Monday, August 03, 2015

Part 2 of the pond's thesis, offering final and convincing proof that the dog botherer is obsessed with Media Watch and the ABC and climate science ...

In part two of the pond's thesis that the dog botherer is bizarrely obsessed with Media Watch and the ABC and climate science and renewable energy and all that jazz, the pond is proud to present startling new evidence today, thanks to the lizard Oz.

Now weak souls might have thought that the dog botherer's splash above was just another example of chip on shoulder moaning about the privileged position of the taxpayer funded ABC.

Weaker souls might even pass on the story altogether - "no!", the shriek, "anything but the kennypatch" - but bravehearts, dedicated scientific explorers, will see an exemplary example of a man capable of doing a pivot on a dime, and moving well beyond a simple moan about Media Watch to embrace the ABC, climate change and the whole damn thing.

Let's begin with a joke:

Or maybe reading Lolita in Australia in the 1960s, a time when conservatives of the Kenny school wanked themselves into a frenzy about the dangers of reading Nabokov.

But don't you just love the pleading - pay me and Rupert so we might continue to do what we do. Which is what? Act like preening ratbag ideologues of the first water?

Never mind, on we go, and please bear in mind the pond's thesis, because it's heavy going, as all dog botherer pieces are:

Okay, Media Watch, pivot to seething resentment about the ABC, much bitterness and bile, then pivot to seething resentment about renewable energy.

Actually many in the media did take the cue, and asked frightening questions about startling figures flung wildly around ... by Tony Abbott and his minions - the ABC might be cowed, but you can always head off to The Conversation to read FactCheck: Would Labor's renewable energy plan cost consumers $60 billion.

Now the pond can sense restless readers asking "are we there yet?", and with the pond's thesis already soundly proven - it's a bit like dropping apples in a quest for evidence of gravity - we can complete what's a relatively short rant from the dog botherer:

Yep, there's the ABC again, plus a pivot to the Graudian thrown in for a bonus, courtesy Lenore Taylor, and a pivot to Fran Kelly, who drags in Phil Coorey, and then there's a pivot to climate science, and a final elegant covert but none too subtle climate science denialism in those last couple of lines ... because, you know, talk of bushfires in winter is just part of a UN inspired scare campaign to produce a world government ... or at least that's what Dame Slap and Miranda the Devine seemed to think ...

Which makes that early special pleading really laughable.

You know, the stuff about commercial realities ...

If you are reading this, Pauline Hanson might have been … no, let me start again. If you are reading this, you have probably paid for a newspaper or a digital subscription to The Australian. 
Apart from separating you from some of your legal tender and placing you in a cohort of intelligent, informed and discerning citizens, this payment performs a number of useful functions. 
It helps to cover the costs of production, pay the wages of our staff (some may even filter down to me) and indulges our publisher’s ambition for this 51-year-old masthead to return a post-GFC profit.

Well no, the pond didn't pay for it, either by way of killing a tree or wasting money on a digital subscription, and the notion that reading the likes of Kenny might put the pond in a cohort of intelligent, informed and discerning citizens had the pond rolling the jaffas down the aisle ...

Truth to tell, the thought that some of the money might filter down to the dog botherer is the best reason the pond has never bothered to describe. Kenny is entitled to write all the shit he likes, but helping him get paid for it is a bridge too far ...

No, no, you won't, you'll be remembered as a scribbler with an unhealthy, weird, almost perverted interest in the ABC, Media Watch and climate denialism ... why do you listen and watch if it upsets you so?

Must be like reading Fairfax and the Graudian and furtively calling up the ABC on the fablet in the bunker's Surry Hills toilet ... why not stick to Lolita?


  1. Seen this? Top work from the reptiles

    1. Blackfellas - they all look alike, don't they?

    The minister for Foreign Affairs agreed to meet privately with Peter Elaby on condition that no photos, recording devices or flags were present... The minister replied "The Australian government can't do anything to help the human rights issues in West Papua because we respect Indonesian sovereignty over West Papua." In addition she said "The Australian government is sure that the issue of human rights in West Papua can be solved with consultation with the Indonesian government".

    Kim Jong-un is awarded global statesmanship prize by Indonesia

    The North Korean dictator is to receive the award from the Bali-based Sukarno Centre. The news was announced by the daughter of Indonesia’s founding president, after whom the award is named.

    Rachmawati Soekarnoputri said: “We will give the award to President Kim Jong-un because he has been consistent in carrying out the ideals of the great leader, Kim Il Sung, which is to fight imperialism.

    “So this will be a sequel, where we give the award to Kim Jong-un for his persistence in fighting neo-colonialism.”

    Meanwhile... Kenny, Kim Jong-un, Bishop, Soekarnoputri are not the only crazy nasties, ya gotta laugh:

    The Vatican on space: The discovery of intelligent life wouldn't mean there's an alien Jesus somewhere in the universe

    1. On limited news' NT Top News feed page there's a "Bishop in Darwin for fundraiser" headed link ‎(Yesterday 2 ‎August ‎2015, ‏‎1:38:00 PM) captioned: "FOREIGN Minister Julie Bishop is in Darwin for a CLP fundraiser and “community engagements”" The link goes here. That same story features via the NT News front page today, yet without any snide remark on Asbestos' “community engagements".

      Note why she was actually there: quote, community engagements, unquote. This would be the only reason why Asbestos gave Mr Elaby and a Free West Papua the time of day: it presented an insurance opportunity too good for Asbestos as DFAT Minister to turn down. Mr Elaby unwittingly provided Asbestos a perfect excuse to claim expenses for having hopped all that way over from Perth just to attend a CLP fundraiser put on by Darwin's exclusive conservative white women social set.

      The NT News appears to have blocked online view of their related story published today. PressReader has it here:

      Bishop hit with West Papua kill claims - NT News, page 4, Monday, 03Aug15.

  3. While I know it's fruitless expecting a rational argument with Chris Kenny (no wonder Mark is called the 'good Kenny' not because he is any good, but compared with his cousin he seems relatively sane). Nevertheless we should not let his claim about increased electricity bills pass to the keeper.

    For a start, have bills actually decreased since Abbott had his way and abolished carbon pricing while also attempting to shut down renewable energy targets? If so, when can I expect that $550 Abbott boasted about?
    And if they haven't gone down as claimed, who's to say that they will go up?

    The rest of his stuff is not worth the bother of arguing.

  4. Jeez, if the Australian were actually subject to commercial realities rather than being an old mans vanity project, they would have closed up shop already. Kenny is a clueless twat.

  5. Bolt now claims he's being bullied - by The Australian!



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