Tuesday, August 04, 2015

In which the pond enjoys reptiles feuding amongst themselves and with ... yes, you've guessed it, the ABC, Media Watch and climate science ...

The pond was entranced by the suffering of the Bolter:

There's nothing like the sight of reptiles feuding and fighting and fussing in the morning.

Or is that monitor lizards having sex?

Hard to say, but what joy to see the viper Bolter label fellow reptiles "vindictive"...

Because his persecution of Adam Goodes has been noble all the way ...

What a sook. Always playing the victim card.

Of course you can drop in on the Bolter if you like and check out the links, but do you want to encourage reptiles in their death struggle, locked arm in arm as they topple over the cliff, imagining they're stars in a bad Raquel Welch movie?

And don't worry if the Bolter offered a closed paragraph without ever opening it ... just concentrate on the ineffable wonder and profound laughter that comes from watching the Bolter issue a clarion cry "say no to racism."

Comedy doesn't get any better than that.

Of course Abbott is in trouble with Pearson and The Australian is in the middle of flailing about trying to work out a new line, while the racist-laden commentariat go about their daily business of abusing uppity activist blacks who dare hint at pride in themselves and their community.

So this is what happens when fellow climate denialists fall out?

Which provides the pond with another handy pivot to a topic de jour because climate is in the air:

Naturally that's the right time for the reptiles to get down in fervent denialist mode.

Never mind what's being revealed about the reptiles' favourite pet:

The headline says it all: Bjørn Lomborg consensus centre was to have up to $800,000 in public funds for marketing.

Bjørn Lomborg’s “consensus centre” was to spend up to $800,000 of its $4m in government funding on promotion and marketing and up to $2m on high-profile “events” under the controversial and now-abandoned agreement with the University of Western Australia (UWA).

So much for rigorous academic research and hard core solutions to the world's problems. A show pony in search of entitlements ... and with an obliging, entitlement and Bronnie-loving poodle to help ...

And so to the vindictive, vicious reptiles who made Lomborg their pet.

It's unnerving really. If you scratch beneath the surface of this ...

... you'll find the reptiles regurgitating all the turgidly worded Chris Kenny paranoia about the ABC and Media Watch and climate science that has littered the reptile cage this past week.

What a bunch of sooks. Talk about playing the victim card.

It's worth a read, though the pond suspects the only reason the reptiles have continued with the trolling is that they - and Kenny - didn't get a bite last night on Media Watch.

There's nothing like being ignored to make a reptile rear up in indignation, and rear up they did:

What's astonishing is that this sort of rabid ratbaggery should now be considered suitable material for an editorial of a newspaper that still casts itself as a broadsheet.

It's astonishing to imagine that there might be people who live in the inner city of any capital city who live with this sort of routine traducing of their character,  and pick up the rag, and fling shekels into the unnervingly empty reptile money room.

The resentment of the ABC and it being taxpayer funded is now reaching a crescendo, and the shrieking of the reptiles makes the pond think that circulation is growing as a problem. And then there's the paranoia about what will happen should the chairman drop off the twig, and leave the unprofitable, alienating and alienated operation up for grabs ... or the scrap heap.

But go on mocking what should be your key demographic. The pond loves to see reptiles dirty their nest.

You can only paper so many airports and give so much away for free ... and so the shrieks go louder and more plaintive and pitiable ... unless, like the pond, you love to see reptiles cry how life's unfair and they're out of their share ... the sooks. Always playing the victim card:

Every talking point is exactly the same as dog botherer Kenny. And rich in comedy. Like Graham Lloyd's analysis, sophistry at its finest, being sophisticated in its reporting and analysis. So that's what they call dog whistling these days.

Who writes this sort of self-aggrandising, self-serving drivel? Has any of the reptiles heard of old fashioned modesty, and showing through deeds, not words?

And what to make of a lunatic paranoid muttering about the "agendas that drive them"?

Is the naked ratbag ideology of the reptiles okay, simply because its naked climate denialist, coal-loving agenda is clear for everyone to see?

It's astonishing stuff, and in the usual way, if we may quote the sook at the top of the page, it's because the reptiles always play the man in a vindictive way and fling around terms like "climate alarmism" with gay abandon.

Oh wait, so does the Bolter ...

Naturally the editorial brought out below the fold the climate denialists that lurk in its bosom. A few tried to be contrarian, but were shouted down in the comments section. Instead this was typical of the tenor and the tone:

The religion of alarmism ... such a scientific turn of phrase, such an objective contribution to the debate, and somehow proposing that the religion of alarmism is distinct from the reptile religious addiction to their denialist kool aid.

What did the viper Bolter say? Weak, contemptible and vindictive.

Such a sook. Always playing the victim card.

And most piquant at all, this reptilian regurgitation of dog botherer Kenny - shamelessly imitative - comes on the very day following Obama's overnight announcement that's bad news for coal and good news for solar and wind ... a shift that's already underway in the US because of the risk management issues identified yesterday by the former head of the NBA ...

Truly, each day reading the reptiles is monstrous fun.

Of course it's bad news for the planet ... but the pond will be long gone before it really kicks in. It's possible to have sympathy for the hipsters as they go about in carefree bearded, hatted splendour ... except for the young ones that buy and support the luddite reptiles. 

Fuck it, they can drown or enjoy Middle East heat waves until they shrivel ... and don't come asking the pond for sympathy ...

If you're under thirty and buy The Australian, the pond has only one question. Why?

And so for a change to a Toles, and more Toles here.


  1. Seriously Dot...I thought that the twisted thinking that Bolt displays only belonged to the counter - intuitive Sydney Anglican ratbags that followed this Jensen Bros...but sadly...it extends to right wingnuts outside of fundamentalist religion. Madmen are running our country!

  2. Not a politician in sight on Q & A last night.
    Just four scientists ( Adam Spencer is a mathematician) who shredded the puerile Murdochians arguments.
    Worth a look on ABC iview if you have time.

  3. "Why would anyone under 30 buy 'The Australian'?" Why indeed? Why would anyone _over_ 30 buy it? Christ, why would _anyone _ want to read this shit? Are there really people in this country so twisted, arid, stupid and obsessive that they start off every day reading a rag like that for enjoyment, or because they somehow thing they're becoming better-informed, or that it's the home of insightful, innovative ideas and discussion? Okay, I know that their circulation is boosted by freebies through venues such as airports and airlines, but even a single page of the most vapid in-flight magazine probably has ten times the information and entertainment value of a year's worth of Rupe's Government Gazette. Hell, even the safety card is the pocket in front of your seat is better value - at least you know it's not screeching lies and bullshit at you! I also think that the term "broadsheet" is now totally pointless, at least as an indicator of quality journalism. News Limited should given and print "the Australian" on toilet paper. They might be a little embarrassed at first, but it would be a rare display on honesty on their part, and it's probably the only thing they could do to boost sales.

    1. Limited News productions used as toilet paper are out. What's in print already stinks.

      Recycled and bleached may work, with the added advantage that there'd be none of their shit left on it to read.

      But, producing those tree killer sheets to be then terror strength bleached? Nah, save the trouble, save the planet... and save your money.

    2. I understand from my contacts at Holt Street that chairman Rupe is due in town shortly, beware!

  4. The final days of the News Ltd papers are becoming quite putrid are they not? Nasty internecine squabbling when their worst are called out directly by their not-quite-worst.

    It's a festival of schadenfreude for all, but I worry about you Dot. They are pumping out extra bilge, and it looks like you're having to man the decks twice a day now. Not fair.

    Oh well, you're probably on penalty rates. What? Oh......

  5. When the editorial is just a reshuffled cut and paste of the dog stranglers earlier rant and the Bolter is having a meltdown, you know their chickens have lost their heads. Loving it!
    On a different note regards all the fuckwits killing lions,giraffes,walrii,etc.this one made me smile.


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