? And how many penetrations are involved ?

    2. Been thinking about this problem you have for a while and I think the best way to solve your issues is to get to know some actual Muslims and ask them.

    3. Good comeback, Anon, except I think they would be Hindus.

    4. I was serious Anon not just coming back, and I take your point.

      Hindu's are more difficult to find though than Muslims don't you think? In my area anyway.

    5. They tend to hide, I think. Don't really blame them.

    6. Yeah, Anony-1, good comeback ! Oh, it wasn't a comeback, you were serious ?

      According to the ABS there's approximately 400,000 India born people in Australia which is about 1.67% of the total Aussie population so I guess they wouldn't be that easy to find, would they. Muslims, on the other hand, are about 2.2% of the Aussie population, so they'd be easy to find.

      But I am beholden to you for your most helpful suggestion, and if I ever find out the email or twitter address of the Uttar Pradesh council who brought down the sentence, I will assuredly ask them.

  3. Ah yes, the infamous former Senator Chris "Che is a Tory" Puplick, formerly of the near-Marxist Federal Liberal policy committee, and co-author of the scurrilous work Liberal Thinking (along with that other raving leftist revisionista Sir Robert Southey, formerly a moustachio-twirling entryist in the Liberal Party presidency).

  4. Pond, I expect better from an article criticising pundits of tarring people with the same brush and then calling the rapists "Lebanese Muslims". Please consider your own bias.

    1. The pond used the terms the key rapists used to describe themselves, in much the same way that the pond is an angry white ex-Catholic from Tamworth. Please consider your own stupidity.

  5. Replies
    1. The ability of lnp to channel any humanitarian crisis into arms investor state stimulus never ceases to amaze.

      War debt, is there anything else this canberra franchise are good at?


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