Friday, August 14, 2015

In which Freedom Boy goes Hoosier ...

It's been about as good a week as it can get ... and the Tingle is still setting the pond a tingle in Tony Abbott is creating a Whitlam government of our time.

If only he had the vision and intelligence of Gough, though it has to be said his mob is pretty down there with the mob that made life hard for Gough ...

Meanwhile,  the Daily Terrorists are doing their best to explain why we should be bombing Syria ... those weekly leaks from the government must be working a treat ...

Utterly devoid of shame ... or intelligence.

Meanwhile, Freedom Boy is on the prowl again.

Now some might like to pay to meet him in person, and help the Liberal cause:

Others might prefer to drop a few shekels into the pocket of chairman Rupert.

But that would be a profound pity because Freedom Boy is terribly worried, once again, perhaps for all eternity, about religious freedom, aka the right to hate gays.

Yes, Freedom Boy is making a valiant stand for freedom, and all should be able to read it, considering he's a public servant on the public purse.

The pond can't get enough of that Freedom Fry talk. So let's get on with the munching:

That's it? The reason not to have a referendum is because it will make life hard for crazy religionistas?

Of all the reasons one might offer against a referendum, this would have to be the loopiest, pure Indiana, pure Hoosier.

It made the pond realise that any one who actually paid a penny for Freedom Boy's thoughts was being badly dudded - and likely paying for them as a taxpayer and then paying again for the pleasure of a bit of pure IPA loopiness ...

Still, it's good to see Freedom Boy looking after his flock ...

Oh dear, and haven't they and Brian Houston been in the gay wars of late ... which just leaves time for a wedding cake cartoon.


  1. DP - I have no particular reason for sending you this, other than that G&S are timeless (The Pope and Rowe of their day) and this Canadian production is rather good.

  2. Fairfax have really got their knives out.

  3. What is 'hoosier'? Is it something to do with stockings?

  4. "if only he had the vision and intelligence of Gough" - I'd be happy if he just had half the wit!

  5. 'Nuance' - seems to be the new word for bigotry.


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