Tuesday, August 11, 2015

It's always groundhog day at the pond ...

The pond is always startled to discover that there are others who share the secret vice of reading the reptile editorials in the lizard Oz.

No doubt it's like that momentous day when a child first discovers there are others who masturbate in private (apparently this happens early in English public schools).

So the special plea to pay attention - attention must be paid - struck a deep, moving chord with the pond.

Especially as it involved groundhog day!

Now to get to the point, the pond had to rush past many, many other temptations of a groundhog kind:

Coal is the new economy!

You can't make this sort of stuff up.

Coal is the new economy!

This is who they have writing for the lizard Oz. It explains so much about the reptiles. Every day is groundhog day in reptile la la land:

And now - trumpeters sound off please - the pond is proud to present some wonderful insights this groundhog day:

Okay, can't stop, must rush, love the 'boutique issues' and the 'chattering classes' stuff.

Up there with coal is the new economy, if you think about it, but quickly the Queen is agitated, let's press on because there's a special treat at the end:

Yes, yes, excellent, it's all that woman's fault, and love the Holt street bunker talking about the bunker mentality.

Better to write on an area of expertise, and the talk of a political hack with silly loyalties is exemplary. That mention of big Mal will have him chuffed, and he won't even be thinking about ScoMo when the moment arrives.

We know the new orders are being held in the safe and soon enough the political hack will be put to the sword. But must rush, must hurry, there's a special treat at the end.

Oh indeed, jolly good, quoting Savva, quoting Dame Slap, all great voices from the bunker, and the age of entitlement is dead, and it's time for a new fiscal emergency, but now please, oh please, can we have the promised treat?

Yes, it was groundhog day in March too:

That editorial went on ...

Yes the reptiles are such incorrigible slow learners, they even keep on trotting out the same old groundhog.

Enough already. Give the groundhog a rest.

You backed a loser, you losers, and because you're such incorrigible slow learners, you still don't understand why you're such a bunch of dimwitted slow learns and losers and dropkicks and all the rest of the yadda yadda ...

Let's put it in a few words you'll understand:

Coal is the new economy!

Because coal-fired computers and super fast coal-driven broadband are the way forward!

What to say, what to do?


  1. Gary Johns is as funny as Abbott and just as intelligent.

  2. The New Daily is making the Daily Mail's mistake of simply cutting the first line of a story and making that the headline. But where the DM goes for too much (presumably to get more search engine hits) the New Daily goes for too little, leading to today's rather comic results.

    Australia’s new emissions
    Police hunt alleged dog
    Australia flirting with trade
    Mum charged with lake
    PM calls special meeting on

  3. A song for Tony Abbott.


  4. In QT Abbott kept calling Smith 'Madame Speaker'.

    Perhaps he's missing mummy.


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