Thursday, August 27, 2015

In which the reptiles get confused, and everyone knows a confused dog botherer will turn incredibly hulkish ..

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Liberal parliamentarian can pay attention to no more than one issue at a time - checking that the opposable thumb works is sufficiently demanding of the skill set that nothing else should be attempted while giving the thumb its work out.

It is also a truth universally acknowledged that a treasurer, reminding the public that they have a man for a PM who did all he could to tear down a republic and break a nation's heart, and trying to make up for it by inviting universal ridicule by knighting the Queen's consort, will find no good fortune amongst the reptile observers of life.

These universal truths have now provoked such consternation, such a crisis - far bigger than any mere petty budget emergency - that it has forced Chris Kenny to forsake his usual column about the ABC and deal with the upstart.

This is how serious the crisis has become!

Jolly Joe should know that more than one message is simply too much for the average antediluvian reptile brain to handle.

It simply fried the dog botherer's brain and so he was mightily indignant.

Yep, the trap of attempting to talk about more than one thing at once...

It's shocking, disturbing and outrageous ... especially when Jolly Joe's doing such a fine job dealing with the batters that count:

 But back to the indignant dog botherer:

Bigger issues on their minds?

Well there's a classic assumption about the meaning of minds.  It's well known that Tony Abbott simply can't handle more than issue at a time, and after putting together his next suggestions about whom he'll knight - hmm, could Prince Chuck do with another gong, or perhaps his consort, she's suffered so much? - he can't be expected to waste quality time on trivial issues like a republic.

But back to the outraged dog botherer getting seriously upset by bandanna wearers:

And there we have it straight from the dog botherer's keyboard.

It's simply too much to bear. What we need is a government which will tackle one issue boldly and bravely one step at a time, because that's all the reptiles can cope with!

You know, like talking tax cuts for the rich and an increase in regressive tax for everyone as a way to sort out that budget emergency ...

Now that your average reptile can understand, though it took long hours of kool aid drinking to get there.

Of course you could look at it another way and cite the dog botherer in your footnotes as your source:

But there's hope - this image reminds us of what's afoot:

And the pond is also indebted to the twitterati for this reminder of the substantial ethical and moral attitudes of the tabloid Terrorists, who set the recent gay hate shock horror bandwagon rolling, before, apparently, a single parental protest reaching the school involved:

Yes, everything is proceeding as it should in reptile la la land ...


  1. What's with the new look "no-blue-tie" (in fact, no tie at all) Aboott??

  2. The pub test (well at least the bottlo test).

    A hairy-arsed neigbour was in the bolltlo buying a few beers and some Gaytimes for the kids. I looked at the ice-creams and said "You know some wag sent a carton of those to the Prime Minster."

    His reply "I'd send him a gun and some bullets and instructions on how to use it."

  3. Abbott blindsided by Hockey trotting out the republic?

    Oh, sure. And what was it Abbott could then say to his numerous fellow dual-citizen right-thinking ten-pound poms in WA?

  4. This is more related to your post yesterday DP.Well the dog strangler/botherer is worried about the Govt.'s economic reform program:This one?

  5. Hi Dorothy,

    "Pyne – who supports same-sex marriage and was pushing for MPs to be granted a free vote – was asked during an event at the National Press Club on Thursday whether the prime minister had given such a warning over a meal in Adelaide.

    “Well I haven’t talked about the private dinner with the prime minister and there were only three people at the dinner and I remember who the other two were because it wasn’t that long ago and I’m not going to talk about that dinner or any other private discussions I have had with the prime minister because that would make it hard for us to have a trusting relationship, so, no, I don’t do that,” Pyne said."

    Who were the three people?


    Abbott and La Credlin are now leaking against their own Leader of the House. With this level of distrust the Party Room must increasingly look like a bear pit.

    It's quite amazing to watch this level of dysfunction and still think there is another year to go.


    1. Sorry the link to the photo in the restaurant doesn't work. Unfortunately it's from a Terrorgraph article so proceed with caution;



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