Sunday, August 02, 2015

In which the pond offers a simplistic, Murdochian tabloid headline view of the state of play ... and it seems Bronnie, the monk and the viper Bolter are a bit like Australian cricket ...

It's simply a day of headlines today, but before we start, apologies, because it seems someone has noticed that the pond's banner has been hacked ... we'll certainly adjust it, and delete the clown face ... once the clown has gone ...

Meanwhile, the Murdochians have finally got the bit between their teeth. The cane toads have rediscovered their Photoshop mojo:

And the HUNsters exude piety:

Let's tiptoe past the rank hypocrisy of that "respect" as the gutter rag hosts, yet again, a prime example of racist thinking, and for the moment just focus on poor old Bronnie ...

Talk about being caught up in the tabloid wars ...

And the Terrorists were in full cry too:

Well you have to look below the exclusive photos of Bindi, but if you do it digitally - who would kill trees on a Sunday to read the Terrorists? - you can wade through stories and an editorial:

So much reading, though you'll need to know how to subvert their "exclusive offerings" paywall.

Even the Graudian tried to stay in the game with Andrew Wilkie, though it's old news as the scandal's days are measured:

And the Fairfaxians had a new angle at the top of the page:

There's actually no need to dig beneath the headlines.

This Bronnie infestation is now everywhere, and it goes on endlessly and turns up in all sorts of odd places, like a Sydney cockroach. It's ruining decent reptile reading, it's ruining blogging, it's ruining everything ...

But above all, the longer it goes on, and the pussyfooting, mollycoddling Abbott sits on his thumb, it's ruining Abbott. So the pond must endure ...

Meanwhile, back to the rank hypocrisy of that HUN front page shouting 'respect', with accompanying blather about the tribe speaking ...

What jolly japesters, what merry pranksters the HUNsters are ...

Of course the Terrorists have their own professional racist:

And in the best 'teach the controversy' style, they have a few making counter-arguments:

It's taken this long for the Terrorists to realise that Miranda the Devine is deeply stupid?

So something positive might come of the Adam Goodes' affair?

But back to the merry HUNsters, nurturing the viper Bolter in their bosom.

Yep, the Bolter has done it again, but rather than link to the Bolter, and thereby reward him with a few innocents clicking on his wicked words, why not just show a bit of the Fairfaxian coverage ...

You can read the best of the story at Fairfax here, but there's nothing more to be said - the Bolter has been called out on this myth-making before - though there is something more to be done.

Yes you can find Ben Eltham on Twitter here, and you can find the Australian Press Council complaint form here. It's not complicated or particularly onerous to complete ...

Wouldn't it be grand for the Press Council to be inundated with complaints about the viper Bolter? Where would the crocodile tears, the rank hypocrisy of the Murdochian HUNsters be then?

There's one person the pond would particularly like to see complain, a man who has frequently got down with the dogs and from time to time wonders why he's got up with fleas:

Well there's another stark choice Mr Pearson. Stay silent in the ongoing matter of the Bolter or tackle him head on ...

More in sorrow than anger, the pond has noted before the tricky path you've followed, at home with the Murdochians, cheek by jowel with the likes of the viper Bolter.

Well it's past time for an intervention and the use of that gravitas ...

Though perhaps we could follow the intervention ordered by First Dog (and the full cartoon and more First Dog here):

Send the Bolter to the land of fush and chups?! Why hadn't anyone thought of it before?


  1. I wonder if Bindi got laid after the shoot…..

    1. Aw Anon - don't be a fuckwit. Bindi is the name of our dog.

      She's a blue-rinse heeler.

    2. So did she get laid, Anon?

  2. Adam Goodes is 1.9m tall and weighs 100kg.

    How far away from him would you have to be to feel safe enough to boo? Do you think Bolt would have the cojones to tell him what he thought to his face? Not that Goodes WOULD do anything but it's easy to brave from a keyboard.

    Just saying.

  3. The next Speaker will be blonde, but, having been vetted by Brunhilde's sniff test, will be (almost) without "sex appeal". Abbott's quest for his goddess continues, in frustration.


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