Saturday, August 29, 2015

Passing the microphone to all the ABC haters ...

And so to the Bolter and his astonishing, searing coverage, smeared with outrage and indignation, at the Border Farce that unfolded yesterday:

Oh dear,  should we have another go?

Oh wait, finally, apparently it's all the fault of the Labor party and the Fairfax press:

He almost makes it sound like a generous concession to the sheep.

Yep, it was just a badly worded press release, and at least acting like fascists is taking our border laws seriously. Like, um, Adolf did ... he too stood firm against the dilution of precious bodily fluids. And, after tales of how the Labor party and the unions wuz busy doing it too (you know, sending paramilitaries out into the streets to randomly check for visas), so to the inevitable punchline:

The ABC and Fairfax are again operating as an echo chamber for the far Left.

Well as someone who routinely operates as an echo chamber for the far Right, and the loony tea party rascists, the Bolter should know ...

 Never mind, what's on the show?

Yes, there's the march to a police state top of the dial, front and centre, with the quisling Bruce Hawker as the attempt to garner respectability and balance. Some respectability and balance.

But the Bolter did also indirectly mention the affair in another context:

Yes, Windsor gave Abbott a hearty serve for the Border farce and he also had a thing or two to say about Abbott's willingness to get involved in a civil war.

So let's flip the Bolter's attack.

Who does the Bolter represent? He represents no one. Except his rabid self and the forces who have promoted him to such unregulated, unanswerable prominence. His opinions are incoherent, extreme, and seemingly driven in part by a long-standing malice against anyone disturbed at the signs of a police state growing around them. Why is the Bolter given so much space? Why does he have a television show? Why is not a single one of his wild statements questioned within the reptile empire? Simple - it's because the Bolter turns a blind eye to the Border farce and says exactly what his reptile masters want to be said - that the Border farce is a good law and order issue to take to Canning, and that bombing the shit out of Syria and jumping into a civil way is an even better way to wear khaki on the way to Canning.

The Bolter is openly campaigning for the Abbott government. He and the Murdoch Empire are out of control.

Or some such thing. It passes for political commentary in some quarters, but it's close enough to hagiographic drivel where the pond comes from. Tamworth country ...

But that ongoing obsession with the ABC and the sight of prattling Polonius turning up on the Bolter's show reminded the pond that today is prattling Polonius day at the lizard Oz.

The poor old screecher is a much diminished figure and rarely turns up on the front digital page of the Oz these days.

But he does keep that obsession with the ABC alive this day. It goes without saying that an obsession with the ABC is notorious amongst reptiles as a sign they belong to a band of brothers, a kind of Masonic handshake ...

Indeed, indeed. Because censorship is the liberal way, and the rule amongst Oz reptiles is that censorship should be first amongst equals ... how else would the Bolter get to be so expert at self-censoring when it came to mentioning Border Farce?

It was around this time that the pond began to marvel at prattling Polonius all over again - deploring abuse and then dismissing a joke as absolute tosh (it was a joke, though whether of a trolling kind, or a partisan kind, who knows).

And that reminded the pond that when it came to facilitating abuse, Polonius himself is something of a past master.

It sent the pond into a tizz, wondering what was the best metaphor for the schizophrenic Polonius.

Was it Oscar Wilde?

Well if he was Dorian Gray, that painting on the wall must be even stranger looking now, given the sneering visage left in the real world.

But there really wasn't any doubt as to the best comparison:

You see, if you want to wander through a sewer of abuse, you can do no better than sample the delights of Polonius imitating a dog and urinating on lots of lamp posts and people. It's a land where payback and verbal revenge is king.

For some reason, the reptiles seek to charge for it, but such is the hopeless vanity and self-regard of the author, you can find it at the Sydney Institute without any gold bar at all.

That's where the Mr Hyde character emerges from the chattering Jeykll. Here's some substantial argument and vigorous public debate, Polonius style:

Absolute tripe...
What a load of absolute tosh... 
Mr Negus threw the switch to ignorance...  
George Negus’ attack on the Prime Minister is just his latest bout of anti-Catholic sectarianism...  
George Negus does not know what he is talking about. [Perhaps that’s why he gets invited on to “Drive with Richard Glover” – Ed]. 
Did anyone read the Sydney Morning Herald’s (sanctimonious) editorial last Saturday ...
What a load of absolute tosh...   
...just bunk... 
Under Andrew Holden’s editorship, The Age is busy channelling Green Left Weekly. The problem is that Green Left Weekly appeals to its inner-city leftist constituency. Whereas The Age attacks members of its constituency who buy and/or advertise in the newspaper and who happen to be believers and/or send their children to non-government schools and/or run big, medium or small businesses and/or believe in national security and so on. They are all a target for the Green/Left ideologues who seem to control The Age at the moment.

And so on and on, an endless stream of invective and common abuse, with the keyboard worn down from the splenetic pounding it cops daily.

Naturally, at some point, it had to get personal:

Gerard Henderson was not surprised when The Age’s literary editor Jason Steger commissioned Ray Cassin to review Santamaria: A Most Unusual Man last Saturday. You see, Mr Cassin is one of Hendo’s (many) critics. Moreover, he happens to support Fr Bruce Duncan’s pro-Cardinal Gilroy (and anti-Archbishop Daniel Mannix) position in his book Crusade or Conspiracy? Ray Cassin regards Dr Duncan’s book (for a doctor he is) as “magisterial” whereas Hendo reckons that it’s useful but too much a case of barracking for the Sydney Hierarchy. 
You see, Duncan believes that the Sydney bishops were correct in instructing Catholics to stay in the ALP at the time of the Labor Split in the mid-1950s. Duncan is also a vehement opponent of Archbishop Mannix, who gave broad support to the Democratic Labor Party which broke away from the ALP at the time. In other words, Fr Duncan (for a father he also is) is a supporter of the NSW ALP right in the 1950s and 1960s. 
Mr Cassin is a former Age journalist. [I’m not surprised – Ed] who used to write for the leftist Eureka Street which lost lotsa money for the Jesuit order before it became an online hand-me-out. It’s not clear that Mr Cassin has ever written a book. Which may (or may not) explain why, on two occasions, your man Cassin remarked that Hendo’s journalism is different in style from his writing as a historian. Fancy that. The scholarly Cassin does not seem to know that there is a distinction between writing for newspapers and blogs and writing history books.

He probably doesn't understand that there's a distinction between abuse and Polonius-approved abuse, either ...

Now the pond could go on with this tedious schismatic war and splitter v splitter, but that's best left to the valiant, courageous reader.

Suffice to say that there's a pay-off when the pedant gets found out in a couple of typos, and Cassin tries to excuse the pedant by noting proof-reading used to be a job for publishers, and all Polonius can do is come up with his standard rebuttal, "What a load of tosh", and point out that The Age also has typos ... as if the scholarly Polonius doesn't seem to know that there is a distinction between publishing a carefully proofed history book and writing for newspapers and blogs ...

There's more of course, much more  - Polonius is always prolix - but alas that would leave no room for Polonius's concluding thoughts on the ABC, a story to be resumed on a daily basis by dozens of reptiles worried at why no one is reading them or bothering to pay for a subscription ... as if paying for ratbag feral reptile raging should be the order of the day for charitable, considerate consumers.

We resume play with poor Polonius suffering outrageous harassment and enduring enormous purgatorial torment:

Well, there's one upside for a few lucky ABC 774 listeners in Melbourne. He won't be returning.

Would that he would do the same for all ABC shows, especially given the way he sees it as such a deplorable organisation. Pace Groucho, I wouldn't want to be seen on any broadcaster that would accept me as a guest on their broadcasts.

And yes, Katauskas should be ashamed of saying "gobsmacking moronic". Please, learn the difference between abuse and argument.

Henceforth, Ms Katauskas, please confine your remarks to "absolute tosh", though when in doubt inner-city leftist, anti-Catholic sectarian, sandal-wearer and and absolute tripe may be flung around as required ...

And so below to actor Richard Mansfield and his impression of Polonius doing an impression of Jekyll:


  1. Says Polonius: "Presenter John Barron gave the impression that such language, with respect to Australia's head of government, was perfectly acceptable on the taxpayer-funded public broadcaster."

    Yes, that'd be the Full Bench of the High Court decision in Lange v Australian Broadcasting Corporation (1997) 189 CLR 520, clearly protecting political speech on implied Constitutional grounds.

    "The High Court in Lange stated that the protection of freedom of communication in the Constitution is not absolute, and that '[i]t is limited to what is necessary for the effective operation of that system of representative and responsible government provided for by the Constitution.'"

    "The Justices emphasised that ss 7 and 24 of the Constitution – and reinforced by other sections – concerns itself with the notion of responsible government and the amendment of the Constitution operates in such a manner as a restriction on legislative power...

    "...Perhaps the biggest thing that we can take away from the unanimous Lange decision is that the High Court provided certainty to the area of free speech in Australia, and that overall, the implied freedom of political communication gives rise to a system of representative and responsible governance."

    Grow a legal awareness, Polonius, you boring old second-string fart.

  2. And Bolt will be cheering on Australia's participation in the Syrian civil war without ever acknowledging that people: mums and dads with infants in their arms,grandmas and granddads, aunts and uncles, teenagers and infants will want to flee places where war has turned their lives into a horror existence.

    And so they cross mountains, deserts and sea to escape. As I would. As he would.

    A picture in the Australian this morning showed a group of Syrian mothers and their little children following a railway line to imagined for safety in Europe. Illegal immigrants according to Bolt.

    The older I get I realise that human nature never changes. Some, who have the comforts which come with power, are like the workhouse Beadles of the past who blame the dispossessed for their own misfortune. Dickins would recognise such types today.

    Miss pp

    1. So,so true Miss pp. The power principle was just on in full display at Abbott's Sydney presser.When questioned on operation Border Farce and Dutton's performance/invisibility,he just gave every question the flick with his customary stupid "I am lying" idiot grin and tried to drive the narrative back to stopping illegals,keeping Aust. safe.Just galling.He has to be given points for optimism:The type of guy who would try to sell shit on a stick downwind of a sewerage farm

  3. Bolt: "The ABC is openly campaigning against the Abbott government. It's out of control."

    Well, nobody can argue with that last sentence!

  4. And whenever Hendo prattles on about abuse, three words spring to mind: "Ditch the witch"

    1. Perhaps Anon, but all I get is "#hendolovesanal"

      Oops, pardon for my courseness.

      Change that to "#hendolovesa--l"


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